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Massive RM80 mil to maintain 1,400 Government Perdana's - Solely Contracted to ONE Company

It's either the Star tabloid is trying to play down the matter of the high maintainance Perdana V6 government cars (in view that they can be considered government controlled media), or the journalist who wrote the article can't count. Either way, how stupid do you think the Malaysian public is?

Based on the facts provided in the article. RM80,000,000 is the cost to maintain 1,400 Perdana V6 - annually. If you calculate this on excel or a simple calculator, the cost of maintaining each Perdana V6 is actually RM57,142.85. Compare this to what was quoted in the Star - RM12,000. Certainly a more reasonable figure to a majority of readers.

Therefore, on the matter of the high maintenance national car - $57,000 is quite a lot of money. There isn't a single car that costs that much to maintain, unless it's some sort of exotic sports car. Even then, 57K would probably mean you would fly the mechanic out from Italy - twice a year at least.

We think little needs to be said to add fuel to the fire. It's obvious that corruption is rooted deeply in the current government. For our government treasury to pay out such sums of money and not question it for all these years, one really wonders about so many other areas with large capital expenditure - such as defence, works and so on. To pay RM80 million to one company annually to maintain a local 2000cc V6 car is absurd. Furthermore, to not question it.

The failure rests in the government. They are likely to blame it on the company providing the services, however, someone on the government end, dealing with the procurement of the services of this company is certainly the person that needs to be investigated. The key for the ACA is to find a rat and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. We can be certain that there are many mouths to "feed" for a RM57K maintenance of a single Proton Perdana V6.

The Perdana gearboxes have always been a problem for the car. Testimony from friends and people in general, this is the main complaint. Mechanics will also tell you the same thing. A private mechanic told us that the gearbox is in the region of about 16K to replace - workmanship included. It's madness, because that is about the cost of any european car gearbox. Shouldn't a locally manufactured product be cheaper?

Protons are high maintenance cars. Frequent problems include issues with the electronics, power windows, gearboxes and just overall quality. If anyone chooses to deny this, then it's either they are a Proton owner, by virtue that they can't afford anything more or better, and they have succumbed to the poor standards of our fair nation's sub standard car - not even popular enough to be sold in 3rd world countries. Sad. One may argue that Protons are sold in many countries, but really, the figures are negligible.

Therefore, what is the government doing about it? The company that they have so heavily invested public funds in, by way of bailouts and equity held by Khazanah is not helping them by providing even the government with a quality vehicle that is reasonable to maintain and lives up to the standards and quality of a world class vehicle. Instead, parts are easily 3-4 times more expensive.

The most important thing is what the governement intends to do about the RM80 million that is used to maintain the vehicles. It's far too much, and a large portion of that money can be used to fund better education and opportunities for Malaysians.

We can be assured that this RM80 million for maintaining just 1,400 Perdana V6s, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday July 27, 2008
RM80mil to maintain government cars

KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Government is paying RM80mil annually to Spanco Sdn Bhd to have the latter maintain its fleet of 1,400 Proton Perdana V6 Executives and other vehicles designated for official use.

This works out to about RM12,000 annually (WRONG!) to maintain each of the locally-made luxury-line Proton Perdana leased from Spanco.

On Friday, Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said called on the ACA to probe the high service charges imposed by Spanco.

The Perdanas were part of a fleet of 5,600 vehicles of various models and makes that Spanco, a vehicle fleet management company contracted to lease and maintain vehicles for ministers, top civil servants and senior government officials, made available to the Government.

The contract was inked in 1994 for the duration of 25 years as part of the Government’s privatisation exercise. It expires in 2019.

In that contract, the Government paid Spanco RM100mil a year to lease and maintain its entire fleet.

But in June 2003, Spanco and the Government returned to the negotiating table when the Finance Ministry found the contract awarded to Spanco in 1994 excessive. The Government appointed an international audit firm to look into Spanco’s books.

Under the revised agreement, the audit firm recommended the Government cut back the contract by 20% to RM80mil annually. Spanco chief executive officer Datuk Hamzah Mohd Salleh said the issue of cost overrun and high maintenance charges did not arise at all under the Government-Spanco deal.

“Any overrun would be borne by us,” he said, but declined to reveal the details of the package.
“We only leased the vehicles to the Federal Government. We don’t do the state governments’ business.”

A source told The Star that the Government was Spanco’s only customer.

Under the deal, the Government gets new Proton Perdanas every fourth year.

Malaysia's Sub-Standard Education System & Racial Discrimination in Varsities

Finally, all in one day, a key issue that we have highlighted for Malaysia - Sub Standard Education, has come to light - not in one, but two articles as quoted in the Star. Written by a Malay man and one other, these articles summarise the level to which the Malaysian Education system has degraded to and what happens with the non-Malays when they are not accepted into local universities because of the quota system - driven mainly by the BN government's view of "Ketuanan Melayu".

A recent article quoted in the international media regarding some silly remarks made by the Kelantan Crown Price, further highlights the need to eradicate race based politics and to clearly enforce the Sedition Act, even on those who are so called playing to "right wing" politics.

Many in UMNO have also made derogatory remarks about other races and their desire for equality and their rights to be uplifted. But today, they sing a different tune, but do not be fooled dear citizen, they say what they say because they need to - for now. History shows where their loyalties lie and hence the sincerity of their word - beware the wolf in sheep's "clothes"...

For your reading pleasure and thoughts:

Article #1: Under threat? What threat?


Since the recent general election, voices have risen up in a shrill warning cry that the Malays are now ‘under threat’. But perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony.

AND so it begins. Race-based rhetoric has raised its ugly little head in response to a democratic process. Over 49% of the people of Malaysia have voted for parties that have rejected race-based affirmative action in favour of a needs-based platform.

It did not take very long for voices, both common and royal, to rise up in a shrill warning cry that the Malays are now “under threat”.

“Under threat” from what, may I ask? Let’s take a bit of time to look at this so-called “threat”. Firstly, Malays are given special protection under Article 153 of the Constitution.

Article 153 is titled “Reservation of quotas in respect of services, permits, etc, for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak”. Article 152 states that Malay is the National Language. The Supreme Head of the Federation, according to Article 32, is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, a Malay ruler.

This is the foundation of Malay “special privileges”.

None of the Pakatan Rakyat component parties, including the DAP, have said anything about removing Articles 153, 152 and 32. They remain safe and secure with no sign whatsoever of any sort of threat.

Besides, in order to change it, you would need a two-thirds majority in the lower and upper houses of Parliament plus the support of the Conference of Rulers. The last time I checked, no one has a two-thirds majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

Secondly, due to simple demographics, it is unlikely that a totally non-Malay party is ever going to win absolute control of the government. Of the five state governments in the hands of the Pakatan, four are led by a Malay Mentri Besar.

Penang is an exception, but Penang has been led by non-Malays since the 60s. Why was there was no outcry before this?

Thirdly, the proposed doing-away with the NEP (or whatever it is called nowadays), I suppose, can be seen as a threat to the Malays.

But how it can be a threat is beyond me, because the replacement suggested by the Pakatan is not some sort of laissez-faire capitalist economy. Instead, it is an economic system with affirmative action promised to those in need.

If the Malays are the largest group of people in Malaysia who are in the most need, then they will get the most help. If they are not in the most need, then why on earth do they need help then?

This is the point where I will get angry letters about how the NEP is needed; because in the business world – the real world which I know nothing about because I am just a lowly-academic trapped in my ivory tower – Malays are discriminated against by the Chinese. So we need a policy like the NEP to provide some balance.

I disagree.

If there are racist business policies being conducted against the Malays, then you face it head on with anti-discrimination laws.

If some person feels he is being discriminated against, no matter what his race, then let there be a law to help him, and let us punish the racists with a hefty fine or jail term.

You do not meet racism with racism; you challenge it by destroying all traces of it.

The problem with the NEP, as I see it, is that it breeds a mentality of entitlement based on race and not merit. This mentality seeps into governance, and it creates an atmosphere of mediocrity. One example of this is how the Constitution has been disregarded in relation to employment issues.

The Federal Constitution states that you can set quotas at the entry points of government services, for example, the civil service and public universities. However, this is counter-balanced by Article 136 that says all federal employees must be treated fairly regardless of race.

This means that once inside a service, everyone is to be treated equally based on merit. In such a situation, only the cream will rise to the top.

However, since the introduction of the NEP, the practice in government services has been to promote Malays mainly. This has in turn led to a drop in the number of non-Malay actors in the service of the public.

Taking my profession for example, the closeted unrealistic world of academia, I look down south and I see that 30% of the staff in the National University of Singapore Law School are Malaysians.

How come these clever fellows who are good enough to teach in a university that is among the top 20 in the world are not here in the land of their birth? Why are the blinking Singaporeans enjoying our talent? Is it because that talent is all non-Malay and they feel they have better opportunities there than here?

This is a complete waste, and in the end this loss of talent means a loss for the university, the country and the people of this country, including the Malay students who miss out on the best possible teachers.

Perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony, in which case my answer to that is this: clean up your act, live up to your promises and listen to what the people are saying.
Make yourself electable by proving that you can create good government.

That is called democracy.

Dr Azmi Sharom is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely his own.

Article #1: Engineers of poor quality

I AM a manager in a chemical manufacturing firm in Malaysia. We often have vacancies for mechanical and chemical engineers, and occasionally electrical engineers. We do take in fresh graduates to train and develop for the future of our company.

In recent years, I have noticed a marked reduction in the quality of the engineering graduates. I would like to suggest that our local universities work with professional bodies such as Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) to address the weaknesses.

Some of the courses should be tailored to suit industrial requirements. BEM and IEM would be in the right position to work with the many universities we have here. Alternatively, they could come up with modules to be included in the engineering curriculum at our local universities.

With the advent of computers and simulation packages, another new problem is that fresh engineers seem at a loss to conduct design calculations from basic principles. They are over reliant on such computer packages.

When they start work, they are at a loss to do design work because some companies may not have such computer packages. Hence, even basic engineering calculations to determine the optimum pipe sizing and pump selection are beyond them.

These are basic engineering calculations, and without the necessary skills, we are left with design works that are sub-optimal, resulting in high operating costs for the users.

Alternatively, everyone would be running to consultants to get even the most basic of engineering work done for them.

In many of the plants I have been to, there is much that could be done to improve efficiency by just going back to good basic engineering practice. And in some cases, it’s just using good common sense.

I think there is a need to teach and emphasise on such basics. We should ensure that our young engineers are provided with good foundation knowledge for the future of our country.

After all, it is upon solid foundations that skyscrapers are built.

In this aspect, I must take my hat off to University Technology Petronas (UTP), which has formed an Industry Advisory Panel (IAP), and invites professionals from the industry to review their curriculum and suggest areas for improvement. UTP is serious about this and has implemented many of the suggestions introduced by its IAP.

UTP also has an adjunct lectures series where professionals are called in to give lectures to the undergraduates. I think these are good initiatives that other universities would do well to emulate.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nazri: "Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost"

Minister in the PM's department, who was initially shocked at the losses suffered by the BN in the Election aftermath, who also said that he is lucky to have made it (win back his seat - by a much reduced margin), has found his footing after a few weeks of being in a "daze" and has quipped that UMNO did not lose and not to speak as it UMNO had lost.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”
This comes from a man who was obviously quite grateful that he kept his seat by a small margin just after the elections - as quoted in the local Star. He has a short memory, and maybe needs a knock to remind him.

Well, yes, by virtue that the BN still has a slim majority, they did win, however, don't say that you didn't lose - because YOU DID! These election results are by far the lowest of all time, and you mean to say that you can arrogantly say that you didn't lose?

Further to that, you deny that you were also responsible for some pretty hard hitting remarks at other races, and making threats of "not pushing the Malays", that cost the BN support from the other communities?

Who do you think you are Datuk Seri Nazri? You are a Civil Servant! You SERVE us, the public! You are an elected official - by the people. You are just lucky that perhaps with some postal votes you saved your skin in the 2008 elections, perhaps you and the band of other idiots wouldn't be so lucky in the next elections.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you are the cause of friends and family of mine to have lost confidence in Pak Lah's leadership, the so called multi-racial stand of the BN and all that. We all voted the opposition - any opposition just to spite people like you. Because of you, your fellow UMNO colleagues lost their seats. People like Sharizat who works hard for the people became a victim of the people's anger towards BN - because of your stupid and insensitive comments and lack of deplomacy.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you do not belong in politics. You should consider another career. You have no respect for our former PM Mahathir who is a far superior man and politician compared to the one you are backing. Mahathir has done many things for Malaysia. What has Badawi done? In our eyes, all Badawi did was lose control of his party by not controlling the loudmouths such as yourself, and this eventually cost the credibility of the BN as a whole to be reduced to nothing.

See article from The Star:
Nazri denies he's quitting, says not to blame

PARIT BUNTAR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has denied talk that he is quitting his ministerial post.

He dismissed talk that he would resign to take responsibility for hard-hitting remarks he had made in the past that could have cost Umno and the Barisan Nasional support in the recently-concluded general election.

Nazri said the losses suffered had nothing to do with anything he had said.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”

“Remember, Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost.”

However, he noted that the Barisan did lose some seats because it had stayed true to its promise on seat allocations among component parties.

“For example, we already knew that the Indian community did not support the MIC but still we kept to our promise.

“Umno did not take back the Malay-majority seats but allowed the MIC to contest although we could have won them,” he told reporters after handing out aid to 124 storm victims in his constituency here on Friday.

Friday, April 4, 2008

DPM Najib loses Tun Dr Mahathir's endorsement

Quoted from the Straits Times of Singapore - Wednesday, April 2 2008

Some quotes on Mahathir about Badawi:

"Even his own state (Penang) was captured by the opposition. Never before did we have a Prime Minister from an "enemy" state. Is he not ashamed?"

"I know the candidate list did not come from the chief ministers. They brought the list to Sultan Abdullah Shah, and the list is taken to the office next door. It is inspected there (bu the so-called Fourth Floor Advisers) before being sent back to Sultan Abdullah."

"I admit I was a reason why the BN lost. I cannot support a leader who is not good for the country and party. I couldn't support all candidates but I said they should pick good people."

Mahathir no longer supports Najib for Prime Minister

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad yesterday said he no longer supported Deputy Premier Najib Razak for prime minister.

At a raucousevent attended by more than 1,500 Umno members, he said: "Previously, I said Najib but I have changed my mind."

Tun Dr. Mahathir had called on his succesor, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, to resign and hand over power to Datuk Seri Najib the day after the ruling Barisan Nasional suffered unprecedented losses in the March 8 polls.

But the Deputy Premier himself quickly pledged loyalty to Datuk Seri Abdullah.

Last week, it is understood that the Prime Minister announced to Umno's governing council that Datuk Seri Najib would be his running mate at the UMNO election in December.

But while he withdrew his endorsement of Datuk Seri Najib, Tun Dr. Mahathir stopped short of saying which candidate he preferred.
The most credible challenge to Datuk Seri Abdullah could come from Kelantan prince Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who has said he will take on the Prime Minister in the party polls.

But observers believe that Tun Dr Mahathir has moved a step closer to Tengku Razaleigh or Umno Vice President Muhyiddin Yassin as his choice for the top job.

And his support can be influential.

Despite the baggage that the 82 year old still carries from his own years as Prime Minister, his attacks on his successor over the last two years have caused Datuk Seri Abdullah serious damage.

The former premier, who launched his attacks against Datuk Seri Abdullah two years ago, has again become one of his harshest critics.

Indeed, it was Tun Dr. Mahathir who led the charge at yesterday's boisterous event held to analyse the electoral losses.

He urged the crowd, mostly Umno grassroots members to speak up to ensure an open contest for party president, who has traditionally also been Malaysia's prime minister.

The participants subsequently turned the event into an angry tirade against Datuk Seri Abdullah and his son-in-law Khairi Jamaluddin.

In fact, the event had the air of an opposition rally - except that it was Umno members expressing their disgust with their top leadership.

Shouts of "Hidup Mahathir" punctuated the noisy event, and calls for the Prime Minister's resignation were met with cheers.

Umno governing council member Mohd Khir Toyo, who defended the leadership by saying that a change of leaders would not help if the policies remained the same, was heckled.

An Umno Youth branch leader set off cires of "traitor" when he called for the return of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to the party. He was forcibly removed from the hall by two men.

There was standing room only inside the hall, and hundreds more crowded around a big screen outside.

Such anger at the grassroots is one of the many fires that the Prime Minister is struggling to put out, and his determination to stay in power is stirring up harsh criticism.

"I call on him to resign. Anyone else would have done so already but he is shameless. We must be brave to reject leaders who bring disaster to the party," Tun Dr Mahathir said.

His son Mukhriz Mahathir also spoke at the event, sayting that it was the leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah which was dragging down UMNO. Datuk Mukhriz, an Umno Youth exco member is a newly elected MP.

Urging party leaders to shake off their fear of speaking up, he said: "I appeal to you, stand by me, for us to find a solution"

Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Starts Damage on Malaysian Tourism Industry

Former Youth and Sports Minister, known for her silly remarks on the Singapore Formula One race (quoted in an earlier article in this site), has unanimously decided to deny the State of Selangor and other opposition governed states by ceasing support of tourism development in those states.

It awfully silly to deny states like Selangor and Penang, which are among the most industrialised states in the nation, support from the Ministry of Tourism just because of a change in leadership. It only goes to show the miopic view of this particular minister, and the lack of any strategic thinking whatsoever.

What does she think the Federal Government has to gain from pulling out tourism funding in these states? Does she think that the residents of those states will feel the pinch and therefore feel fearful and thus in turn support the Barisan Nasional coalition next time? Is Azalina so naieve to think that she can teach the general population of those states a lesson by denying them further economic growth by way of tourism? We think not.

Potentially, this will just anger people further and prove to the majority opposition voters in those states that their decision was correct and that the Barisan Nasional government not only lacks the capability to lead the country to economic growth and social stability, but also that the Barisan Nasional doesn't have the strategic sense to see the long term benefits of being benevolent to those citizens who do not necessarily support them.

At this point, all Azalina has done is proven to the general public that they had made the right decision in either voting the opposition or not voting at all. And for those who voted BN, perhaps they will soon see the errors of their judgement.

When the cabinet was reshuffled Azalina was someone many expected to see removed. She proved to be useless in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, there was no greater progression for our youth, except more vice. And as for our sportsmen and women, no different from her predecessor.

So why is Azalina still there? She is hardly impressive when she speaks, she doesn't seem to be a wonderful role model for the youth, she's just an average and mediocre minister like some others in the PM's cabinet.

Now, PM Badawi has put her in a position where she can cause some economic damage, due to her inexperience and incompetence.

The people shouldn't take situations like this lightly. It basically says that our government promotes mediocrity, ie. people like Azalina, and hence, this is the end result.

Perhaps the BN needs a few more lessons by the voters to teach them to pick the right people to lead the country.

Selangor govt says move by Tourism Minister foolhardy
Thursday, April 3, 2008

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Government strongly feels that Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said’s decision to terminate all tourism memorandum of understanding with Opposition-ruled states as foolhardy.

Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment state chairman Elizabeth Wong said such a decision is reckless for the Federal Government especially to sideline Selangor, which is the gateway into the country and a premier destination.

On Wednesday, Azalina had said that the decision was due to the change in leadership in the state governments that was in line with the termination of the Tourism Action Council in the states.

Wong said Selangor is one of the top destinations in the nation’s first stop for most international tourist and to sideline other states like Penang, Perak, Kelantan and Kedah is not wise.

“Initially, we had been looking forward to working with the Tourism Ministry for the betterment of the industry and the country. Selangor accounts for some 30% of the national Gross Domestic Product and this callous move might have adverse impact on our national economy as well as the industry,” she said.

She added that one should not cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

“For us in Selangor we will persevere in supporting the tourism industry and this in fact gives us a better opportunity to work even more closely with the private sector. We are committed to improve and to develop the tourism sector in the state in several new initiatives in eco-tourism and heritage tourism,” she said.

Wong also called upon Selangorians to visit the state’s historical attractions and push forward the industry with a greater zeal in the light of this development.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Policemen Rape Chinese National in a Patrol Car

Yet another rape case in Malaysia. So much so, our country is becoming synonymous with rape. So much so, that even the very people who are supposed to be protecting the innocent and incarcerating the guilty are now taking part in this vicious act of inhumane violence.

So the big question is, what are the penalties in Malaysia for rape? What does the Malaysian government do to ensure that we deter potential rapists from indulging in these horrendous acts of violence towards women?

One word - NOTHING.

Police statistics in country show that rape cases have been on the rise year on year for the past decade and more. However, the police makes excuses saying that it's because of population growth and the introduction of foreign workers that brings about vice.

Well, now the policemen - whom many are corrupt and still continue to be corrupt (even after a change of uniform with the words "Integrity" on it), are now into brutalising and battering people. Now evidenced by this new rape case of a Chinese national.

So, what is the government doing about this? The laws haven't changed to be any more severe, the penalties are varied, some get 3 years jail, some get 20 years jail, some even get whipping.

Where is the consistency in the application of the law, where is the deterence for wannabe rapists to not partake in these violent acts?

So again, what is our government doing about this major issue? Perhaps, like all other things, it will take a daugter or a wife of some Datuk or Datuk Seri to be brutally raped and maybe even murdered before something serious is done. Only in the harshest of situations affecting individuals in government, will they wake up to the every day realities that the rest of us "lay-people" live in.

The penalties for rape among many other vices like kidnapping and murder must be amended to something significantly harsher.

As a Muslim nation, perhaps the Hudud laws will best serve such crimes. This basically means castration for rape and the chopping of limbs beginning with the hands for theft. For crimes like murder, stoning to death by the community.

Brutal as it may sound, the fact is, the laws in Malaysia today are not applicable to the exponential increase of such crimes.

In the 1960s, when kidnapping was common in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew made death the penalty for kidnapping. Virtually overnight, it stopped and the number of kidnappings reduced significantly.

So the question is, what will the Barisan Nasional government do about this? Now that their power hangs in the balance? Will they make more empty promises about reducing crime and really not doing anything about it? Or will they amend the laws to better protect its citizens?

RISING CRIME is one of the reasons why BN nearly lost the elections - is BN certain that they want to take this lightly and not give it due attention? Their own Policemen are now raping foreigners.

We'll bet that over the next few weeks there will be no closure to this case in the media and it will die a natural death - and people will soon forget it ever happened. Like all other major rape cases, there is never any clear ending and the public gets no peace of mind or closure knowing that the criminals got what they deserve.

This is the unfortunate state Malaysia is in. The winds of change are coming, and the Barisan Nasional has to work extra hard to ensure the people are completely satisfied.

Two cops held over rape
NST: 02-04-08

KUALA LUMPUR: A trip here turned into a nightmare for three women from China when one of them fell to her death while another was allegedly raped by two policemen.

The three women, from Hunan, China, had arrived here three days ago and stayed at a budget hotel in Jalan Pudu.On Tuesday night, two of them decided to go out for supper and left the third woman in the hotel room.

Their friend, however, fell to her death from the fifth floor of the hotel about midnight.When the women returned to the hotel about 3am, they were surprised to find a number of policemen in the lobby. Unaware that the victim was their friend, the women decided to wait outside the hotel for the police to complete their investigations.

While they were standing outside the hotel, a police patrol car stopped near one of the women. She was then allegedly bundled into the patrol car before it drove off.

Her friend, however, noticed the incident and together with a Malaysian friend who had a car, they tailed the patrol car. However, the patrol car managed to evade them.

The 42-year-old woman who was abducted claimed that she was taken to a secluded area by the two policemen.

She said she was molested by one of them. The other policeman ordered her to strip and raped her in the back seat of the patrol car.

The policemen then robbed her of her handphone and money before sending her back to the hotel about 4am.

The traumatised victim related her ordeal to her friend and lodged a police report about 2pm yesterday. She was later sent to Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for a medical examination.

Following police investigations, a constable in his 20s and a lance corporal in his 40s were arrested. It is learnt that both suspects are married.

City CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate as investigations were ongoing.

Police are also looking into how the other woman fell to her death.