Monday, April 27, 2009

Malaysian Youths: Hoaring Girls & Ganglands for Boys

Shocking? Yes, I am. A few articles in The Star revealed that boys, who form the majority of the Mat Rempit (menacing motorcyclists) get involved in illegal racing for the gains of free sex and mostly because they are "Bored".

Girls, are getting themselves involved in underaged sex with boys their age and even those older than them - to spite their parents, because they feel neglected by their parents.

So Malay-sian youths are now prostituting themselves out of anger, and joining gangs and being rebels without a cause.

Looking at the KL and PJ streets and malls, I would assume that this mainly involves the Malay community. We know that the Mat Rempit are Malay, not too sure about the girls, but looking at the street corner of Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail, you will see dozens of Malay girls crowding around with the boys. Mostly teens. Perhaps they are having sex elsewhere, and that is just a meeting point. Who's to say.

What is shocking is that the Police, enforcement agencies and government don't seem to take a hard stance on the following things:

1. Loitering
2. Racketing (Gathering in groups and being a public niusance)
3. Truancy

All they do, like in the articles below is claim not to know how to handle the problem, suggest that parents be involved etc. For God's sake, amend the laws and punish the youths as adults. Then punish the parents as well.

These things are rampant, and you can see teens everywhere, loitering, shouting at each other. Even getting into small scuffles on the street, which I've personally witnessed at the Maybank at the corner of Bukit Bintang.

These sorts of things shouldn't be allowed. All these Malay youths should be elsewhere, at home, studying or being useful. But no, parents have no control of their children these days. These days, punishment by caning in school is not allowed, and teachers fear the backlash of protective parents. Hence, the source of this social epidemic of problems Malaysia now has. Gone are the days when we were punished by the ruler or cane (in serious cases involving theft, fighting etc). Cruel? Not at all. Character building and instilling discipline.

Both of which are seriously lacking in teenagers today. They are increasingly defiant of their parents and therefore teachers as well. They find their social circle of bad hats in school and create problems. This eventually escalates to become more serious, hence the Mat Rempit, gangsterism, and "loose" girls.

Some Malaysian parliamentarians will say that all this is because of the negative influence of western culture, propogated by the media. I say, this is wrong. The problem here is that the education system has no way of teaching these kids, and does not sufficiently educate teenagers that there is a consequence for socially unacceptable behaviour.

In the US, drivers education is taught in school, and horrid pictures of those who are without limbs, dead in their vehicles are shown. To shock the teens into understanding that this is what it looks like, when you don't follow the rules. Similar things can be done to scare them into following the law.

Imagine, boys join the Mat Rempit because they are bored? Good gosh, where are the parents? Where is enforcement? They should without question be jailed in a juvenile home. See how many kids will do such things then. But they are not, they are allowed to roam free.

Girls, having sex to spite their parents? What kind of idiotic logic is that? Risk getting aids? An STD? and not treasuring their virginity?

No amount of religion will help people like this. Teaching them religion will not help. They might still be bored. Shock them into seeing what can happen if they continue, and repremand them for it, jail them in a juvenile hall for months or years and see if they are still "bored" enough to endanger their lives and the lives of others.

Khairy Jamaluddin made an idiotic statement once, and promoted the Mat Rempit. He said they can be the eyes and ears of the police. He said they should have a race track to race their motorbikes.

But En. Khairy, with the Oxford education, which part of his brilliant plan realises that these Mat Rempit have ILLEGALLY MODIFIED motorbikes? Is Khairy endorsing that Illegal Modifications are acceptable, and no longer illegal? He must be, because, how are these Mat Rempit going to get themselves from their home to the race track? Surely, they are not rich enough to tow their illegally modified motorbikes on the back of a pickup truck. The last I recall, an illegally modified motorbike is not deemed to be road worthy.

Silly man. Even more silly are those who made him UMNO Youth Chief. So, Khairy is partly to blame for this menace. He supports it.

The only way to stop this menace is by using jail and caning. The law needs to be amended to suit the times. Singapore used the death penalty for kidnapping when it was rampant in the 60s and 70s. Philippines uses the death penalty for rape - till today.

Malaysia is becoming a hole for the ill intentioned, and the government and police don't do a darn thing about it. Perhaps hudud that will come in under PAS rule would be good to manage these people. Perhaps it would be a good thing to support PAS to rule the country. Unless Barisan UMNO can really take charge and show that they are serious about turning things around - namely safety and security.

I guess if some drivers are bored, maybe they should take out their frustrations by knocking down a Mat Rempit or two, just for fun. Just like how they assulted a deaf mute girl at a petrol station - for fun.

Kill them all - is all I can say. These spawn from hell should die a death befitting a cockroach.

Study: Boredom revving up two-wheeled menace

GEORGE TOWN: Boredom has been cited as one of the main reasons why youths become Mat Rempit.

This was a finding made by a government institute’s research on Mat Rempit. Forty-eight per cent of youngsters polled cited boredom when asked why they became Mat Rempit who ride recklessly, often endangering other road users.

Penang Deputy CPO Senior Asst Comm I Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the Youth Development and Research Institute’s study showed that 38% of the Mat Rempit polled said they indulged in such activities to fill their spare time while 27% cited peer pressure.

“The research also showed that 87% of them are aged between 14 and 25,” said SAC I Tun Hisan when opening the 39th Police Cadet Corps parade at the Federal Reserve Unit field in Air Itam here.

There were also 2,218 crime cases involving 3,725 students last year, of which 3,629 were between the ages of 13 and 18, he said, adding that there was an alarming increase in juvenile delinquency in the state. In 2007, there were 1,936 cases involving 3,383 students of which 3,241 were aged between 13 and 18.

These students were linked to serious cases like murder, rape and break-ins, he added.
He also said the Police Cadet Corps could become the eyes and ears of the police to help counter social ills among their peers.

He said the uniformed body had grown tremendously from an initial 1,960 members 39 years ago to 89,110 members nationwide now.

SAC I Tun Hisan also presented certificates to 15 cadets from the state who excelled in their studies.

Monday April 27, 2009
Sex affair just to spite parents

KUALA LUMPUR: More underage girls are having sex to get back at their parents for neglecting them.

This startling information was revealed by police who said that the girls had initially claimed they were raped but later admitted to have consented to sex with their boyfriends.

Statistics compiled since 2005 showed that the number of girls below 16 years old who are sexually active has been increasing every year.

The study also revealed that an alarming 60% of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 had sex because they “wanted revenge” on their parents. Sex with a girl aged under 16 is classified as statutory rape under the Penal Code.

The girls, largely from urban areas, confessed that they had befriended men as they were angry with their parents for subjecting them to emotional and physical “abuse”.

While some had sex with men just to get back at their parents, others were coerced into it by the very men they had turned to for solace, said Asst Comm Suguram Bibi Munshi Deen, head of the Sexual Abuse and Children’s Division at Bukit Aman.

Noting that teen rape had risen since 2005, she said that the victims – mostly from cities and major towns in Selangor, Johor and Kedah – usually ended up pregnant.

“We are not pointing a finger or exposing the private lives of families but the public must realise what is happening,” said ACP Suguram Bibi.

“Children, teenagers and youths are our future leaders and we as adults, parents or guardians must guide and instil in them right and proper values.”

Statistics from 2005 to 2008 showed 75% of the rape victims were below 18 years old and at least 60% of the girls were below 16. Boys below 18 made up between 8.4% and 13.6% of the “rapists”.

The study also showed that teenagers got bored easily, craved attention or wanted the freedom to express themselves.

ACP Suguram Bibi said parents should educate sons to respect the opposite sex and not take advantage of them.

“We also found that some boys were challenged by their peers and forced to commit sex acts to prove that he was one of the gang and to stop being ridiculed.”

She advised parents to understand the law better and welcomed inquiries from anyone on investigation procedures in sexual assault cases.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mat Rempits Terrorise & Rule the Streets in PJ, KL and more

In the recent week, we have read disturbing news of Mat Rempit attacking an innocent mother and child, a man on the street and in the not so distant past, they attacked a Filipino lady in Kelana Jaya, grabbing her by her hands and dragging her on the road.

For those foreigners who do know know what Mat Rempits are, they are basically gangsters who ride around on small cc. motorcycles in convoys. They have a tendency of being violent and belligerent with absolutely no respect for the law. You can liken them to the Hells Angels or small time Yakuza. Except, they are usually small and scrawny.

They should be outlawed. But the Police make endless excuses and the Parliamentarians are too lenient in the establishment of laws to protect the innocent and punish these gangsters.

In the article below, you will read that the Police are unable to identify who is a Mat Rempit. What utter nonsense. These people are on the streets mainly at night, riding in convoys, easily identified by the illegal modifications, and loud noise from their mufflers. You'll know them when you see them, their attitude on the road says all. In any other country, the patrolling police will see good reason to stop the convoy and have them all screened for drugs and alcohol. But this is Malaysia, people make excuses to do less work, the Police are no different. Hence the article below.

So which government department is responsible for what happened to that poor mother and child? That poor man? Or the Filipino lady in Kelana Jaya?

Malaysia is becoming a dangerous place to live. Tourism numbers are up, according to our ministries. But many don't see the tourists. Well, considering that Malaysia has been deemed to be #2 in crimes against women, and crime is rising, without any effort to keep it at bay. I, as a Malaysian wouldn't encourage tourists, as they are usually the main targets. We have had Chinese women raped, Korean women raped in their hotels, numerous people who have had taxi drivers extort money from them, and so much more. I never encourage my friends to visit Malaysia, I would feel immensely responsible for any harm that may come to them.

So, what is the solution? We can name a few:
1. Outlaw street racing. Make it punishable by no less than 5 years jail and 10 strokes of the cane
2. Outlaw illegal modifications to motorcycles & cars as well. Make it punishable by the consfication of the vehicle and a RM20,000 fine. If the fine is too much to pay, a jail term of 2 years
3. List and publish the allowed and also the illegal modifications, like the LTA of Singapore and make clear the laws
4. Limit the speed of all motorcycles below 500cc to 50km/h, as they do in Britain. Speed is limited by only having 2-3 gears on the motorcycle. Besides, it is unsafe to travel any faster on what is deemed to be a bicycle with a 2 stroke engine.
5. Outlaw people from riding and driving in convoys of more than 5 vehicles. Giving the police to lawfully stop and search the person and vehicle.
6. Road bullying should be punishable by no less than 2 years jail, per offence.
7. Offending parties should be stripped of their drivers license for no less than 1 year on the first offence, and 2 years on the second offence. They will be required to retake their exams from the theory level, and will be required to perform double the amount of practical practice sessions prior to the exams
8. The current basic theory exam paper is too simple. The JPJ must look to review it and bring it up the the standards that are practiced in Singapore. Road safety and defensive driving are absent from the textbook.

Perhaps if all this is too harsh, as deemed to be by our very comfortable lawmakers. Then, the fine should be no less than RM10,000 on the first offence and mandatory jail for the subsequent offences.

The government is doing too little to address this menace. The Mat Rempit are dogs, bastards and "anak sundal". They are a menace to society, and if the police doesn't do something soon. Soon, Malaysia will find itself with less tourists, scared citizens, and perhaps some citizens who will take the law into their own hands.

The police make excuses all the time, for their failure to protect the people. Yes, they cannot be everywhere. But they certainly can make a concerted effort with other departments to catch these robbers and rapists. Soon, you will find the Mat Rempit abducting and raping women. Watch and see. They are already very bold. Bold enough to attack and rob people at Petrol Stations. It is a matter of time before they become more violent.

I wonder what Khairy Jamaluddin, now UMNO Youth Chief has to say about these people he once endorsed. He called on them to be the eyes and ears of the police. Right! Look at them now, they are bloody animals, and Khairy, YOU are at fault for encouraging this menace. Clean up this mess you spoiled brat!

To all other Malaysians, I say, live not in fear, and be prepared to use your cars to run them over if you are attacked. They get away all the time, they will mame you if they had the chance. Show no mercy, take them down - not kill them, and report it to the police. Some keep weapons of sorts in their cars, it isn't a bad idea these days.

Saturday April 18, 2009

Mat Rempit gang up to rob

KUALA LUMPUR: Mat Rempit showed their ruthlessness when they pounced on their victims and bashed one up in two separate incidents within 24 hours.

In the first incident that happened at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Damansara Utama at 6.20am on Thursday, a 51-year-old housewife was walking her 16-year-old son to the bus stop to wait for the schoolbus when they were approached by at least 40 Mat Rempit on 20 motorcycles.

They surrounded the terrified mother and son before pushing the boy away and grabbing her gold bracelet worth around RM1,000. Fortunately both did not suffer injuries.

The victim in the second case was not so lucky as he was bashed up with helmets and sticks before being relieved of his wallet and two mobile phones.

The 27-year-old man was re-turning home to Sentul after work at 4.30am yesterday and had stopped in front of the National Museum near Jalan Travers to make a phone call.

He was reported to have noticed at least 15 motorcycles speeding past him and did a U-turn upon seeing him.

The Mat Rempit members beat him up with sticks and helmets before robbing him. The victim suffered bruises to his face and back.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid who confirmed both incidents urged witnesses to both incidents to SMS to Rakan Cop or call the police at 03-2115 9999.

Wednesday April 22, 2009

When a Mat Rempit is not a Mat Rempit

KUALA LUMPUR: The Mat Rempit are a feared lot. They are a nuisance to fellow road users, they participate in illegal street racing and perform dangerous stunts, such as the wheelie, superman (lying flat on the seat), and scorpion (standing on the seat with one leg during a wheelie).

But who is a Mat Rempit? Even the police don’t seem to know.

With the Mat Rempit linked to criminal activities such as gangsterism, gang robbery, street fighting, assault, vandalism, theft and road-bullying, it seems they may not be Mat Rempit after all.

Federal Criminal Investigation Department Director Comm Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin said if a person, regardless of race, age or position in society are involved in criminal activities, they are criminals. The same goes to the Mat Rempit.

He said there are several reasons why youngsters are involved in illegal street racing.
The youngsters claim there is no proper place for them to relax during their spare time.
“They told us (police) that wherever they go they have to pay; and that is why they are involved in illegal racing, just to release tension and relax,” he said, adding that they don’t have to pay for illegal racing.

However, the police are against the Mat Rempit especially when it comes to public safety.
This is because they are involved in criminal activities, causing injuries and even deaths to their victims in some cases.

Comm Bakri said it was very difficult to track down these people as the police could only take action according to the law.

“We can’t be arresting all the Mat Rempits as not all of them are involved in criminal activities.
“When we arrest them, they admit being involved in illegal racing and not in criminal activities. And we don’t have proof that they are criminals,” he added.

He urged the public to furnish the police with information to eradicate the nuisance created by Mat Rempit.

Comm Bakri also urged parents to be aware of their children’s movements.

“Parents play a very important role in educating their children,” he stressed.

In a statement released by Bukit Aman yesterday, it was stated that 77 operations were conducted against the Mat Rempit since January with 181 of the bikers arrested.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UMNO Double Standards: Ali Rustam OUT, Khairi & Khir IN

Datuk Kadar Shah was correct in his accusation that UMNO practices double standards.

While Mohd Ali Rustam has been barred from contesting the Deputy President's post, his predecessor Isa Samad was suspended for 6 years. Frankly, it's the same offence, a precedence has been set and Ali Rustam should be suspended for 6 years also. Better, if UMNO were really serious about stamping out money politics, they would sack Ali Rustam and the others like Khairi and Khir, sending the message that UMNO has no place for the power hungry and crooked politicians with low morals.

Instead, for the same offence, Khairi, the son in law of PM Dollah, gets off with a warning. Why? Is it because he is the son in law of the Prime Minister? For that he has a special "get out of jail" immunity pass?

It's absurd and an abomination!

Khairi should be sacked, along with Ali Rustam, and later charged with criminal proceedings by the MACC. Why are they being spared? A bribe is a bribe, call it money politics, vote buying or whatever, it's an offence.

We musn't allow people of such poor moral qualities to lead our people and nation. What example do they set for our children, our young aspiring Malays? It only aims to make them more lazy by way of them thinking of the easier and quicker way to get rich. Not by honest hard work with the gifts that Allah has given us.

However, throughout history, UMNO seems to condone senior party members like Muhammad Taib (Vice President) who was caught with a briefcase full of money in Australia. Now, he is back, contesting for the Deputy President's post like this blemish never existed.

Everyday I pray that our country doesn't allow itself to be further diminshed by these greedy people whose main aim is to enrich themselves and not the nation they are supposed to.

Khairy maintains innocence, Khir Toyo relieved
By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — Umno Youth chief hopeful Khairy Jamaluddin has maintained he is innocent of breaching any campaign rules although he accepted the party’s disciplinary board’s decision to give him a warning.

The Umno Youth deputy chief claimed he is a victim of a political agenda to discredit him and expects more such attacks in the days ahead in te run-up to the party elections on March 25.
”The important thing is that I am still able to contest,” Khairy told The Malaysian Insider, saying he is focused on the upcoming elections.

Asked whether his rivals had initiated the charges, the first term Rembau MP said: “I don’t want to accuse anyone. But there is a political agenda behind it.” The others running for the post are Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khir Toyo.

Khairy, who is also the son-in-law of outgoing party president and prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was confident the warning would not affect his chances but will take steps to counter any anticipated attacks.

“This is just the beginning,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khir was relieved that he had been cleared of all charges by the disciplinary board which announced its decisions today.

“I want to thank the disciplinary board for the decision,” Khir told The Malaysian Insider but declined comment whether he felt the charges were politically motivated.

“I hope they (Umno delegates) can think of what happened to me,” he said, adding he believed he still has a fair chance of becoming Umno Youth chief.

However, the Umno disciplinary committee’s decisions, including to bar Datuk Seri Ali Rustam from running for the deputy presidency, did not go down well with some members.

Muar Umno division committee member Datuk Kadar Shah Tun Sulaiman said the disciplinary board was not consistent and practised double standards.

“Why was Isa Samad suspended for six years but no such penalties were imposed on those found guilty this time?” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Tan Sri Isa, a former party vice president, was suspended in 2005 for money politics. His suspension has been lifted.

Kadar Shah says that he is giving the disciplinary board seven days to respond to a letter he delivered to them this afternoon about his dissatisfaction with their efforts to root out money politics — failing which he will refer the matter to the Registrar of Societies.

Kadar Shah had threatened on March 5 to file an injunction to stop the Umno general assembly later this month and said that he may still do so if the disciplinary board does not respond to his letter.

There has been a sense of unhappiness among party members over the charges brought against Ali as it is seen to be a political ploy to disqualify him from the race for the deputy presidency.
Ali was widely perceived to be a front runner for the post and today’s decision appears to benefit his rival, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

One Umno member told The Malaysian Insider, “This is a sad day for Umno as Datuk Seri Ali Rustam is someone that you can count on to deliver and is a very down to earth person. Hopefully, he stays the course and fights on within Umno as he is always a party-man.”

Friday, March 13, 2009

Khir Cries Foul - The Smearer Gets Smeared Himself

Everyone who knows about Khir Toyo, knows that he had his hand in the cookie jar on numerous occassions. Regardless of whether there is proof of it, doesn't matter. There are some politicians that people just know - are dirty.

As Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khir Toyo had approved numerous hillside developments to take place. Even when Mahathir was in power and mandated that the development should stop, after he took a helicopter ride over the Ampang area, the development stopped for a while, but resumed no more than 6 months later.

The result? Catastrophy. Numerous landslides, lives lost, homes lost and people left to deal with the mess. But Khir Toyo would appear suddenly to show sympathy for the people and make all sorts of promises. But, the work will continue eventually.

He made the people of Selangor suffer, today, Selangor is congested, there isn't any proper zoning, and there are condominiums everywhere.

But when you question Khir Toyo or the Municipal councils on this, they say, it's private property and they have no jurisdiction on the developer. So, the people are left in a lurch and have to live with it - helplessly watching their investment be devalued.

Khir Toyo has been accused of all sorts of things, striking deals with the developer is one, surely, there is a kickback somewhere in some form. Who's to know? But we can all guess it's true, because there have been so many inconsistencies with Khir Toyo, it doesn't make sense, unless he is corrupt.

Yes, there is no proof. But it doesn't mean that it isn't true either.

Khir is now getting a taste of his own medicine. Poor Elizabeth Wong was victimised, and Khir made silly statements. Perhaps that now he is being accused of all these wrongdoings, Khir Toyo should not contest as a candidate and resign from UMNO. After all, that was what he implied in the case of Elizabeth Wong. So why shouldn't it apply to Khir?

Khir Toyo talks big, and acts holier than thou. Now, he faces his own smear campaign, so let's see whether he has enough integrity to stand by his own convictions. No? Then he should be rejected.

UMNO has a host of better candidates and of a higher caliber than a failed Menteri Besar who lost Selangor to the opposition - a historical first.

People rejected Barisan and UMNO in Selangor because they were feeling the pinch and getting the short end of the stick because of the corruption that was happening in the state.

UMNO delegates should realise this and reject Khir Toyo. As Youth Chief, you can see the quality of person you are putting before young and aspiring Malays. Let not he be the example that we set for our children.

On the most recent inquisition into Khir's travels. It isn't so much about where he went (as he defends it below), though we're not sure what business he brought from Milan or Paris to Selangor. It sounds more like a lavish holiday. The bigger question is, how did could he spend the taxpayer's money in such great amounts for so few trips? But it isn't surprising that Khir Toyo would abuse state funds.

If you break down the amounts, you will see that it is impossible to rack up those amounts in travel expenses, unless he was living over and beyond the norm.

Again, this questions Khir's integrity and responsibility as a Minister. If he had abused and spent the people's money in that manner, it is quite possible that he could have been irresponsible in a variety of other ways, perhaps ways that aren't so obvious.

Khir should be investigated by the MACC, and they should nail him for every penny he has syphoned from the people of Selangor - who need more police stations, better infrastructure, better roads and so on.

Khir claims plot smearing him before Umno polls

SHAH ALAM, March 13 - Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, who is contesting the Umno Youth chief post, claims there is a secret plot aimed at tarnishing his reputation in the run up to the party polls later this month.

He said the group, masterminded by someone from within Umno, collaborated with the opposition leader to attack him during the State Legislative Assembly sitting which began on Tuesday.

Mohamad Khir said most of the allegations against him such as the issue over the purchase of real property in Mecca in 2007 and the latest, the alleged use of funds belonging to a state government subsidiary company to buy a Range Rover costing RM500,000 for use by his wife, Datin Seri Zaharah Kechik, were only raised in the Assembly sitting.He said: “If all the allegations were true, why attack me in the State Assembly? If there is any wrongdoing, report directly to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)”.

Even the total cost of his air tickets for overseas travels from the year 2000 until now had also been raised in the State Assembly sitting, he said.

The former Selangor menteri besar said although the total cost of his air tickets for the overseas trips amounted to RM360,000 for the eight-year period, the trips were made to attract foreign capital to the state amounting to between RM48 and RM50 billion during the period.

Asked on his chances in the Umno election, he said: “I still have a fair chance.” - Bernama

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Khir Toyo Took Selangor Taxpayers For A RM349K Ride

Here is an article carried by The Star today. Commentary will follow soon.

Published: Thursday March 12, 2009 MYT 3:04:00 PM
Khir Toyo travel costs exceeded RM300,000

SHAH ALAM: The overseas air travel costs for former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo from September 2001 till January 2008 amounted to RM349,134 and involved 21 trips.

Among destinations visited by Khir were London, Bangkok, Beijing, Los Angeles, Dubai, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Paris, Perth, Milan, Venice and Amsterdam.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the statistics were from air travel warrants obtained from the Office of the Selangor Mentri Besar.

Costs like hotel, food and drinks and other costs were still being tallied by the Office of the Selangor Mentri Besar, he said in reply to a question by Mohamad Azmin Ali (PKRBukit Antarabangsa) in the State Assembly on Thursday.

Azmin had asked for the costs of the mentri besar's overseas travels from 2000 till now and the name of the travel agent that arranged the trips.

Abdul Khalid said the travel agent was Green Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd and that the involvement of other agents was still being looked into by the Office of the Selangor Mentri Besar.

In reply to a supplementary question by Mohamd Azmin if there were any family ties between Khir and Green Adventure, Abdul Khalid said his office had no proof of any ties.

He said the state government had now appointed Tourism Selangor Sdn. Bhd to manage travel for the state government. However, to avoid the practice of a monoply the state government welcomed the participation of other travel agents.

Added Abdul Khalid: "Till now, we find that most of the state executive councillors were inclined to buy tickets online especially from AirAsia as this was cheaper than going through travel agents." - Bernama

Monday, March 9, 2009

Down with English! Malay Pride Must Come First!

The fear of our Malay brothers and sisters today is that of their faith in Islam and Malay culture, that, to them, is easily eroded by virtue of teaching math and science in English - in the case of Malay culture. The matter of faith in our religion is a matter for a separate discussion.

Just over the weekend, thousands (reported after the article below) of Malay students, including that of the Opposition (PKR and PAS), staged a massive protest in KL. All in the name of stopping the government's policy of teaching math and science in English. Their reasons: because it will erode our cultural identity, or it will make us respect English more than our own mother tongue.

Goodness gracious. How small minded can some people be?

How on earth can a language erode one's own culture? A language is a means of communication. By virtue that English has been chosen by History to be the standard means of international communication, be it in politics or business, it is therefore important.

Respecting one language over another doesn't make any sense either. This Abu Qassim Nor Azmi, Student Union leader, speaks of this and obviously doesn't know what he is talking about - it sounds idiotic and stupid. I wonder what sort of education he has been receiving. If you watch the video below, you will hear Abu Qassim speak, you will then realise why it is important that English is emphasized in Malaysia. The standards have dropped far below what is needed to be proficient to communicate effectively in this increasingly Globalised world that we live in. The young university scholar speaks like a primary school boy, unable to articulate himself properly and basically speaking in broken English. He seems to say that he has grown accustomed to speaking English, even outside class, however, it appears that he doesn't do it very well.

If my Malay Muslim culture, ingraned into me from birth to adulthood is so easily shaken and eroded by learning a language that would help me communicate effectively in this world, ultimately contributing to the quality of life I will have, then I must be a very weak person.

I would only fear these things if I were of weak character and didn't have any faith in the strength of my principles that are driven by the cultural conditioning that I grew up with.

Culture is more than just a language my brothers and sisters, it is our way of life. And so what if we speak a different language at the workplace? Or even at home? Does that make us less Malay? Less Muslim?

Many of my father's friends who are from a different generation of Malays were brought up with the English language - they are no less Malay than anyone else. Some of them even attended Christian Missionary schools, they were never forced to say the Lord's Prayer, but stood in respect when it was said. Some even know the exact words to the prayer too. They are still devout Muslims who attend Friday prayers and their faith hasn't wayned.

So what is all this protesting for?

Here are some of the facts of how serious the situation is.

1. Proficiency of English in Malaysia is at its worst. It has been going downhill since Anwar Ibrahim was Education Minister, when we came up with the failed Bahasa Baku.
2. Students in Primary school upwards are being taught by young teachers, who themselves are not proficient in the language. My nephews and nieces have often corrected their teacher in matters of pronunciation and grammar.
3. Malaysia used to produce top notch scholars from University Malaya, which in the 60s was highly regarded. Today, our crown jewel has fallen to the rank of over 300. A degree from this university has little value outside Malaysia, for graduates seeking post graduate studies in the West, will need to prove themselves again by retaking certain undergraduate subjects, one of them is English.
4. Malaysia was aiming to be the Cyber centre of South East Asia, and over a decade has passed, with little to prove. Though it has never been said openly, the problem with multinational corporations is that of the quality of human resources available. They have since moved on to form their Outsourcing centres in Philippines and India. Why? Because of proficiency in IT and more specifically for the Philippines, English - spoken and written.

Malaysia with it's vastly Malay language curriculum which is forced upon every ethnic group, has failed to ensure that people are properly educated and proficient in a language that is used to communicate with the rest of the world. English is the official business language of the world. Surely, you won't try educating a Mainland Chinese or a Japanese person in Malay for your convenience of communication.

The government is right in taking these initial measures to restore the standard of English to what it was before.

Take for example the Indians and the Pakistanis, they speak English fluently, so much so, that they can convince most westerners that they can do everything and anything. We all know this. Are they any less Indian or Pakistani? Have they cast out their Caste system? Have they stopped worshipping their Hindu Gods or Allah? No. Have they forgotten their provincial cultures and the crafts that are unique to their cultural heritage? No again.

So my dear brothers and sisters, why so much fear over such matters? Think before you act, do not act in haste and take a step back and see the broader picture.

If you feel that your Cultural heritage is being attacked, remember that culture is instilled into you by your parents, how well they have done it will be evidenced by how you, as an adult choose to live your life. How you, as an individual decide what is important to you. And it certainly has nothing to do with learning how to speak the one language that is understood the world over.

Do not fall prey to the acts and support of some politicians, in this case PAS and PKR. They are simply buying political capital by appearing to support you and your cause.

Malaysia is regressing. This latest protest, in the large numbers that it attracted is one that is of great concern. It appears that the vast number of ignorant people in Malaysia are growing, and they appear to be mostly Malay. It is very sad, very sad for us as Malays.

By this act of ignorance, we only shame ourselves and our culture. Surely it isn't part of our culture to live in our little world where Malay is an effective means of communication among 27 million people.

If the BN and the King doesn't come out to make a strong statement on the matter, and to help the people understand, it will mark the midpoint of Malaysia's regression.

To regain our footing in English proficiency to what it was previously, it will take more than just a couple of generations. May God help our children and help them forgive us for making their future a little more bleak in this competitive world.

Hundreds of Malaysians stage language protest
By Melissa Goh, Channel NewsAsia Malaysia bureau chief
07 March 2009 2238 hrs

Hundreds of Malaysians stage language protest

KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of Malaysians, mostly Muslim Malays, had taken to the streets to protest against the use of English to teach Mathematics and Science in schools.

Police fired water canons and tear gas to disperse the crowd as they marched to the National Palace in downtown Kuala Lumpur despite a police barricade, in an attempt to reach the National Palace.

The protest was led by opposition Islamic party president Abdul Hadi Awang, flanked by national laureate, A Samad Said.

Their aim was to deliver a request to the king to change teaching of Mathematics and Science from English back to Malay language.

The switch in languages made by the government six years ago as part of an effort to lift the standard of spoken and written English among students.

The demonstrators claimed that the move has failed and is leading to an erosion of the Malay cultural identity.

Abu Qassim Nor Azmi, of the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students said: "Now we talk in English when we go to the canteen, and when we go out, we continue to talk in English. This will lead to a crisis of identity, we will repect English more than our own mother tongue."

The police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd, but many re-grouped despite heavy rain.

The inspector general of police lashed out at the protestors for being what he called "demo crazy".

More than 120 were later detained for questioning.

The protestors maintained that they are apolitical and their aim is to protect the Malay language which is the national language guaranteed under the federal constitution, but the opposition Pakatan Rakyta alliance is capitalising on the rising public resent towards the UMNO led government.

Mohd Saifullah Zulkifli, an Opposition Youth Leader charged that UMNO is setting a very bad record even though they are supposed to represent the Malays.

Prime Minister designate Najib Razak had appealed to the country's predominantly Malay population not to be overly obsessed in protecting the Malay language.

He assured them the Malay language will always remain the premier official laguage in Malaysia.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Opposition MP Attacked by UMNO Youth Members at Parliament

Gutter politics has now evolved into gangsterism.

22 UMNO Youth members allegedly decended upon an old, crippled and wheelchair bound DAP Minister of Parliament. Karpal Singh was confronted and assulted by 22 men claiming to be Selangor Umno Youth members, as they grabbed Karpal Singh by his tie and jacket at the tower block entrance of Parliament.

(Some may challenge the word assult. The definition of assult is when someone or people physically touch someone in a manner or with intentions of intimidation.

He was saved from further assult by his fellow colleagues and brought into the buildling.

Apparently, when Karpal shouted for help from the nearby Parliament guards, they only said: "We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside."

What absolute rubbish. But you can imagine that this is a similar response given by Malay guards all over Malaysia, be it at KLCC and now even Parliament! They usually cannot be bothered to involve themselves and help others. These people are what we call locally as "makan gaji buta". Being paid for nothing.

Safety and security in Malaysia is horrendous, crime is spiraling high and we wonder why.

Parliament is a very secure building and property. You cannot enter the grounds without first providing your IC at the guardhouse which is more than 100m from the building. You also need to prove that you have official business there before allowed entry. Not just anyone can enter.

It is not hard to believe that UMNO Youth members from the Selangor division will resort to such tactics. Look at the Selangor Youth Chief, this is reflective of his leadership. It is not surprising.

But it is quite silly that they will do it in such a place like Parliament, either that or, they feel that they weild so much power, being Malay (the privileged) and being UMNO members, that they think they can do anything they like, including intimidating and assulting a crippled Parliamentarian.

Karpal Singh may not be the most diplomatic politician, but he speaks for his people and he fights for them, his interests one must remember, are that of his belief of what the future of Malaysians should be. Right or wrong, his heart is in the right place. Just because certain people lack the intelligence to challenge him, they would think that brawn will solve the problem.

UMNO Youth infantile idiots. Grow up, do not embarass your race, Islam, your culture and heritage. You only embarass yourselves and discredit your leaders.

Lets see if this case will die a natural death in the media, or will the police investigate and incarcerate the guilty 22 UMNO Youth members. Punish them or set a precedence for this sort of politics. Disgusting.

Shame on UMNO and shame on the Police. What a disgrace.

Thursday February 26, 2009

Group confronts Karpal outside tower block

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of 22 men claiming to be Selangor Umno Youth members confronted DAP chairman Karpal Singh just outside the Parliament tower block on Thursday.

In the 2.45pm incident, the men surrounded the Bukit Gelugor MP, shouting and demanding that he retract the word “celaka” which he had used in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech on Wednesday.

Unlike other MPs, Karpal Singh – who is wheelchair-bound – uses the ramp at the tower block to enter the Parliament building.

Four other MPs — Lim Lip Eng (DAP – Segambut), Fong Kui Lun (DAP – Bukit Bintang), Chong Chieng Jen (DAP – Bandar Kuching) and N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR – Padang Serai) — went to Karpal Singh’s aid after being informed by security guards.

At the same time, Fong Po Kuan (DAP – Batu Gajah) received a call from Karpal Singh’s aide and went over as well.

By then, Lim’s tie and coat had been pulled by the men in full view of Parliament security.
During the commotion, Fong shouted: “ Where is security ? Where is security?” and a reply was heard: “ We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside.”

Soon reporters and others at the Parliament lobby rushed out to the entrance and to the windows to witness the event.

Even after Karpal Singh had entered the Dewan at 3pm, the group of men continued to loiter at the entrance.

At one point, Gobind Singh Deo (DAP – Puchong) came out of the tower block and challenged the men to a “one to one fight”. They moved away after the security guards stepped in.

In the House, Karpal Singh raised the matter immediately.

He said he was blocked by about 15 Umno men who acted like gangsters and who told him to apologise or else he could not go into the House.

“(How) Can such a thing happen in Parliament?” he exclaimed. Karpal Singh said that he called the (in-house) police for help but no one came to his aid except for his party members.

“What protection as a Speaker will you give us?” he asked.

Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia replied that such threats were not condoned in Parliament and that he would ask the police and the relevant Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to investigate.

Chong Chieng Jen (DAP – Kuching) asked whether investigations could be carried out immediately since the guards were still at the entrance.

During the debate on Wednesday, Karpal Singh had uttered the word “celaka” against Umno Youth and also pointed the finger at the wing for the “bullets and threatening letter” he had received in Penang.

The confrontation was the latest in a “series of threats” leveled against the outspoken MP, who had riled some quarters for his statement that the Sultan of Perak could be taken to court for his role in the Perak crisis. He later received bullets and a threatening letter at his house in Penang.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BEWARE: Oral Sex Illegal in Malaysia, Chua Soi Lek Investigated

An old story rears its ugly head. Dr. Chua Soi Lek, former Health Minister who is liked by his constituents and is known to work hard for the people and at his portfolio was secretly videotaped while having sex with his lady friend. Upon this revelation, he resigned all his party posts and as Heath Minister. This was a great shame at the time as he is known to work hard for the people and he was deemed to be the "Best Health Minister" we ever had.

At least he had the courtesy to voluntarily resign his posts unlike some other people who have been accused of all sorts of fishy business deals and using a government position to influence (isn't that abuse of power?)

Yet, he was returned to politics with the resounding support of the people. It's obvious that many people don't really about other people's sex life. What mattered was that Dr. Chua had served and will serve the people well. That's what they voted for.

Today, Dr. Chua faces another investigation on the same video. This time for having Oral Sex. It is apparently stated in Malaysian Law that something as petty as Oral Sex, or even Anal Sex is against the order of nature and hence illegal and punishable.

Against the order of nature? At one point humans weren't supposed to fly, let alone walk on the moon, and the earth was flat. Any attempts to prove otherwise was deemed to be the work of the devil. We don't have wings (nature), so we shouldn't fly (order).

We are neither for or against oral or anal sex, but does it matter so much that the very nature of it impacts society so negatively that people need to be policed on what they choose to do in their private time? We think not.

In Dr. Chua's case, this was a private moment, how he decides to engage in sexual intercourse and how he does it and even for how long, isn't for anyone to dictate. These things usually occur in the privacy of a room and is not discussed in public. It was unfortunate that some people decided to trap him and to destroy his political career for their own reasons. Now that they have failed, they are making a second attempt at highlighting something quite petty, but law enforcers and makers alike in Malaysia are taking to it and re-investigating him. Why do this to one of the few Barisan Nasional MPs who actually work for the people?

I'm sure if we could peer into the private lives of Khairi Jamaluddin, Hishamuddin, Najib, Khir Toyo and other politicians, we may find out all sorts of things about them. Who's to say that Khairi was not involved in sex before marriage, who's to say the same of any number of politicians? How do we know that none of the above enjoy oral sex, giving or receiving? They can publically announce that they don't, but how do we know?

The law enforcers will prosecute these petty acts, but as the people, we should not pay attention to these petty things. We as the people should continue to vote in the people who will work hard for us, and not get caught up in these little moral inquisitions, and judge people.

The fact is, none of us are so clean that we cannot be faulted. Everyone has sex in different ways, and some like certain things more than others, is it any of our business?

A sexual offence in Malaysia includes oral sex, it's absurd. How many men haven't received oral sex at one point in their lives? Politicans, policemen and ordinary people? Surely there are more haves than haves not.

In which case, why don't we place cameras in everyone's bedroom, invade their privacy and then incarcerate them for it. That's essentially what the police is doing, they are going after the wrong people.

The recent events of Elizabeth Wong and Chua Soi Lek only shows that politics in Malaysia has stooped to new lows and that Malaysians are easily distracted by little dramas like this when the people should actually be angry about politicians wasting time on such matters, and politicians should be focusing on what to do in such harsh economic times.

Oral Sex against the order of nature? Then we should all be in jail.

Malaysia is fast becoming the circus of the region as many of our neighbours tell us that reading or watching the Malaysian news says it is "very entertaining", like reading the National Enquirer - a garbage celebrity rumour magazine. Malaysia Boleh.

Soi Lek faces oral sex probe
NST, 24 February 2009

PETALING JAYA: Former health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's sex video clip has come back to haunt him.

Police are investigating the MCA deputy president for allegedly engaging in oral sex. Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said investigations began recently after two copies of the video clip, showing Chua in intimate positions with a woman, were found in a mailbox of a house in Kelana Jaya.

The houseowner lodged a police report on Feb 13 and police are investigating the case for carnal intercourse against the order of nature and distribution and possession of material containing pornographic elements."We will investigate the police report which stated that the oral sex in the DVD was too explicit," Khalid said.

Dr Chua arrived at the Petaling Jaya district police station here at 11am and left an hour later after having his statement recorded.

He said there were some people out there who still wanted to tarnish his name and scare him with such tactics."I will leave it to the police to investigate and I will give my full cooperation."

When the clip first surfaced in January last year, Dr Chua resigned from all party and government posts.

He had been MCA vice-president and health minister then. Dr Chua returned to politics late last year after being elected MCA deputy president.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong Nude Photo Scandal

Malaysian politics his finally hit new lows.

In the recent months we have watched the Perak State Government led by Pakatan Rakyat, crumble because of two of their PKR MPs decided to quit and become independents in support of the BN coalition. To add to this, an UMNO man had joined PKR only to quit a week later, just around the same time when the two PKR MPs quit. Conspiracy? Your guess is as good as ours.

It goes to show the kind of dirty tactics that await us under the Najib administration, since he is seen to be the leader of the campaign.

More recently, Elizabeth Wong. Seen to be a hardworking MP for Bukit Lanjan just like her counterpart Teresa Kok of Seputih, she is appreciated by her constituents and very much liked. All this has been torn down by the likes of certain UMNO opportunists who seem to take to mud slinging and character assasination. One such person is Khir Toyo - the very much disliked former Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Khir Toyo has said that this is a morality issue and that Elizabeth Wong has moral issues, thus, the people cannot accept such community leaders.

This comes from a man who has so many allegations against him of corruption and fishy land deals, destruction of the environment to make way for housing developments on hillsides and so forth. It is on his approval that developers get the go ahead to build on hillslopes even though there is a directive not to. In the recent years, there were at least 4 landslides in the Ampang area, lives were lost. When questioned, Khir Toyo's response along with that of the Town/City Councils is that; it is private property, we do not have any jurisdiction - and that of the sort. There is only one reason why people in authority who are supposed to protect the rights of the people, would surrender their power to a private company and developer.

If it isn't the State Government's responsibility to ensure the safety of people, proper zoning and planning, then whose is it? The developers?

How does that compare to a poor woman who was photographed while sleeping by her boyfriend (alleged Hilmi Malik). Is it her fault that this perverted young man had perverted and malicious intentions? Is it her fault that this new joiner to PKR might have been coaxed by money, perhaps offered by some politician or political organisation - possibly opposition in the state, to do this? Is it her fault that she chooses to sleep in the nude? Many Malay men sleep with a sarong and no underwear. Is it wrong that a single woman has a sexual relationship with a man? Perhaps in Islam, but not everyone believes in this, including many of our Muslim friends.

So, why victimise her on this basis? Nobody would give Elizabeth Wong a second look if they knew she did these things if she was just an ordinary citizen, even Khir Toyo wouldn't care. He would probably say that it isn't bad if you don't get caught. But in this poor woman's case, something is made out of nothing.

Elizabeth Wong serves her community well, this is no way to treat someone who works for the people, perhaps this is something that Khir Toyo can learn.

Wong Koon Mun, Kuala Kubu Baru MCA Assemblyman said that it is wrong for a single woman to allow a man to access her room. What century is he living in? She is a mature woman, not a teenage girl. Don't tell me Wong hasn't gone into a single woman's room before? Are we so sure that he, along with the rest of these Male Chauvanist Pigs didn't have sex before they were married? Please.

Barisan Nasional politicians are still arrogant, heartless and shameless.

The people had made a choice last year for change, none of us will deny that the states that are managed by the Pakatan Rakyat are in any worse position as they were before. Hillside developments have been stopped, and for once, the people are being listened to.

However, the BN, with their slim majority is trying to fabricate and dig up all sorts of negative things to assasinate the characters of the people whom we voted for, so that perhaps they may be able to wrest power from Pakatan Rakyat in those states.

We firmly believe that the people, the silent majority know what these political ploys are and that support for the Pakatan Rakyat will remain. We want to vote for people who will work for us and in our interest.

The people must fight this insurgency by the Barisan Nasional and cast out any doubt about the people whom we voted for. All this dirty politics is a waste of time when the economy is worsening and people are unemployed. It seems to be BN's way of distracting the people from what the Pakatan Rakyat is really trying to do and the achievements already attained.

If the Pakatan Rakyat had the time away from serving its constituents, they could possibly go digging into the backgrounds of people to blackmail the opposition, and to find the weaker opposition members who could either be made to defect or be a spy or trojan horse in the Barisan Nasional.

Don't dismiss the possibility for a second that the BN is desperate and would do this. The silly people of UMNO are probably gauging Najib's ability as our new PM by how many coups he can orchestrate. It serves to benefit him as he would be seen to getting the support he needs.

If there are any Pakatan Rakyat leaders or members reading this, you should seriously look into the background of those closest to the leaders and sensitive information. Do not trust the outsider who has joined in the recent 1-2 years. Be weary.

Anwar Ibrahim's biggest mistake was promising the people that he will be able to orchestrate mass defections in Pakatan Rakyat's favor. After the elections and being 5 states ahead, the Pakatan should just concentrate on proving themselves to the people of those 5 states. This will win Pakatan Rakyat the next election in those states, and perhaps with success in those states, people from other states will begin to trust Pakatan and PAS to lead the nation. Forget these ambitions, focus on what you have now and build upon it. Selangor, Penang and Kedah are industrialised and there are great opportunities.

As for Khir, some people should just get some dirty information on him and bring him down. Perhaps since he believes that appearing nude in photos is a morality issue, even if it is involuntary, someone should spy cam Khir changing in one of his country clubs and post it on YouTube. Perhaps he can then resign too, after all it is a morality issue that the people cannot accept.

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Rep must resign from all her posts, says Khir

KLANG: Selangor Opposition chief and former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has called for Pakatan Rakyat state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong to resign on moral grounds.
He said Malaysians were not ready to accept leaders who were embroiled in scandals.

Given this, he said Wong must relinquish all her positions.
“This is a moral issue and Malaysians cannot accept leaders with moral issues and so she must vacate her State Assembly seat.

“Let the people decide and if they still want her, they can vote her in again, or vote for someone else if they don’t want her to represent them anymore,” said Dr Khir.

He was commenting on the nude photos of Elizabeth being circulated through multi media messaging service (MMS).

Kuala Kubu Baru MCA assemblyman Wong Koon Mun said that a wrong was a wrong.
The picture was obviously taken by someone who had access to her bedroom.

“Who is that person? And if it’s her boyfriend as rumoured, it is morally wrong for a single woman to allow a man access to her room,” he said.

He added that it was equally immoral for the culprit to have taken photos of Elizabeth in the nude without her knowledge.

Meanwhile, national Barisan leaders expressed sympathy for what Wong was going through.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said such an incident should not have happen.

“She is a wakil rakyat and she is doing her job as one. To get her down this way is not good.
“I hope she will be strong and ignore whatever that has happened,” he said when asked to comment on the case in Parliament yesterday.

Puteri Umno chief Datuk Noraini Ahmad said an individual’s privacy should be respected.
“People should not do such things,” she said.

However, she said people would closely observe their leaders and they needed to watch their conduct.

She said they virtually do not have private lives any more.