Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Indian Uprising in Kuala Lumpur

A Indian-Hindu rally organised by HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Front) on Sunday was denounced by the Malaysian Government as being violent and damaging to racial relations.

This is even though the demonstration was not actually directed at the Malaysian Government, but in a show of support for the handing over of a memorandum to the British High Commission seeking the Queen's assistance to provide a council to fight for the minority Malaysian-Indian communities rights.

The police had denied HINDRAF a permit to proceed with the gathering, but HINDRAF decided to proceed in the fight for their rights regardless.

However, consider this, the Prime Minister Badawi's son-in-law, Khairi Jamaluddin, who is also supposed to be a respected Deputy Chief of the UMNO youth, had previously held an "illegal gathering" (though we are not sure whether a permit was approved, but can't imagine why it would have been given as it was during the ASEAN summit). Khairi, as shown, fought against the police, shouted what some other people can deem to be "seditious" (depending on who is feeling emotional about it), rallied support from the Mat Rempit (gangster motorcyclists who perform street racing), and best of all, managed to push his way through the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit - Riot Police in Red) and got through unscathed.

Compare that with the recent HINDRAF demonstrations, and you will see the unfairness and preferential treatment that a person gets for fighting for Malay-Muslim rights rather than the minority Indian-Hindus.

A picture speaks a thousand words, watch both videos below and you decide whether there is justice.

HINDRAF Demonstration for Indian-Hindu Rights

UMNO Youth (Led by Khairi Jamaluddin) Demonstration for Palestinian-Muslim Rights

Observe the show of force by Khairi and his gang, and compare that with the Al-Jazeera news report on the Indians. Who made the first aggressive moves?

In the case of the Indians, they retaliated when they were shot at with tear gas and water cannons. Were they the first aggressors? Who's to say? But from what we can see, it's not clear that they drew first blood.

In the case of Khairi, he was allowed to go as far as forcing his way through the Riot Police, and he wasn't even hit once. We suppose that has something to do with him being part of UMNO and also being the son-in-law of the Prime Minister.

In all fairness, how is this a democratic and fair nation? Where one race and religion can be accorded a great deal of preference over any other, where the leaders of that race are given a free hand to do as they please, break the law and not even get repremanded?

In Malaysia, it seems that it is only "seditious" if it is a racial or religious issue that affects Malays or Muslims, but who's to say that it is NOT seditious to accuse the "West" of opressing Muslims (in view of Palestine) and causing an uprising of Malay-Muslims against the West, and in the case above, against the US Secretary of State, when she is in the country? Isn't it potentially dangerous to the lives of Americans and other westerners? Doesn't this cause a certain degree of "hate" towards them? Could that potentially bring harm to them?

I think the answer is Yes to the above. If so, isn't it Seditious?

It is time for this sort of one sided nonsense ends. It stops with the removal of UMNO from power.

If only Keadilan and DAP can get their act together, join forces, leave PAS out of the picture and be a formidable competitor for Barisan votes. The ball rests in Keadilan's park, they need to decide where they stand. Either as a radicalised UMNO type party, or a party that is true to upholding the multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious principles that this country was founded on. This is not a country for the Malays only. This country is for everyone.

Some Malays think that this is their country and everyone else can leave if they don't like it. This country was built with the combined efforts of the Chinese, Indians, Malays and all the other smaller communities. We fought for our independence together. Today, some Malays think that the rights of the minorities can be ignored?

We don't think so.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Malaysian Chinese Population Declines to 25%

In a census just beyond 2000, I heard that there were approximately 32% ethnic Chinese in Malaysia. This, at the time was alarming enough as we were closer to 40% in the earlier days. Today, it is reported at as of 2005, there are only 25% and the number continues to reduce.

Why is this? I think everyone knows the answer why. Non Malays in Malaysia are being systematically marginalised to make way for fellow Malays who need not get things like scholarships by merit. It is practically presented to them on a silver platter, regardless if they are deserving or not.

For this, non-Malays who are affluent or can afford to, either immigrate their entire families to mainly Australia or New Zealand or they go West. Many send their children abroad and encourage them to take up the PR/Green Card and they eventually end up settling there. Country's like Australia and even Singapore have repatriation immigration laws to make it easy for one to bring their families over.

Why do people do this? It's mainly because they all feel that they are increasingly becoming third class citizens in their own country. A country they helped build to what it is today, and they are very slighted. Furthermore with the increasingly unbending malay majority government, racial and religious issues are increasing. And since certain leaders in government have been telling the Non-Malays who are unhappy that they can leave, so they have.

Frankly, the Chinese have contributed significantly to the country's economy. However, the government has long forgotten the value of the Chinese hardworkingness and efficiency.

For this, people are leaving and they will continue to leave. Those who leave, really hate Malaysia and leave with a bad taste in their mouths. They would be least likely to ever return or even want to assist or contribute to any part of the Malaysian economy.

But perhaps this is good for Malaysia as a whole. Eventually the chinese population will shrink so much, that to get competant workers, they will need to import them from other countries on an expatriate basis. But to do this and to get the calibre of workers that a country like Singapore can get, you'll need to pay well and the system would definately need to be changed from one that feeds the Malay patronage, to one that rewards based on merit.

This will either have an impact on the Malays in the sense that they will either step up to the challenge and improve themselves or they will be crushed and pushed out by the foreigners.

The Malays should stop thinking that the country owes them a living and that they are going to enjoy these benefits forever. Malaysia is hardly world class, even though we have tall buildings and a national car (that is 3rd rate). Malaysia will never be world class so long as they protect their own agaist competition, either with other races or other nations/nationalities.

As they say, Malaysia - First Class facilities, Third Class mentality...

Sooner or later the Malays will need to wake up and step up to the challenge. There is a reason why all the world's biggest multinationals park their regional offices in Singapore and not Malaysia, it's simply because they will not be forced to take in some lame bumiputra employee who cannot perform and fulfill that quota. So, again, it's Malaysia's loss.

My Singaporean Malay friends say, "Malaysia has so much potential, and so many natural resources - and land. But it is really wasted because the Melayus are so bodoh and slow, that they never move fast to act on things. But it is good for us, because Singapore will benefit on those opportunities that Malaysia is slow to take up."

Extracted from the Straits Times of Singapore:

Make more babies, Chinese in Malaysia told

Malaysia's chinese population should make more babies to arrest the community's falling birth rate, politicians say.

State Urban Development and Tourism Minister Wong Soon Koh said the community's lower birth rate had resulted in the country's Chinese population plunging from 37% in 1957 to 25% in 2005.

"This will slip further to 24% by 2010 and to 19% by 2030," he warned at the United Chinese Association's 30th Anniversary dinner on Saturday.

He did not say what the birth rate was, but there are currently less than 7 million ethnic Chinese amoung the country's 27 million population.

Datuk Wong also voiced concern at the high migration rate of the Chinese to other countries.

He urged the community to boost the birth rate and to enrol their children for tertiary education in Malaysia instead of sending them abroad. "There are good colleges and universities in the country to cater for the local population. There is no need to send our children abroad for further education," he said.

Federation of Chinese Associations in Malaysia president Lim Yuk Tong said that a committee had been set up to study the decline in the country's ethnic Chinese population. He said it was headed by the Federation of Sarawak Chinese Associations, which had raised the matter at the federation's recent delegate's conference.

Tan Sri Lim also urged Chinese organisations to forge greater unity to safeguard and work for the community's interest.

Khairy Calls Himself a Monkey

Khairi Jamaluddin said... "To these people, I call on them to stop going to the streets and behave like monkeys and instead go to the polls if they want to challenge us."

Take a look below and see who the "monkey" is...

Presenting the number one "monkey" in action :

Macam beruk kan? Ketua beruk la tu...
So, what do we say to an UMNO leader like this? One who tells the opposition to not protest in the streets, when he himself embarrassed this nation and all our people with his unruly display at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting where an American delegation was present.
Imagine, he forced his way through the riot police and came through unscathed, he even got into the building.
The video says it all. And now he calls himself among others like him a monkey. What a silly man he is. Someone, please, remove him from politics, he is just a disgrace! Prime Minister's son and all that. What a shame, we all expected more. Even in politics he can put his foot in his own mouth. Silly.
Furthermore, part of his response: "If they want to gather 100,000 people for an illegal gathering just a day after this Umno general assembly, then by right we would want to do the same to confront them."
So what is he intending to achieve? A riot? Civil war? So, when someone unreasonable and unruly confront's you, you do the same? Is this the diplomatic way? Are problems solved that way?
Everyday I pray that this man never becomes any more a leader than he is in UMNO, he is like the road bully behind the wheel of a car, doesn't take well to challenges, and then it's all about whose balls are bigger, and he does this in politics.
He should be removed. Hooliganism is not the Malaysian way, Khairi promotes it, in his most recent statement above, in his efforts to promote the Mat Rempit (hooligan gangster bikers on "scooters") and in his massive rally at the KLCC Convention Centre.
It will be a mistake we will all regret if we allow people like him to continue to harness more power.
Refer to our previous article:
See the article published in the New Straits Times:
Party not racist, says Khairy
UMNO is not a racist party and the Malay agenda, which forms the crux of its struggles, is not a racist agenda.

Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday delivered a fiery reminder to those who accused Umno of espousing racist ideology to look at the reality of the country's multiracial relations to realise the truth about the party's struggles."No one should accuse Umno of being a racist party or label the Malay agenda as being a racist agenda," he said while winding-up the movement's debate over the Youth chief's speech.
Khairy said Umno had accommodated the needs of its partners in Barisan Nasional's power-sharing arrangement as it did not only look after the interest of Malays but of all Malaysians."If we look at the allocations of electoral seats, the truth is Umno could have contested more seats than what it has now but this was not the case as we are willing to give way for our BN partners to be better represented."He said Umno's generosity in such instances should be enough evidence for anyone to refrain from accusing it of being racist."If we are racists, we would not give away (Malay-majority seats such Sungai Siput, Kapar, Kota Raja and Pontian."He added that if any quarter wanted to raise issues of political equality among the races, then Umno Youth would reciprocate by asking for equal economic clout.
(What nonsense, Malays have the most opportunity, if most of them don't want to take it, then it is their loss, what more do you want? The other races to work and be your servants? They already pay for our Mosques and wellbeing, so you want them to do more?")
Praising his boss, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, as being a model of a moderate politician, he said that despite his stance as a defender of Malay rights, he would be the first to defend the rights of other races if they were being infringed upon."I have learned a lot from Datuk Hishammuddin and one of the most important is that it is easier to be an extremist than to be a moderate in this country's political environment."It is difficult because we need to be smart when faced with difficult issues. Nonetheless, I have also learnt from Datuk Hishammuddin that we must do what is right and not what is popular."He illustrated the importance of moderation in facing unreasonable actions by the opposition such as the expected gathering at Dataran Merdeka this Saturday to demand a "clean" election.
"If they want to gather 100,000 people for an illegal gathering just a day after this Umno general assembly, then by right we would want to do the same to confront them.
"But this is not the smart way as it would cause a riot. Instead, we call on the police to arrest the organisers of the illegal gathering.
"To these people, I call on them to stop going to the streets and behave like monkeys and instead go to the polls if they want to challenge us."