Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr. M, Once Dubbed a True Statesman, joins the Ahmad Ismail mess

This is when people will start losing respect for Dr. M. Whatever that's left of it.

All this emotion that led to Ahmad Ismail making these racist remarks, and the people who have supported his statement just goes to show what a bunch of racist imbiciles these people are - now Dr. M included.

Filled with pride of whatever remains of their "Ketuanan Melayu", they all fail to realise one thing, it is only some Malays who believe that they are truly Bumi Putras, in the literal sense, and that they are the Tuans of out country - not all... Just some, mainly from UMNO. Blinded by their pride and view of themselves, these UMNO, so called, Leaders, believe that they can say anything and do things any which way they please. Because we all must succumb to the great Ketuanan Melayu "perception".

The Reality: We are only Tuans in our own country, beyond Malaysia's borders, the Ketuanan thinking doesn't apply. So, who are you trying to kid? Only yourselves dear UMNO members and veterans. The reality, Malaysia failed in many areas, many were once deemed to be international firsts. Ie. The MSC, the Entertainment Villiage, BioTech Valley. If you, as a fellow Malaysian doesn't believe this, then just go to the locations that house these large investments, sponsored by the Rakyat. Is it flourishing?

Why has it failed? Many reasons. One can surmise that the root cause is the focus on the NEP and the prosperity of a certain few Malays (as the poor rural Malays still remain poor and haven't benefitted from these things). We believe it is mainly because of the NEP which has given birth to this thinking of Ketuanan Melayu.

For example, in building the MSC, the intention was to make Malaysia a ICT hub, but in very short time, India overtook us, and before we knew it, the Philippines has become a hub for all the Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing centers. Why? Surveys, that some may have been privy to, show that it is the level of competence in IT and the proficiency in English that has led to the MSC's failure. One can say there are hundreds of ICT companies, but they are mostly local, and small businesses. Companies like Microsoft pulled out years ago, along with Kenichi Omae that pulled out from the advisory panel.

What is this evidenced by? We have posted articles about the sub standard education in Malaysia, and also the English medium. Many will find that many students graduating from our local Universities do not have a strong command of the English language, yet we intend to attract international corporations? A major issue is also the competency of Malay fresh graduates from the local universities, who have a lack of understanding in the subject of their degrees. If you think this is untrue, speak to someone from the private sector and see what they have to say - it has been published in the media in the recent 3 years.

Just speak to any non Malay university student and you will begin to understand that special preference is given to Malay students during pre-exam lectures... there is much more, but you get the picture

So, in Malaysia, we have arrogant idiots like Ahmad Ismail who go around making derogatory statements about the Chinese and other races. Then he and Dr. M accuse the Chinese and Indians for making similar statements against the Malays.

Tell us dear intellectual and all powerful "Tuan's" of our Country, who is the minority that is being sidelined here? Why do you make it all about the Malays and yourselves? Look at our demographics and you will see that you are the majority and that the minority groups are being sidelined.

What do you have to be frustrated about? Have you considered the frustration of the Indians and the Chinese, and that of the poor Malays?

For Dr. M to be unhappy about any apology just goes to show the arrogance of the man. For Ahmad Ismail, he's just a moron. Only a moron could make statements like that, as he may have failed his Sejarah Malaysia class and yet, became a politician.

The fault lies in the system of recruiting and developing our nations leaders who obviously have no understanding of what it means to be a leader or a moderate understanding of our nation's history and people management.

Dr. M asked, why doesn't HINDRAF or MCA apologise as well? Simple. HINDRAF isn't an elected government body, so they are radical and don't have responsibilities like a BN or UMNO MP. MCA leaders haven't made such statements, frankly, to the Chinese community, MCA is but a "Toothless Tiger". For their subservience, MCA lost many seats in the General Election of 2008.

The day a MCA leader stands up and makes a statement like that against the Malays, there will be riots and protests, and perhaps some innocent Chinese will be injured. But when the UMNO man makes a statement like Ahmad Ismail, nothing happens, except for some Chinese leaders demanding an apology.

Why don't the Chinese protest? Simple, because, unlike their Malay brothers, they aren't so emotional. But they are also not stupid. We have seen the Chinese population decline in Malaysia, they are emmigrating - leaving the country. And our leaders complain about "brain drain". Idiots. While the Malays fuss about with silly rhetoric and safeguarding their perception of "Ketuanan", the Chinese and Indians (who can) are simply trying to earn enough to buy their way out of the country, by educating their children abroad, or saving to start a life anew abroad.

Very soon, the Malays will have to fight among themselves for who is more "Tuan" than the other, as there won't be a multi-racial Malaysia anymore. That will be the day when Malaysians, Malay, Chinese and Indian alike, who have left and are abroad, will sit back and laugh as one race, fights among each other to further divide themselves.

Dr M on Ahmad Ismail furore:
Non-Malays make racist remarks too
September 07, 2008

WHY should the government apologise when others like the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) have not said sorry for racist remarks?

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad said this in a recent posting on his blog.

Citing the Hindraf memorandum sent to the British government last year as an example, DrMahathir said that terms like 'Islamic extremist', 'ethnic cleansing' and 'mini genocide' were used to describe what the government was doing to the Indians.

He wrote: 'The writings in the Hindraf memorandum are not only racist, but seditious.
'The question is why the government is lopsided, hiding the racist remarks of Hindraf, but reporting widely on what has been said by Malay leaders.'

Dr Mahathir said that Malays are so afraid of being labelled racist that they do not defend themselves.

'It is unfortunate for the DPM (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's government that even after the Umno top leadership made a public apology, it was rejected by those community leaders.

'They have demanded that the person who uttered the words labelled as 'racist' should apologise himself,' he said.

Referring to Malaysian student Wee Meng Chee, accused of ridiculing the national anthem, he said: 'Have (he) been asked to apologise? Have (his) leaders been asked to apologise?

'Far from it. In fact, Wee was defended by leaders of the Chinese parties,' he said.

Dr Mahathir also said race relations had worsened after the 8 Mar general election, adding that he too might be accused of contributing to the situation through his writing.

'It is so unfair if one side is free to accuse, while the accused can't even open his mouth,' he said.

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