Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nazri: "Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost"

Minister in the PM's department, who was initially shocked at the losses suffered by the BN in the Election aftermath, who also said that he is lucky to have made it (win back his seat - by a much reduced margin), has found his footing after a few weeks of being in a "daze" and has quipped that UMNO did not lose and not to speak as it UMNO had lost.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”
This comes from a man who was obviously quite grateful that he kept his seat by a small margin just after the elections - as quoted in the local Star. He has a short memory, and maybe needs a knock to remind him.

Well, yes, by virtue that the BN still has a slim majority, they did win, however, don't say that you didn't lose - because YOU DID! These election results are by far the lowest of all time, and you mean to say that you can arrogantly say that you didn't lose?

Further to that, you deny that you were also responsible for some pretty hard hitting remarks at other races, and making threats of "not pushing the Malays", that cost the BN support from the other communities?

Who do you think you are Datuk Seri Nazri? You are a Civil Servant! You SERVE us, the public! You are an elected official - by the people. You are just lucky that perhaps with some postal votes you saved your skin in the 2008 elections, perhaps you and the band of other idiots wouldn't be so lucky in the next elections.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you are the cause of friends and family of mine to have lost confidence in Pak Lah's leadership, the so called multi-racial stand of the BN and all that. We all voted the opposition - any opposition just to spite people like you. Because of you, your fellow UMNO colleagues lost their seats. People like Sharizat who works hard for the people became a victim of the people's anger towards BN - because of your stupid and insensitive comments and lack of deplomacy.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you do not belong in politics. You should consider another career. You have no respect for our former PM Mahathir who is a far superior man and politician compared to the one you are backing. Mahathir has done many things for Malaysia. What has Badawi done? In our eyes, all Badawi did was lose control of his party by not controlling the loudmouths such as yourself, and this eventually cost the credibility of the BN as a whole to be reduced to nothing.

See article from The Star:
Nazri denies he's quitting, says not to blame

PARIT BUNTAR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has denied talk that he is quitting his ministerial post.

He dismissed talk that he would resign to take responsibility for hard-hitting remarks he had made in the past that could have cost Umno and the Barisan Nasional support in the recently-concluded general election.

Nazri said the losses suffered had nothing to do with anything he had said.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”

“Remember, Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost.”

However, he noted that the Barisan did lose some seats because it had stayed true to its promise on seat allocations among component parties.

“For example, we already knew that the Indian community did not support the MIC but still we kept to our promise.

“Umno did not take back the Malay-majority seats but allowed the MIC to contest although we could have won them,” he told reporters after handing out aid to 124 storm victims in his constituency here on Friday.

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