Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Policemen Rape Chinese National in a Patrol Car

Yet another rape case in Malaysia. So much so, our country is becoming synonymous with rape. So much so, that even the very people who are supposed to be protecting the innocent and incarcerating the guilty are now taking part in this vicious act of inhumane violence.

So the big question is, what are the penalties in Malaysia for rape? What does the Malaysian government do to ensure that we deter potential rapists from indulging in these horrendous acts of violence towards women?

One word - NOTHING.

Police statistics in country show that rape cases have been on the rise year on year for the past decade and more. However, the police makes excuses saying that it's because of population growth and the introduction of foreign workers that brings about vice.

Well, now the policemen - whom many are corrupt and still continue to be corrupt (even after a change of uniform with the words "Integrity" on it), are now into brutalising and battering people. Now evidenced by this new rape case of a Chinese national.

So, what is the government doing about this? The laws haven't changed to be any more severe, the penalties are varied, some get 3 years jail, some get 20 years jail, some even get whipping.

Where is the consistency in the application of the law, where is the deterence for wannabe rapists to not partake in these violent acts?

So again, what is our government doing about this major issue? Perhaps, like all other things, it will take a daugter or a wife of some Datuk or Datuk Seri to be brutally raped and maybe even murdered before something serious is done. Only in the harshest of situations affecting individuals in government, will they wake up to the every day realities that the rest of us "lay-people" live in.

The penalties for rape among many other vices like kidnapping and murder must be amended to something significantly harsher.

As a Muslim nation, perhaps the Hudud laws will best serve such crimes. This basically means castration for rape and the chopping of limbs beginning with the hands for theft. For crimes like murder, stoning to death by the community.

Brutal as it may sound, the fact is, the laws in Malaysia today are not applicable to the exponential increase of such crimes.

In the 1960s, when kidnapping was common in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew made death the penalty for kidnapping. Virtually overnight, it stopped and the number of kidnappings reduced significantly.

So the question is, what will the Barisan Nasional government do about this? Now that their power hangs in the balance? Will they make more empty promises about reducing crime and really not doing anything about it? Or will they amend the laws to better protect its citizens?

RISING CRIME is one of the reasons why BN nearly lost the elections - is BN certain that they want to take this lightly and not give it due attention? Their own Policemen are now raping foreigners.

We'll bet that over the next few weeks there will be no closure to this case in the media and it will die a natural death - and people will soon forget it ever happened. Like all other major rape cases, there is never any clear ending and the public gets no peace of mind or closure knowing that the criminals got what they deserve.

This is the unfortunate state Malaysia is in. The winds of change are coming, and the Barisan Nasional has to work extra hard to ensure the people are completely satisfied.

Two cops held over rape
NST: 02-04-08

KUALA LUMPUR: A trip here turned into a nightmare for three women from China when one of them fell to her death while another was allegedly raped by two policemen.

The three women, from Hunan, China, had arrived here three days ago and stayed at a budget hotel in Jalan Pudu.On Tuesday night, two of them decided to go out for supper and left the third woman in the hotel room.

Their friend, however, fell to her death from the fifth floor of the hotel about midnight.When the women returned to the hotel about 3am, they were surprised to find a number of policemen in the lobby. Unaware that the victim was their friend, the women decided to wait outside the hotel for the police to complete their investigations.

While they were standing outside the hotel, a police patrol car stopped near one of the women. She was then allegedly bundled into the patrol car before it drove off.

Her friend, however, noticed the incident and together with a Malaysian friend who had a car, they tailed the patrol car. However, the patrol car managed to evade them.

The 42-year-old woman who was abducted claimed that she was taken to a secluded area by the two policemen.

She said she was molested by one of them. The other policeman ordered her to strip and raped her in the back seat of the patrol car.

The policemen then robbed her of her handphone and money before sending her back to the hotel about 4am.

The traumatised victim related her ordeal to her friend and lodged a police report about 2pm yesterday. She was later sent to Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for a medical examination.

Following police investigations, a constable in his 20s and a lance corporal in his 40s were arrested. It is learnt that both suspects are married.

City CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate as investigations were ongoing.

Police are also looking into how the other woman fell to her death.

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