Friday, June 22, 2007

Threats to Society, Rapists: The Faces of 3 ANIMALS

These are the 3 GODLESS BASTARDS who rammed a couple and their Proton Iswara off the road at approx. 10.30pm around Gelang Patah (near the Second Link to Singapore). They continued to chase the couple until their car broke down near Tampoi. They then abducted the couple, took them to a quiet place in Bukit Indah and brutally gang raped the girl after slashing her boyfriend's legs and forcing him to watch them rape her.

Burn these faces into your memory. You may encounter them at some point.

Only one of the above is named, on the left, , the other two remain un-named. Apparently, the police claimed that they caught 14 people involved in the rapings. The public has yet to be shown their pictures.

It has not been formally published, however, rumour has it that they have all been released on bail. If this is true, then the Police really needs a slap up their head, releasing such predators back into society. The bastards should be castrated and whipped.

Shouldn't the police show these faces to the public? Isn't it our right to know what kinds of Animals lurk out there? Shouldn't we have the right to protect ourselves? In order to do so, don't we need to know what these bastards look like? Or is it because these crimes of brutality towards women are more frequently done by a particular race and you are embarrased? Yes, perhaps you may want to slap the sedition act against us, but isn't it true? Most news reports that we read of incest are usually Malay and occassionally Indian. Is it something that is troubling the community that is causing them to go in this direction? Surely, the government and the police don't know what to do or just can't be bothered. Yes it is embarassing, maybe it's time you try to understand the root cause of the problem because it's becoming more frequent and it affects all of us.

Don't attend to this, and in a matter of years, the once peaceful and beautiful country of Malaysia, blessed with all its culture and heratage will be just another Cape Town or regress and suffer a similar fate such as Manila.

Are these the people we are putting in place to lead our country? Yes. Can we do something about it? Yes. By voting for the opposition, we create a balance of voices in Parliament. Right now, Barisan has the majority in Parliament, so there is little that the opposition can do. For example, Lim Kit Siang's attempts to table these issues on Johor in Parliament last week failed, because it was of no interest to them. See link: Rampant crime and lawlessness - I apologise to JB people that Parliament has failed them

This is why we need to restore the balance of power in government. Because this is the price we pay for not voting or succumbing to Barisan Nasional's threats that should Barisan fall, the people will suffer under an Islamic extremist opposition... blah blah. However, doutful that even if the silent majority votes for the opposition, that they will take over the governance of our country. But there will be more of them in Parliament, and believe me, they will be eager to prove that they can do the job and have public interest at heart. BN has become complacent and over-confident with characters like Nazri (Nazri acting as Super-ACA and Super-AG to declare Johari innocent of RM5.5 million corruption allegations) and Khairi (Police Arrested Participants of a Peaceful Protest... ) running around. Both have made comments towards other races basically stating their "Malay Dominance" or Ketuanan Melayu.

It's time for change...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Johor Today: 2 More Rapings - Now they're underaged girls

Six hours apart and in the midst of a public outcry over the brutal and outrageous violent rapings in Johor, 2 more rapings took place, only 6 hours apart from each other.

One 16 year old schoolgirl was abducted at a park in Taman Tasik Dahlia by Mat Rempits (quoted in the newspaper as 4 men on motorcycles, safe to assume as Mat Rempits move in groups and are involved in sex and vice). She was taken to a secluded spot at Tanjung Langsat where they took turns at raping her.

Another 15 year old schoolgirl was kidnapped at Tampoi, taken to a sewerage plant in Taman Teknologi Skudai and raped. The rapist is a man claiming to be a police officer who duped her into getting into his car when she couldn't produce her IC. The girl was brutally raped at knifepoint, while the man punched, slapped and bit her. He even ripped off her school uniform.

And what is the government and the police doing about it? Well, now that there is a growing petition and the public has shown it's anger and dissatisfaction in front of MB Ghani's house, the government has stepped up and approved the setting up of more police stations, police cars and police officers. So this is what it takes to get our government to get off their butts and serve public interests. You should have been more pro active in the first place and maybe these poor innocent women won't be suffering for your inattentiveness to public safety and security. After all, this isn't something that happened overnight. Johor Bahru has been a crime infested ghetto for years, and it's only been getting worse.

So, what the government is going to do (as quoted in the papers):
- 400 additional police personnel
- 3 new temporary police HQs in Seri Alam, Nusa Jaya and Kulai (RM6 mil has been approved for this)
- 200 more Proton cars for patrolling

However, here's what's wrong with this picture.

- IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that the 400 additional personnel will be sent to patrol the streets of Johor Bahru over the next few days.
Don't you think that crime in JB can happen anytime and just putting people there over the next week won't really help things in the long run
- 11 new police stations will be set up soon
What does soon mean? When will there be a definate answer as to when?
- The 3 new HQs will be good, but the problem is not going to be solved just by putting a new building there.
The problem are the police officers, they need to be put on a schedule and be made to patrol the streets and neighborhoods properly. Everyone knows that although the government has purchased a few billion RM worth of cars for the Police, we never see them patrolling or waiting around street corners and so on. We only see them when they want "duit kopi" at roadblocks or when they are escorting some Minister.
- Tan Sri Musa Hassan, quoted as saying “These 400 policemen will help those presently doing crime prevention rounds."
Really? Where? I have hardly seen the cops patrolling in their new and fancy Wajas. IGP Musa must be dreaming or clearly not in control of his own police force because this is typical, the top brass have a wonderful view of what his captains are feeding him, and is completely unaware of what's happening on the ground. Perhaps he sees the police patrolling his neighborhood (because he lives there) and thinks, "Oh yes, I have made this country safer". Bullshit! IGP Musa, get off your ass and open your eyes, live like one of us and realise what is really happening.

What the police really needs is a proper house cleaning. Processes need to be revamped and controls need to be put in place to ensure the officers are doing their jobs. I believe that the intentions are good, with having more patrol cars, but what's the point if there is no system to ensure that the patrol cars are actually being fully utilised and maximised? It cannot be more obvious that the Johor police at Larkin doesn't need more cars, just see for yourself when you pass by the massive station with all the cars. But they are just sitting there, doing nothing.

Perhaps the government approved the budget to buy the cars but not the budget for petrol? I wouldn't be surprised. Because if it were budgeted for and not utilised, then naturally an internal query will take place on the underutilisation when they are audited. Ops, or are the auditors being paid off too?

The NST article:

JOHOR BARU: Two girls, one 15 years old and the other 16, yesterday became the latest victims in a rash of brutal rapes over the past two months.

In the first incident, a 16-year-old was abducted by four men on motorcycles from a park in Taman Tasik Dahlia about 1am. The men, in their 20s and 30s, took her to a secluded spot at Tanjung Langsat, some 20km away, where they took turns to rape her. They then sent her back to the park, where she caught a taxi and went home. She lodged a report the next morning, police said.

About five-and-a-half hours later in Senai, the 15-year-old was taken to the sewerage treatment plant in Taman Teknologi Skudai and brutally raped.The Form Three student and her 13-year-old brother were waiting in Jalan Ledang for their bus to school when a man claiming to be a police officer stopped and asked for their identity cards.When the pair told him they had left them at home, he told them to get in the car to go to collect them.During the drive, the suspect, in his 30s, began asking the girl inappropriate questions about herself. When they arrived at the children’s Tampoi home, he told her brother to go into the house and get the ICs. He then sped off with the girl.

At the plant, he held a knife to her neck and brutally raped her. Her school uniform was ripped off and she was slapped, punched and bitten. After forcing himself on her, the man gave her his jeans and T-shirt and took off, said police.

The girl was picked up by two women on the main road who took her home after calling her mother on a mobile phone.

It is learnt that the girl’s mother had called the school to check whether her daughter was there. It is said the teacher took more than half-an-hour to call the mother back. And when it became clear the girl was missing, the teacher did not immediately call the police, but went to the girl’s home to ask for more information.

A police report was lodged at the Tampoi police station several hours later. The girl said the man had curly hair and tanned skin.

The two rapes come on the back of a demonstration on Sunday, in which residents voiced their anger over a rash of robberies and gang rapes over the past two months.

In response, police have said the public should alert them to suspicious behaviour or crimes through their hotlines or via text messaging.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Police Arrested Participants of a Peaceful Protest

The people of Johor Bahru, obviously dissatisfied with the rising crime rate in their towns, decided to stage a peaceful protest in front of the Menteri Besar's home in Saujana along Jalan Rahman Andak. It has been reported that about 200 people were involved in the protest.

As quoted in the NST, when tensions began to rise, the JB South Police Chief ACP Shafie Ismail asked the crowd to disperse as they did not have a permit to hold a public gathering!

Now, answer us this. When Condoleezza Rice came to Kuala Lumpur, Khairi Jamaluddin led a mob of protesters who tried to force their way into the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Their intentions were to hand a memorandum expressing the feelings of the Malaysian people (not all, maybe Muslims only). The memorandum can be summarised by what he is quoted as saying...

"The United States is abetting the violence by Israel against Lebanon and is part and parcel of what is happening to the Lebanese and Palestinian people," he said. "Rice is here at the invitation of the Malaysian Government. "It is their decision but the majority of the Malaysian people do not want her here, as the United States is not doing anything to stop the genocide in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip." (Read news article here:

See, above, Khairi Jamaluddin, the Deputy UMNO Youth Chief and also Son-in-law of Prime Minister Badawi, leading a mob of 2,000 protesters after friday prayers from a mosque nearby chanting anti-American and anti-Israel slogans. The demonstration lasted 3 hours until the protesters and Khairi even managed to push their way past the FRU line. They further squatted outside the convention centre for another 2 hours.

However, Khairi wasn't arrested. Neither did he seem to be rapped or reprimanded by his father in law Prime Minister or his party elders. Perhaps the Police (in this case FRU) was protecting him, because under normal circumstances, any force against the FRU is usually met with beatings, rubber bullets and water cannons. Not to mention as Khairy clearly broke the law and staged a massive protest that had the potential and makings of a violent one, he was spared the beating and even arrest! AMAZING!

Considering that Khairy, with his position and family status, potentially embarrassed our nation in the eyes of the western world, I'm amazed that he wasn't stripped of his party post. We shouldn't encourage extremists and hooligans to be leaders of our country and in his position, as a role model for the Malay Youth.

And for one small show of anger about the rising crime rate in Johor Bahru in front of a Minister's house, 2 people are arrested for refusing to leave and distributing flyers. No show of force was made, neither was anyone injured. And these protests are for a valid cause - one that affects us all and the Police arrested 2 people.

Why don't they follow the precedence they set? If a Politician can go on the streets and round up the Mat Rempits and stage an Anti-American rally in the face of world media and the US Secretary of State, then why can't the people state their demands and dissatisfaction to our government about the poor state of safety and security in Johor Bahru?

So, the role of the Police is only to protect the Politicians (or the ones who matter) and for the rest of us, we can all jolly well go to hell.

Thank you very much, this is what I get for paying for your raises and bonuses. Thank you people in government for ensuring that your interests are safeguarded and mine, well, what do we matter - we're just commoners.

For those of you who wish to state your protest, please use the link below, where members of the Malaysian Bar have provided contact numbers for you to state your protest. Numbers include that of the ASP of the Police Station in JB South, IGP and SUHAKAM.
The article by the Malaysian Bar states:
"The Federal Constitution of Malaysia and international Human Rights law enshrine freedom of assembly, the arbitrary arrests by police is clearly an abuse of power and a persecution to activists who tried to expose the slack attitude of the police force in resolving crimes. "
"The police of Johor Bahru is wasting public monies in intimidating human rights defenders instead of doing their job of busting the crimes."

The two arrested are; Nyam Kee Han (pictured above) and See Siew Min

Please state your protest against the arrest of the 2 activists via sms, faxes or phone calls. Information available via the link above.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Face of an ANIMAL: Shahabdeen Haq SK Mohammed Ariff

This is one of the 14 accused of the string of rapes cum robberies in Johor.

This is the face of a GODLESS BASTARD who is inhumane and cruel. A Spawn of Satan no less.

This is a face that everyone must remember and should be burned into everyone's mind, for this is the face of a man with NO SOUL.

A RAPIST of UNDERAGED women and also those who are PREGNANT. What he and his band of DEMON worshippers unto those women will forever mortify them as they will have memories of those tragic moments almost everyday of their lives.

We owe the creation of such people to people and politicians such as Khairy who so strongly support and believe in the rehabilitation of gangs such as Mat Rempit by providing them with facilities, paid by the public, to continue their vices. We believe that such people start somewhere and these are the places that they could have come from. How are a bunch of freewheeling motorcyclists who are high on drugs - useful members of our society?

Eventually, these people become people like those pictured above. Useless SCUM who will eventually terrorise and harm others. Because you can't be a freewheeling idiot forever. And because they have no education, well, robbery is the next best way of making a living. And since the JAIS / religious departments go all out to curb Muslims from having pre-marital sex, such people can no longer take their horneyness to a hotel room, and now resorts to raping women.

We live in a country where on one hand, we have a politician who supports Mat Rempits who are drug users and who win sexual favors, and on the other hand, we have the religious police such as JAIS who go around bothering old and aged foreigners and accusing them of Khalwat (close proximity that is forbidden in Islam).

Somehow, the government agenda is not aligned. This creates the animals like the one pictured above.


Extracted from the Singapore publication, The New Paper.

...The 27-year-old salesman was in tears as he recounted his brother's distress calls. Recalling the second call, he said his brother had shouted: 'The car has stalled!'

He then heard a commotion, then May screaming: 'They have a knife!' before the phone was snatched away.

His parents went to a police station to make a report, but no action was taken.

The brother then drove to the Gelang Patah area himself to try to look for them. He spotted a patrol car and flagged it down. He said he begged the three police officers inside to help search for the couple, but the officers were unmoved and later drove off.

A Johor police spokesman said the unfortunate situation had arisen because the robbery and rape took place in different jurisdictions. He said that when the public call the police, they need time to ascertain the location and situation of the crime, and delays may result.

He said the matter would be investigated thoroughly.

The Article:,4136,133057,00.html?

The Silent Majority's opinion:

In Tun Haniff Omar's recent article in the NST on Sunday, he said "What in heaven's name is going on?" Yes, what is going on?

The police being non-responsive to public calls for help. They are obviously not taking these calls for help seriously, and this is the result, robberies and rapings committed within hours of reports being filed due to NO ACTION BY THE POLICE.

If the Police had acted and called out their battalion of police cars parked at the Larkin Police Station, perhaps they could have isolated the criminals by way of patrols and road blocks. They already had the location and a lead, it wouldn't have been difficult to deploy resources.

Filing a Police report basically means that they FILE IT and DO NOTHING. Anybody who has filed a police report would know this, there is never any follow up. So it's a futile effort.

Even when the brother took it upon himself to search for his brother and girlfriend, and eventually managed to stop a Police Patrol car, all 3 Police officers were un-fazed and just drove off!! What kind of human being doesn't make an attempt to help someone in such a dire situation? Furthermore, those who are paid by us taxpayers and who are tasked with protecting the public!

It's obvious that the recent pay rises, plural (more than 1 raise) has not changed their attitude. These are things that WE, as TAXPAYERS are paying for and THIS IS WHAT WE GET?! INDIFFERENCE?

We, as the Silent Majority should and will PUNISH the GOVERNMENT in the NEXT ELECTIONS. Why should we vote a government who makes bad fiscal calls? We should observe what happens in the near future and see whether there are RESULTS and an INQUIRY made by the government into the INCOMPETANCE and NEGLEGENCE of the POLIS DI-RAJA MALAYSIA.

This must not be allowed to go on. You will have your say, MAKE IT KNOWN, either at the BALLOT BOX or in PROTESTING.

If you wish, you can start by SIGNING the PETITION being collated by the Johor Bahru Tiong-Hua Federation You may sign the petition or view it at this site:

As a citizen, you have the right to voice your opinion and make your dissatisfaction known. And you should. The days of the timid and easily swayed Chinese community needs to come to an end, because the Chinese are increasingly becoming victims of their own silence and tolerance. By saying this, we are not saying that we should execute this by violent means. We can take the power away from those whom we put in office in the first place, who are obviously not doing their jobs and serving the public.

We need to make known to all these Politicians that they need to address these matters of great public importance and we don't only want lip service. We want to see results and this doesn't mean spending more money on Police cars that are hardly used to Patrol, or Police Officers who are indifferent and irresponsible.

For those of you who do not have children, and do not think this will affect you, think again. If you are staying in another part of the country, and think that this is isolated to Johor, think again. Do you really want to follow in the footsteps of our narrow minded politicians who are also shortsighted and wait for the situation to become so dire that it will take a decade to bring order back to the streets? Do the right thing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brutal Gang Rapes in Johor Targeting Chinese Community

The recent robberies cum gang rapes in Johor has enraged the public, bringing a bout of criticism and outrage against the Police for their slow response in fighting crime. Here is the summary of what has transpired in the last month:

1. First robbery and rape happened at Tampoi where 3 men carjacked a pregnant woman and her son from a petrol station while her husband was taking a nature break. They subsequently took the woman to a secluded area and brutally gang raped her in her son's presence.

2. On May 22nd, another gang rape took place in Pantai Lido where a couple were driving along the Pasir Gudang Highway, when their car was rammed from behind, in an attempt by the predators to have them stop. Sensing something amiss, the victim driver attempted to escape but was forced to stop when the car broke down. This was when the rapists abducted the woman and stole the car and eventually raped her

3. The last occurance was a brutal gang raping of a 19 year old girl, on 11 June, in a similar situation where they were forced to stop due to the predators ramming their car in Johor. In this case, the girl and her boyfriend were abducted. When the boyfriend attempted to escape, the rapists slashed his legs, preventing his escape and forced him to witness the raping of his girlfriend.

It was identified that the cuprits and animals of these horrific crimes are by the Sagol Gang. A Malay gang based in a town near Johor Bahru. They have seemed to target Chinese victims, though the papers have not published any such information until now, when mention has been made of the public in Johor Bahru sending SMSes in a campaign to rally public support to highlight the matter to the police and to make them aware that they are not doing their jobs, even after they have received salary increases that have benefitted them.

At this assembly, MCA representatives were present and the OCPD was asked to speak before the public. However, he only sent his deputy, DSP Leow Kian Heung, also the head of the State Crime Prevention Unit. He was apparently booed and jeered and had to cut his speech short and leave.

In the meantime, the Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Gahni Othman who is also the Johor Security and Safety Committee Chairman, said that they will beef up police manpower, patrol vehicles and equipment quickly.

Well, I can personally tell you that there is no need for them to beef up police men and vehicles. In the recent year, the government publicised that they have thousands of cadets graduation from their police academy and they will be deployed all over the country. The government has also spent billions on new Proton Wajas and Perdanas meant to serve the public by way of more police patrols. But what are all these resources really doing? Well, just go into any police station and you will see why. Many are just sitting behind their counters having chats and catch up sessions. All the police station needs is a Mamak stall attached, and it will be no different from a Mamak stall where everyone just sits arounds to talk about the weather.

From my observation of the main police station in the Larkin district, I can tell you that I see many police cars parked in the compound. All the bays are mostly full. So, this is what the government spent our taxes on, vehicles for the police in a whitewash to show to the public..."Yes, we know you need security, see now, we have spent 2 billion ringgit on Protons (possibly those that couldn't be sold) and now you can sleep easy". Right. They are just sitting there rusting away.

So what is the problem here? Here are two possible options:

1. The police are using these cars to ferry themselves to the mamak stall or to locations where they can make "duit kopi" to spend at the mamak stalls... or..

2. The Polis Diraja Malaysia as a whole has absolutely no plan or idea of how to deploy these patrol cars and how to organise their people in shifts to ensure that there are always cops on the road monitoring traffic and keeping neighborhoods safe. Mind you, even if they did, the cops have no initiative to really keep their eyes on the surroundings that they are supposed to be monitoring, because on many occassions, I have noticed that the car that occassionally patrols my neighborhood is not moving at a slow enough pace for them to really take a look and see whether anything is amiss. Most times, the car has 2-4 people and they are chatting, and not watching.

So... the police use the 2 billion ringgit spent on cars to "makan angin" la. How nice. But in the meantime, some women are being brutally raped by some sex deprived animals called the Sagol Gang. They should just call themselves the Rogol Gang. Fucking Retards.

So now that the 14 members of this gang has been apprehended, the MCA State Chief Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, is urging the public to remain calm and not let racial sentiment get in the way. For God's sake man, why are you protecting the Malays? Do you really think that this is not a racial matter? IT IS! The chinese are being targeted by these Malay gangs and this is the best you can say? How would you feel if it was your wife, daughter, sister or family member who was brutally raped in front of you? And they slashed your legs to keep you from escaping? Don't patronise your people man. You want to win the next election or not?

The people need a better explanation for this and not some bullshit rhetoric. And the people have the right to demand for an explanation and to see RESULTS and ACTION being taken.

We are all paying for our government's inability to govern the nation and keep the people safe. The police are far too laid back to really be relied upon. My personal experience in calling in a sighting of robbers attempting to enter my home; approximately 30-40 minutes, when the police station is only 5-10 minutes away. NO EXCUSES!

In the US, the police has the ability to respond within 5-10 minutes. Most of the calls are picked up and attended to by PATROLLING CARS.

But I suppose in our society, when the Police are happily lining their stomaches ... or their pockets, it will take them a little while longer to really attend to those who really need them.

You, as a citizen and non citizens included can act now... an online petition has been formed by the Johor Bahru Tiong-Hua Federation chaired by Alex Lua. You may sign the petition or view it at this site:

Make your unhappiness known, and make it a big thing. I think that we have been keeping too quiet about this for too long. It's time to make your opinion known and strong measures should be taken.

Even our former Police Chief Tun Hanif Omar has said that "Assurances alone that police action will be taken are not enough. The public wants to see results" (Quoted Article: Throw Out Bad Apples in the NST, 17 June 2007; Views F33). He also said "It is obvious that these bad apples (recalcitrant and lazy police officers) are not at all inspired by their recent pay rise. They must be weeded out".

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Local Authorities Conspiracy to Commit Extortion

And again, dirty cops, conspiracy to commit extortion of now, an innocent trader. You may think this is a one off thing. No it isn't.

Our authorities have been involved in a whole host of crimes against citizens. I am sure that the reported story below on the 10th May 07 is one of many unreported cases. This is certainly more than just a bribe or one may say, extortion of RM50-100 for traffic offences.

What I hear from some very reliable sources, as well as the victims themselves is that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, as well as the Enforcement Officers of City Hall or DBKL have been conspiring and extorting money from the DVD peddlers who are selling pirated DVDs.

Apparently, the proceeds from the raids, meaning the DVDs that are consfiscated in the tenths of thousands are subsequently resold to the peddlers and syndicates whom they were originally consfiscated from at a price of a few thousand Ringgit for a batch of discs. Obviously this isn't something that is sanctioned by the government, but it is obvious that this goes high enough whereby the entire department can turn a blind eye, auditors and gatekeepers are silenced and the many people who make it work are well protected from scrutiny.

What seems to irritate the peddlers is that the officers think that they owe them a living and that they are getting fat on cheating the public, the MPAA and that they have to buy back what was originally theirs. However, due to shortage of supply, this is welcome and the price is paid

Our hearts actually go out to the DVD peddlers, not so much that we enjoy buying and watching movies that would otherwise be unaffordable to us at RM150 for an original. The local cuts are rubbish, no THX, DTS or surround sound, and they are also censored by FINAS who applies strick Islamic thinking that a mother kissing a child is "haram" a sin and shouldn't be shown. Much less, the occassional kissing and revealing clothes. Did we say that it's also about RM60 per DVD?

But really, our hearts go out to them because they have families as well, and although they are peddling pirated copies to the public, they are not involved in the vices that plague our cities, they don't hurt anyone and they just go about their day ensuring that we have a free flow of information that is uncensored for our un-interrupted viewing pleasure. The only one who sufferes is the MPAA and some large production companies like Universal and MGM that already make a killing in the developed world.

Fact is, we are a developing nation, though it may be wrong, piracy has done it's good for us. Not only for the movies, but also all the software.

Wrong? Bad? Immoral? If you think so, think again...

A short and simple example. A kid learns how to use Photoshop, a software that would easily be RM5,000, and he becomes proficient in it and applies it in school and has a genuine interest. He eventually becomes a graphic artist or a computer programmer. Who is to say? No family would spend that much to buy software, or even RM600 for Windows Vista. Just so that their child can experiment with it, eventually get bored and lose interest? No, it doesn't happen, not in a developing nation.

Software piracy has help build the proficiency of our nation's people and enabled the ones who can least afford it and the ignorant to experience it and learn something about it. What we have today, is a result of that. All it takes is interest and RM10 to get a copy.

As wrong as it sounds, there is good that has come from it. Our government fails to see what they are supporting and what the nation needs. They are supporting western values of developed countries that can already afford these things.

However, as I understand that the people in government are mostly now from the 20,000 local graduates that couldn't get jobs in the private sector due to language proficiency and substandard understandings of their degrees, I suppose, that some dimwitted idea would have come from one of these people, probably because they don't see the benefit of it, didn't benefit from it and is obviously computer illiterate. They are most likely the ones surfing for porn rather than reading articles like this from the world of free information and enlightening themselves. God help them and God help us all.

Two cops arrested after trader reports extortion

KUALA LUMPUR: Two policemen were arrested early yesterday for allegedly extorting RM21,000 from a night market trader.

Both the policemen, said to be lance corporals in their 40s, were arrested at the Sentul district police headquarters when they came in for questioning.One is said to be attached to the city police headquarters and the other is from the Sentul district. They were remanded for three days.

The 42-year-old trader, who lodged a report at the Taman Melawati police station, claimed he had been extorted twice within the past two weeks.In both cases, the same suspects are believed to be involved. However, it is learnt that investigators are looking for at least one other suspect.In the first incident about two weeks ago, the trader was at his stall when he was approached by three men who introduced themselves as policemen.

They arrested him for allegedly being involved in illegal gaming. The trader was told that he would be released if he paid them RM15,000.The money was brought by the victim’s son to a police station in Setapak, and the victim was released.

Last Wednesday, while the trader was at his stall about 9pm, he was again approached by three men. It is not known if they were the same men.The three men told the trader that they wanted to check his car. They did not find anything. The trader was then ordered to drive the three to a foodcourt in Bandar Baru Sentul.

He told police that the three demanded another RM15,000. The trader appealed and the amount was reduced to RM6,000.Once again, the trader contacted his son, who brought the money to the foodcourt.

After that, the trader claimed he received several calls from one of the suspects who demanded more money.

Fed up, he lodged the police report.