Monday, June 18, 2007

Face of an ANIMAL: Shahabdeen Haq SK Mohammed Ariff

This is one of the 14 accused of the string of rapes cum robberies in Johor.

This is the face of a GODLESS BASTARD who is inhumane and cruel. A Spawn of Satan no less.

This is a face that everyone must remember and should be burned into everyone's mind, for this is the face of a man with NO SOUL.

A RAPIST of UNDERAGED women and also those who are PREGNANT. What he and his band of DEMON worshippers unto those women will forever mortify them as they will have memories of those tragic moments almost everyday of their lives.

We owe the creation of such people to people and politicians such as Khairy who so strongly support and believe in the rehabilitation of gangs such as Mat Rempit by providing them with facilities, paid by the public, to continue their vices. We believe that such people start somewhere and these are the places that they could have come from. How are a bunch of freewheeling motorcyclists who are high on drugs - useful members of our society?

Eventually, these people become people like those pictured above. Useless SCUM who will eventually terrorise and harm others. Because you can't be a freewheeling idiot forever. And because they have no education, well, robbery is the next best way of making a living. And since the JAIS / religious departments go all out to curb Muslims from having pre-marital sex, such people can no longer take their horneyness to a hotel room, and now resorts to raping women.

We live in a country where on one hand, we have a politician who supports Mat Rempits who are drug users and who win sexual favors, and on the other hand, we have the religious police such as JAIS who go around bothering old and aged foreigners and accusing them of Khalwat (close proximity that is forbidden in Islam).

Somehow, the government agenda is not aligned. This creates the animals like the one pictured above.

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