Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Johor Police Disagrees on Crime Rate in Johor - Targeting Singaporeans

Crime and Johor are synonymous. Even Malaysians will admit to that. But the Johor Police, long embattled on the state of affairs with regard to safety and security in Johor, seem to be on the defence - against the Singaporean media.

Firstly, let's disect the facts:

1. The police claim that there have only been 19 cases of robbery involving Singaporeans from Jan to Oct this year. Have they considered that many affected Singaporean victims may not file police reports? Why wouldn't they report it? Simple, because the system and beauracracy is so bad that people spend hours at a police station making a report, talking to an officer who, in most people's experience, seems to have an attitude of disconcern and helplessness. So, people don't file reports (unless they lose their IC, or something that requires an insurance claim) because they feel that more hours are wasted and only because criminals in Malaysia are hardly ever caught, go on a wanted list etc., and even if they are, the penalty is so light, they will be set free after 6 months for something like a snatch theft. So what is the point?

2. The Police claim that about 850,000 Singaporeans enter the state monthly. If you calculate this, the Police are saying that 28,333 Singaporeans enter Johor each day & 1,180 every hour. These figures do not make sense. If that is the case, the causeway and the Johor immigration will be packed, even if there are 4 people in a car, that would be 295 cars per hour.

Impossible. There are many hours in a day when there isn't any traffic on the causeway, except returning Malaysian cars.

28,000 Singaporeans enter Malaysia each day, I wonder if the economy is so good that 28,000 Singaporean workers can take the day off to visit Johor - to do their shopping at Giant or Carrefour.

Are the figures a fabrication? Maybe, or maybe not. But considering that the quality of police officers that include secondary school dropouts and people without diplomas or degrees, perhaps they have miscalculated or wrongly analysed the data.

That aside, the fact is that crime in Malaysia is high. Horrendous crimes involving rape, murder and assult is high, especially in Johor. All Johorians, especially those in Johor Baru will tell of how fearful they are and how many times each of them have been a victim. In most places, you will be a victim, perhaps once. In Johor, nobody is spared. The old and frail are targets by cruel and vicious opportunists.

If the police says that this isn't true, then they, like the rest of the government are in denial, and hope for change is pointless.

The police have the cheek to say that this year, there have only been 14 cases involving Singaporean vehicle thefts. ONLY 14 cases? It plainly shows that the police think that 1 less case is "progress".

They probably botched the numbers, and they want to believe that their prevention efforts are paying off. Gosh, I wouldn't be so quick to cheer. It's only 1 less case.

Best for people in general to stay away from Johor - until some people come to their senses.

Quoted in the Star:

Johor cops dispute Singaporean media reports on crime

JOHOR BARU: Only 1.4% of crime cases in Johor this year involved Singaporean victims, said Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff in refuting reports by the island republic’s media.

There were only 19 cases of robbery involving Singaporean victims from January to October this year, compared with 44 cases during the same period last year.

“Between 830,000 and 850,000 Singaporeans enter the state monthly, and only a handful are victims of crimes,” he said, adding that Johor police wanted to refute Singaporean newspaper reports that implied their citizens were being deliberately targeted.

DCP Mohd Mokhtar said that only 26 cases of intimidation against Singaporeans were recorded so far this year, compared with 47 last year. There were only 14 cases of vehicle thefts involving Singaporeans this year, while last year showed only 15 cases.

“Criminal cases involving Singaporean victims are on a decline this year,” he said, adding that the state’s crime prevention efforts were paying off.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Pak! Oh Pak Lah...

Good gosh, what planet has he been living on? Anyone can be PM in Malaysia? Not even competent to know that:

1. The constitution states that the Head of State must be Malay
2. The Rulers have in recent weeks stated their stance, clearly for Malay rights
3. UMNO stalwarts insist that Malay rights are paramount on UMNO's agenda
4. Son In Law Khairi Jamaluddin is clearly a Malay Ultra
5. The general Malay population in Malaysia are not likely to accept a non Malay leader, or even a Deputy PM who is non Malay. This is clear based on what has gone on in recent weeks in Selangor and previously to that, general statements made by Malay leaders, influential or not.

Pak Lah seems to think that he can use this to raise the hopes of the minorities in Malaysia and to buy himself some political mileage local or foreign. Wrong!

Even Marina Mahathir, a fairly enlightened person had only this to say "Say what? Not sure what Planet he is living on".

Goes to further reinforce the general sentiment about such things happening in Malaysia.

Thursday November 6, 2008
Abdullah: ‘Anyone can be PM’

PUTRAJAYA: It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

“It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said while extending his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama.

Reporters had asked him in the Parliament lobby yesterday if it were possible for a person from a minority group to become Prime Minister in Malaysia.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu - Concept Becoming Questionable by Malay Leaders

Finally, some sensible words from an UMNO leader on the matter of Ketuanan Melayu. Little else needs to be said of what the non-political and open minded Malays think of the concept.

Truly, it's a concept, not so much a reality. It is only real to those who wish it to be real. Unfortunately, racial supremacy is a thing of the past in the globalised age. It died with Hitler but lives on in small pockets in society.

Zaid not going to apologise for Ketuanan Melayu statement
October 3, 2008 (The Star)

KOTA BARU: Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has hit back at three Umno supreme council members for asking him to apologise over remarks that he made about Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy).

Stressing that he would never apologise, Zaid said it was because he loved his Malay race that he recommended open competition be allowed to ensure the race could compete with others in a globalised age.

“I am not surprised by the reaction of some Umno leaders especially since they have an ongoing party election,” he said in a statement on Monday.

“I am a village boy from a poor family, not an aristocrat or royalty. I want to see the Malays succeed in economy and education.”

Zaid said he was not questioning the special rights of Malays as enshrined in the Constitution.
He said the new model that he recommended was based on openness to ensure young Malays closed ranks and cooperated not only with other races in the country but also foreigners.

He named Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Syed Albar, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassin and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib as the three supreme council members.

Zaid had pointed out recently that the Malay supremacy concept had failed and distracted from the real issues confronting the country.

He said on Monday that he hoped Malays could differentiate between leaders who thought of their interests from those who only used the name of Malays for political mileage.

He said the concept of Malay supremacy had a negative element that was racist and implied that
they only wanted to become masters without knowing how to struggle or be responsible.

He added it was not a clear reflection of the race and such an image weakened them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ahmad Ismail Bites the Dust, but calls himself a "Perjuang"

Ahmad "Pejuang Melayu" Ismail
perhaps a racist

The following video was posted on the NST today:

Ahmad Ismail, widely proclaimed to be a racist has been stripped and dishonorably discharged from his duties as an UMNO member and has also been suspended for 3 years.

This was all for his statements during the Permatang Pauh campaign that the Chinese in Malaysia are merely "squatters" or "immigrants" - referring to them as "Pendatang".

This sparked an outcry by all Chinese leaders, both from Barisan Nasional and the Opposition with demands for an apology. Some UMNO leaders also remarked that Ahmad Ismail should apologise, including the Prime Minister. However, a recalcitrant and arrogant Ahmad Ismail, though in his twilight years, remained fiery and fought against the demands for an apology. Seeming to want to renew his political career with the Malay community, he has appeared to deploy tactics using the racial card - this, more and more seems to be a common tactic for UMNO leaders to gain popularity as "Malay Ultras" seem to be respected by the grassroots.
The end result of Ahmad Ismail's comments:
1. The Prime Minister and UMNO has potentially lost more ground on both sides (the Non-Malays and the Malay Ultras residing within the party and communities around)
2. BN Youth Chief for Penang from Gerakan has resigned
3. Gerakan has threatened to pull out of the coalition
4. Ahmad Ismail throws tantrums and tells Gerakan to "Get out of BN"
5. UMNO supporters in Penang worsened the situation by tearing up a picture of Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan Chief)

An Idiot Ahmad Supporter - remember his face

All this for the sake of saving face and pursuing a personal agenda.

UMNO should sack him with no possibility of return to active politics. Ahmad Ismail should be charged with Sedition . If this were any other person other than an UMNO Malay, this person would be put under ISA immediately.

However, considering that the DPM Najib Tun Razak had once said "Bathe the kris in Chinese Blood", we suppose that since he was pardoned and not put under ISA for such a remark in the 1980s, people like Ahmad and people like him will have the freedom to antagonise other races with racial slurs.

The amazing part is that even Dr Mahathir has gotten involved. He supports that Ahmad shouldn't apologise as the other races have also been racial, and MCA, MIC and HINDRAF have never apologised.

Again, fair leaders of our dwindling nation, For the sake of all Malays, Chinese, Indians and the other races... None of what you have claimed to be racial slurs against Malays have really been racial slurs. Example:

1. Gerakan announcing it may want to leave the BN is deemed to antagonise national harmony. What? How can that be? Does this mean they cannot leave even if they are not heard and playing a role for the electorate?

2. Malaysian Taiwanese Student who developed a video using the national anthem that riddled the situation in Malaysia as he saw it. Why should the chinese parties apologise for him? He is not a member of those parties - he is a lay person

3. HINDRAF - why should MIC apologise for them? They are their own movement.

Unlike UMNO and the irresponsibility of UMNO members and leaders, these other parties had no linkage with any of those acts (deemed to be against the Malays). However, people like Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri, Najib, Ahmad Ismail - all members and leaders of UMNO, have personally made silly statements about other communities for the sake of their "Perjuangan" - Melayu. For political gain and for personal gain.

These people are pardoned, slapped on the hand perhaps and allowed to carry on. They nearly tear the fabric of our multi-racial and multi-cultural society apart, and they are not punished. But for the likes of HINDRAF leaders, just standing for their rights as Indians and economic rights, are placed under ISA, and accused of disrupting national harmony. Even if they were, people like Ahmad Ismail should be placed under ISA - what makes him so different from the HINDRAF 5?

The 3 year suspension for Ahmad Ismail is a slap on the hand, it is hardly severe enough considering the damage he has done.

And he can still have a press conference and say that he is not going to apologise and he has done nothing wrong. This was after he said that, we are where we are because Allah determined it as such. It's amazing how some people can use Allah S.A.W. as an excuse when it is convenient. Further to that, he claims himself to be a "Perjuang", Crusader for the Malays and with that comes sacrifice. It appears that he has Martyred himself for the sake of his people and sacrificed himself for the Malay struggle. Perhaps this comes from the "Jihad" mindset, and of course, to gain political ground with the grassroots. Only the kampung people will be happy enough to buy into this sort of hoax, in the form of a sandiwara.

Perhaps Ahmad Ismail should be careful from now on. People have labelled him a racist, Chinese, Indians and Malays alike. Perhaps, one day he will meet his fate with the people he has belittled. Ahmad Ismail is but one man and there are 50% of Malaysians who do not support the racial politicking, if the PKR manifesto and popularity vote is anything to go by.

Therefore, if things heat up, Ahmad Ismail could be in the hot seat, and perhaps those who have suffered losses will go in search of him. At which point, the country he is trying to protect from the "Pendatang" will cease to be his own, as he may have to flee for fear of life and limb.

God willing it doesn't come to that, but for this man's political sins, the backlash can be treacherous.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr. M, Once Dubbed a True Statesman, joins the Ahmad Ismail mess

This is when people will start losing respect for Dr. M. Whatever that's left of it.

All this emotion that led to Ahmad Ismail making these racist remarks, and the people who have supported his statement just goes to show what a bunch of racist imbiciles these people are - now Dr. M included.

Filled with pride of whatever remains of their "Ketuanan Melayu", they all fail to realise one thing, it is only some Malays who believe that they are truly Bumi Putras, in the literal sense, and that they are the Tuans of out country - not all... Just some, mainly from UMNO. Blinded by their pride and view of themselves, these UMNO, so called, Leaders, believe that they can say anything and do things any which way they please. Because we all must succumb to the great Ketuanan Melayu "perception".

The Reality: We are only Tuans in our own country, beyond Malaysia's borders, the Ketuanan thinking doesn't apply. So, who are you trying to kid? Only yourselves dear UMNO members and veterans. The reality, Malaysia failed in many areas, many were once deemed to be international firsts. Ie. The MSC, the Entertainment Villiage, BioTech Valley. If you, as a fellow Malaysian doesn't believe this, then just go to the locations that house these large investments, sponsored by the Rakyat. Is it flourishing?

Why has it failed? Many reasons. One can surmise that the root cause is the focus on the NEP and the prosperity of a certain few Malays (as the poor rural Malays still remain poor and haven't benefitted from these things). We believe it is mainly because of the NEP which has given birth to this thinking of Ketuanan Melayu.

For example, in building the MSC, the intention was to make Malaysia a ICT hub, but in very short time, India overtook us, and before we knew it, the Philippines has become a hub for all the Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing centers. Why? Surveys, that some may have been privy to, show that it is the level of competence in IT and the proficiency in English that has led to the MSC's failure. One can say there are hundreds of ICT companies, but they are mostly local, and small businesses. Companies like Microsoft pulled out years ago, along with Kenichi Omae that pulled out from the advisory panel.

What is this evidenced by? We have posted articles about the sub standard education in Malaysia, and also the English medium. Many will find that many students graduating from our local Universities do not have a strong command of the English language, yet we intend to attract international corporations? A major issue is also the competency of Malay fresh graduates from the local universities, who have a lack of understanding in the subject of their degrees. If you think this is untrue, speak to someone from the private sector and see what they have to say - it has been published in the media in the recent 3 years.

Just speak to any non Malay university student and you will begin to understand that special preference is given to Malay students during pre-exam lectures... there is much more, but you get the picture

So, in Malaysia, we have arrogant idiots like Ahmad Ismail who go around making derogatory statements about the Chinese and other races. Then he and Dr. M accuse the Chinese and Indians for making similar statements against the Malays.

Tell us dear intellectual and all powerful "Tuan's" of our Country, who is the minority that is being sidelined here? Why do you make it all about the Malays and yourselves? Look at our demographics and you will see that you are the majority and that the minority groups are being sidelined.

What do you have to be frustrated about? Have you considered the frustration of the Indians and the Chinese, and that of the poor Malays?

For Dr. M to be unhappy about any apology just goes to show the arrogance of the man. For Ahmad Ismail, he's just a moron. Only a moron could make statements like that, as he may have failed his Sejarah Malaysia class and yet, became a politician.

The fault lies in the system of recruiting and developing our nations leaders who obviously have no understanding of what it means to be a leader or a moderate understanding of our nation's history and people management.

Dr. M asked, why doesn't HINDRAF or MCA apologise as well? Simple. HINDRAF isn't an elected government body, so they are radical and don't have responsibilities like a BN or UMNO MP. MCA leaders haven't made such statements, frankly, to the Chinese community, MCA is but a "Toothless Tiger". For their subservience, MCA lost many seats in the General Election of 2008.

The day a MCA leader stands up and makes a statement like that against the Malays, there will be riots and protests, and perhaps some innocent Chinese will be injured. But when the UMNO man makes a statement like Ahmad Ismail, nothing happens, except for some Chinese leaders demanding an apology.

Why don't the Chinese protest? Simple, because, unlike their Malay brothers, they aren't so emotional. But they are also not stupid. We have seen the Chinese population decline in Malaysia, they are emmigrating - leaving the country. And our leaders complain about "brain drain". Idiots. While the Malays fuss about with silly rhetoric and safeguarding their perception of "Ketuanan", the Chinese and Indians (who can) are simply trying to earn enough to buy their way out of the country, by educating their children abroad, or saving to start a life anew abroad.

Very soon, the Malays will have to fight among themselves for who is more "Tuan" than the other, as there won't be a multi-racial Malaysia anymore. That will be the day when Malaysians, Malay, Chinese and Indian alike, who have left and are abroad, will sit back and laugh as one race, fights among each other to further divide themselves.

Dr M on Ahmad Ismail furore:
Non-Malays make racist remarks too
September 07, 2008

WHY should the government apologise when others like the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) have not said sorry for racist remarks?

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad said this in a recent posting on his blog.

Citing the Hindraf memorandum sent to the British government last year as an example, DrMahathir said that terms like 'Islamic extremist', 'ethnic cleansing' and 'mini genocide' were used to describe what the government was doing to the Indians.

He wrote: 'The writings in the Hindraf memorandum are not only racist, but seditious.
'The question is why the government is lopsided, hiding the racist remarks of Hindraf, but reporting widely on what has been said by Malay leaders.'

Dr Mahathir said that Malays are so afraid of being labelled racist that they do not defend themselves.

'It is unfortunate for the DPM (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's government that even after the Umno top leadership made a public apology, it was rejected by those community leaders.

'They have demanded that the person who uttered the words labelled as 'racist' should apologise himself,' he said.

Referring to Malaysian student Wee Meng Chee, accused of ridiculing the national anthem, he said: 'Have (he) been asked to apologise? Have (his) leaders been asked to apologise?

'Far from it. In fact, Wee was defended by leaders of the Chinese parties,' he said.

Dr Mahathir also said race relations had worsened after the 8 Mar general election, adding that he too might be accused of contributing to the situation through his writing.

'It is so unfair if one side is free to accuse, while the accused can't even open his mouth,' he said.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Permatang Pauh, Petrol Prices, Return to UMNO: Dr M Interview Reveals...

Here is our translation of what was mentioned in Dr. M's (www.chedet.com) Blog. It has become quite apparent that the current government under the Badawi regime has performed censorship of not only Malaysia Today (in a feeble and unintelligent attempt), but on any opposing views to their agenda.

Dr. M, has also been subjected to this. Not only has the Police intervened and discouraged people from inviting Mahathir to give talks and speeches. This is the way of an authoritarian regime. None of us would have ever imagined that Badawi was capable of this in his years as Minister of Foreign Affairs and as DPM.

Without further ado... as extracted and translated from Dr. M's website, for the english speaking world to understand:

2. During the news interview, I had explained that the interview will serve no purpose as the journalists will not be allowed to report my responses as they are, and they will be twisted to appear that I am supporting Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi and his government.

3. As expected, the report was written differently from what I had said

4. When asked about the reduction of petrol prices, my response was that this had a connection with Permatang Pauh. We should have more by-elections so that the petrol prices can be further reduced

5. What was reported was that I said the reduction of petrol prices will benefit the people. That's All.

6. I was also asked about what my plans were after Permatang Pauh. Will I return to UMNO?

7. I reminded them that I left UMNO with condition. I will reapply to return to UMNO if Dato Seri Abdullah is no longer President, that is if I am permitted to return.

8. Once I return, I will return to the field and work hard to re-attract all the pockets of UMNO supporters and Barisan Nasional that have supported the opposition in the 12th General Election

9. I also explained that this work will take time. However, if the leadership change is only in June 2010, there will be not enough time to rebuild the party before the 13th General Election

10. NONE of this was even reported in the slightest, in any newspaper or television. Is this the sort of freedom of media as promised by Dato Seri Abdullah?

Original Report

Some interesting quotes from Dr M in the same post:

"But to break a promise and to openly show that you can meddle with the security of the internet is to expose a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian state"

I had once before written to a Government Minister that Malaysia has become a police state because the Government instructed the police to call up people who invited me to give talks and coerce them into withdrawing their invitation. The police is not supposed to do that. When the Government makes use of the police for extralegal work then the Government is guilty of abuse of power.

The Minister simply replied that I had retired and it was better for me to literally shut up.

I know that things have been engineered to ensure Khairy Jamaluddin will win as UMNO Youth leader and Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi as President. Democracy in UMNO is dead. And when democracy dies in UMNO, the party itself will die

I would like to say this to the Prime Minister and his minions. You may have the power now. But as in five States, you may lose power some day. And this will certainly happen because of your obsession to block all contrary opinion from being heard. It will blind you to the reality of the situation so that you will continue to do wrong things and the people will reject you totally

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tun M: "The Descrimination Must End"

Our former Prime Minister, who recently unshackled himself from the ungrateful UMNO party and members, who belittled him (only after he retired), a founding father of Malaysia, has spoken brilliantly about the NEP and Malays.

This is why Mahathir should have remained our Prime Minister, this is why Badawi and Najib do not belong where they are. Along with the likes of Minister in the PM's Department (Nazri - who has crossed swords with a man far greater than him), and UMNO Youth Deputy Chief (Khairy), these so called leaders lacking vision and care for their people and nation, should go.

See quoted extracts below:


33. The Malays must accept that this discrimination cannot be forever. If they fail to respond properly to what is being done for them, they should accept this policy would be taken away.

34. When Malay youngsters, especially boys, failed to study and qualify for university education, when they preferred to play and not study, we cannot expect the non-Malays to patiently wait and give up their opportunities until the Malays decide to become serious and study. That would not be fair.

35. That was why we introduced merit in the selection of students for the universities. Unfortunately, the implementers of Government decisions chose to interpret it differently. By requiring Bumiputeras to sit for the matriculation and the non-Bumiputeras to sit for higher school certificates, they managed to give the impression that the Bumiputeras were actually better qualified than the non-Bumiputeras. With this, the intention of the Government to make the Bumiputeras become more serious about their education failed.

36. There is a tendency among Malays to regard the discrimination in their favour as a privilege, as a recognition of their superior status. I think this is wrong. The discrimination is in order to give them a kind of headstart so that they can catch up with other races. To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete. We are not Red Indians to live on reserves. We should regard it as a temporary expedient to be done away with once we have achieved the capacity to compete on our own.

37. However, we must give time for ending the NEP and it should be done in stages. I hope that the time will not be too long. In the meantime, serious efforts by the Bumiputeras must be made to avail themselves of the opportunities. If this is obviously not being done, then, as with entrance into the universities, the discrimination must end.

Permatang Pauh: Anwar Wins by a HUGE Margin

Tahniah Anwar! Against all odds and the arrogant Barisan Nasional, you have succeeded not only in winning your seat, but by an even bigger margin than Datin Seri. It's obvious the people don't buy the sodomy claims made against you.

Just today, Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, had the cheek to make a shabby statement...

"Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must accept that the era of him becoming prime minister ended long ago."

All sorts of tricks were resorted to by the highest ranking officers in the current government. DPM Najib even resorted to swearing on the Quran that he neither murdered nor knew Altantuya, the brutally murdered Mogolian translator. This was just after Saiful, Anwar's sodomy accuser, performed the same act claiming that Anwar sodomised him. (Come on, any real man would have fought his way out of that situation, unless he really wanted it)

Najib then turned to Anwar to say that he should do the right thing and swear also. Political trickery from a man who also has an agenda, and plenty of secrets. He has outrightly accused Anwar of corruption, however, it is a matter of time before the finger pointing begins to reveal who the really corrupt are.

We're not blind to the fact that it is possible that Anwar has his misdeeds, cronies, stashes of money or otherwise (as claimed by Najib). However, we also know that Najib and the likes of people like Khairy (who has participated in the campaigning) aren't clean enough to go around pointing the finger at other people. So many people have spoken about it, and it comes from different sources, these people aren't even opposition supporters, some are UMNO, and yet, they are aware, and yet they do nothing. Perhaps all feeling of hope is lost.

Perhaps, it is now time for us to give an opportunity to someone who has so widely claimed an agenda of a secular and equal for all Malaysia. Perhaps it is time for that change. BN says he will not deliver on his promises and that the rakyat are being duped. However, if he doesn't, not only will he not survive the next election, he would have lost all his international credibility - which, therefore casts doubt. As he is deemed to be quite reputable in the international community.

What is the point in supporting a government that has not only mismanaged the economy, and benefited a small group of Malays, but also one that is arrogant enough to believe that the people will support them, even after they as the lawmakers and nation builders have made racial and religious slurs against the minority groups.

That aside, UMNO even attempted to secretly form an alliance with PAS, a group with an Islamic State Agenda, against all UMNO's principles of supporting policies that will benefit all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. UMNO in such desperation was willing to break ranks with their component parties, just to ensure the strength of the Melayu and Islam, forgoing the more national agenda that includes every Malaysian. The entire Malaysian community that helps build this nation. This is wrong.

We have predicted that as far as UMNO and PAS is concerned, it is a battle of who is more Islamic. Gone are the days where their agenda was in full support of all other races. BN increasingly becomes divided.

On the matter of Islamic State, Najib claimed that we are an Islamic state prior to the elections. Then more recently, he claimed that we aren't. So which is it? So much evidence shows that UMNO has lost its way. They are torn as to whether they need to gather more Malay support to manage their sinking ship, or should they support a more national and perhaps secular agenda as the leader of the BN.

So what's the point in supporting the BN if they have lost their way and their clarity of their agenda? Change must come about, and it must come now. Anwar certainly does not promise an about turn change, as far as we are concerned, but it will be a fresh start. There will be changes and some difficulty for some in managing that change. However, this can be expected. Considering the options we have, we think that Pakatan Rakyat holds promise.

The message we, as the rakyat have sent BN is that we are serious about change and that we will not be taken for fools. Nobody really has much respect for Badawi or Najib, but yet, they, along with some bigwigs remain arrogant. Perhaps it's time we retire them to their mansions in England and Australia.

Today, the Rakyat have triumphed yet again, and it is obvious that we stand firm on our decision and need for change. Will UMNO now consider their misdeeds and the need for change?

Remember, by supporting Barisan, we effectively do the following:
1. We entrust our nation to Badawi, whose son-in-law, (as claimed by fellow UMNO comptriates) is power hungry and willing to do all sorts of things to show himself as the Malay-Ultra for purposes of party position. Khairy is also widely known to have some big businesses
2. We entrust our nation, for however long he can hang on to it, to Najib. The man who once uttered the words "bathe in Chinese blood" in the 1980s. See Wikipedia. Search Najib Tun Razak. We also entrust our nation to a man who has control of the Armed Forces, and who has held the position of Defence Minister for almost or more than a decade.

It is time we realise that some people, unlike Mahathir, hold very little vision for the nation or anyone else other than themselves.

It is time for change and we must endure the trials to come.

Tahniah Rakyat Permatang Pauh dan Rakyat Tersayang Malaysia!

News clips extracted:

Najib: Beware of Anwar

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Datuk Seri Najib Razak today reminded voters in Permatang Pauh not to be hoodwinked by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's promises as he was willing to validate anything to become prime minister.

"I can tell a lot about how he toppled the deputy prime minister then, the late Tun Ghafar Baba, who was also the Umno deputy president and who carried his (Anwars's) bag. You can guess what was in the bag when he was contesting the party elections. Full of money. Today, he talks about corruption," Najib said. -- Bernama

Battle for Permatang Pauh: 'We stand a fighting chance'

Barisan Nasional (BN) stands a fighting chance of wresting the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat from Parti Keadilan Rakyat, said the coalition's deputy chairman, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"The impossible may materialise. BN supporters should not assume we don't stand a chance." Najib said BN had conducted a solid campaign since Aug 16 and ran a number of activities which increased its chances of winning. "We will not admit defeat and we will continue to strive till the end," Najib said on BN's chances in the by-election which takes place on Tuesday.Speaking after visiting an education and career exhibition here held in conjunction with the Pekan Fest 08, Najib, who is also deputy prime minister, said BN's election machinery should not let its guard down.

"I call upon our machinery to enhance our position and make sure this momentum turns the tide to BN."On the presence of Sabah BN leaders in Permatang Pauh on Friday night, Najib said this showed their strong support for the coalition."This shows the BN government is stable and will continue to exist."Najib said the statement by PKR's vice-president Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan that 13 BN MPs in the state would cross over to the opposition did not hold water.

Battle for Permatang Pauh: Anwar's time is over, says Shabery

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must accept that the era of him becoming prime minister ended long ago.

He said the PKR candidate for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election had previously been chosen by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to join the government, and had been appointed acting prime minister before being expelled in 1998.

Anwar's claims that he would become prime minister on Sept 16 were merely wishful thinking, he said at a function at Kampung Tanjung Putus, near here yesterday.He urged the constituents in Permatang Pauh not to be swayed by claims that Anwar would become prime minister if he were to win the by-election tomorrow. -- Bernama

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Massive RM80 mil to maintain 1,400 Government Perdana's - Solely Contracted to ONE Company

It's either the Star tabloid is trying to play down the matter of the high maintainance Perdana V6 government cars (in view that they can be considered government controlled media), or the journalist who wrote the article can't count. Either way, how stupid do you think the Malaysian public is?

Based on the facts provided in the article. RM80,000,000 is the cost to maintain 1,400 Perdana V6 - annually. If you calculate this on excel or a simple calculator, the cost of maintaining each Perdana V6 is actually RM57,142.85. Compare this to what was quoted in the Star - RM12,000. Certainly a more reasonable figure to a majority of readers.

Therefore, on the matter of the high maintenance national car - $57,000 is quite a lot of money. There isn't a single car that costs that much to maintain, unless it's some sort of exotic sports car. Even then, 57K would probably mean you would fly the mechanic out from Italy - twice a year at least.

We think little needs to be said to add fuel to the fire. It's obvious that corruption is rooted deeply in the current government. For our government treasury to pay out such sums of money and not question it for all these years, one really wonders about so many other areas with large capital expenditure - such as defence, works and so on. To pay RM80 million to one company annually to maintain a local 2000cc V6 car is absurd. Furthermore, to not question it.

The failure rests in the government. They are likely to blame it on the company providing the services, however, someone on the government end, dealing with the procurement of the services of this company is certainly the person that needs to be investigated. The key for the ACA is to find a rat and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. We can be certain that there are many mouths to "feed" for a RM57K maintenance of a single Proton Perdana V6.

The Perdana gearboxes have always been a problem for the car. Testimony from friends and people in general, this is the main complaint. Mechanics will also tell you the same thing. A private mechanic told us that the gearbox is in the region of about 16K to replace - workmanship included. It's madness, because that is about the cost of any european car gearbox. Shouldn't a locally manufactured product be cheaper?

Protons are high maintenance cars. Frequent problems include issues with the electronics, power windows, gearboxes and just overall quality. If anyone chooses to deny this, then it's either they are a Proton owner, by virtue that they can't afford anything more or better, and they have succumbed to the poor standards of our fair nation's sub standard car - not even popular enough to be sold in 3rd world countries. Sad. One may argue that Protons are sold in many countries, but really, the figures are negligible.

Therefore, what is the government doing about it? The company that they have so heavily invested public funds in, by way of bailouts and equity held by Khazanah is not helping them by providing even the government with a quality vehicle that is reasonable to maintain and lives up to the standards and quality of a world class vehicle. Instead, parts are easily 3-4 times more expensive.

The most important thing is what the governement intends to do about the RM80 million that is used to maintain the vehicles. It's far too much, and a large portion of that money can be used to fund better education and opportunities for Malaysians.

We can be assured that this RM80 million for maintaining just 1,400 Perdana V6s, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday July 27, 2008
RM80mil to maintain government cars

KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Government is paying RM80mil annually to Spanco Sdn Bhd to have the latter maintain its fleet of 1,400 Proton Perdana V6 Executives and other vehicles designated for official use.

This works out to about RM12,000 annually (WRONG!) to maintain each of the locally-made luxury-line Proton Perdana leased from Spanco.

On Friday, Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said called on the ACA to probe the high service charges imposed by Spanco.

The Perdanas were part of a fleet of 5,600 vehicles of various models and makes that Spanco, a vehicle fleet management company contracted to lease and maintain vehicles for ministers, top civil servants and senior government officials, made available to the Government.

The contract was inked in 1994 for the duration of 25 years as part of the Government’s privatisation exercise. It expires in 2019.

In that contract, the Government paid Spanco RM100mil a year to lease and maintain its entire fleet.

But in June 2003, Spanco and the Government returned to the negotiating table when the Finance Ministry found the contract awarded to Spanco in 1994 excessive. The Government appointed an international audit firm to look into Spanco’s books.

Under the revised agreement, the audit firm recommended the Government cut back the contract by 20% to RM80mil annually. Spanco chief executive officer Datuk Hamzah Mohd Salleh said the issue of cost overrun and high maintenance charges did not arise at all under the Government-Spanco deal.

“Any overrun would be borne by us,” he said, but declined to reveal the details of the package.
“We only leased the vehicles to the Federal Government. We don’t do the state governments’ business.”

A source told The Star that the Government was Spanco’s only customer.

Under the deal, the Government gets new Proton Perdanas every fourth year.

Malaysia's Sub-Standard Education System & Racial Discrimination in Varsities

Finally, all in one day, a key issue that we have highlighted for Malaysia - Sub Standard Education, has come to light - not in one, but two articles as quoted in the Star. Written by a Malay man and one other, these articles summarise the level to which the Malaysian Education system has degraded to and what happens with the non-Malays when they are not accepted into local universities because of the quota system - driven mainly by the BN government's view of "Ketuanan Melayu".

A recent article quoted in the international media regarding some silly remarks made by the Kelantan Crown Price, further highlights the need to eradicate race based politics and to clearly enforce the Sedition Act, even on those who are so called playing to "right wing" politics.

Many in UMNO have also made derogatory remarks about other races and their desire for equality and their rights to be uplifted. But today, they sing a different tune, but do not be fooled dear citizen, they say what they say because they need to - for now. History shows where their loyalties lie and hence the sincerity of their word - beware the wolf in sheep's "clothes"...

For your reading pleasure and thoughts:

Article #1: Under threat? What threat?


Since the recent general election, voices have risen up in a shrill warning cry that the Malays are now ‘under threat’. But perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony.

AND so it begins. Race-based rhetoric has raised its ugly little head in response to a democratic process. Over 49% of the people of Malaysia have voted for parties that have rejected race-based affirmative action in favour of a needs-based platform.

It did not take very long for voices, both common and royal, to rise up in a shrill warning cry that the Malays are now “under threat”.

“Under threat” from what, may I ask? Let’s take a bit of time to look at this so-called “threat”. Firstly, Malays are given special protection under Article 153 of the Constitution.

Article 153 is titled “Reservation of quotas in respect of services, permits, etc, for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak”. Article 152 states that Malay is the National Language. The Supreme Head of the Federation, according to Article 32, is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, a Malay ruler.

This is the foundation of Malay “special privileges”.

None of the Pakatan Rakyat component parties, including the DAP, have said anything about removing Articles 153, 152 and 32. They remain safe and secure with no sign whatsoever of any sort of threat.

Besides, in order to change it, you would need a two-thirds majority in the lower and upper houses of Parliament plus the support of the Conference of Rulers. The last time I checked, no one has a two-thirds majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

Secondly, due to simple demographics, it is unlikely that a totally non-Malay party is ever going to win absolute control of the government. Of the five state governments in the hands of the Pakatan, four are led by a Malay Mentri Besar.

Penang is an exception, but Penang has been led by non-Malays since the 60s. Why was there was no outcry before this?

Thirdly, the proposed doing-away with the NEP (or whatever it is called nowadays), I suppose, can be seen as a threat to the Malays.

But how it can be a threat is beyond me, because the replacement suggested by the Pakatan is not some sort of laissez-faire capitalist economy. Instead, it is an economic system with affirmative action promised to those in need.

If the Malays are the largest group of people in Malaysia who are in the most need, then they will get the most help. If they are not in the most need, then why on earth do they need help then?

This is the point where I will get angry letters about how the NEP is needed; because in the business world – the real world which I know nothing about because I am just a lowly-academic trapped in my ivory tower – Malays are discriminated against by the Chinese. So we need a policy like the NEP to provide some balance.

I disagree.

If there are racist business policies being conducted against the Malays, then you face it head on with anti-discrimination laws.

If some person feels he is being discriminated against, no matter what his race, then let there be a law to help him, and let us punish the racists with a hefty fine or jail term.

You do not meet racism with racism; you challenge it by destroying all traces of it.

The problem with the NEP, as I see it, is that it breeds a mentality of entitlement based on race and not merit. This mentality seeps into governance, and it creates an atmosphere of mediocrity. One example of this is how the Constitution has been disregarded in relation to employment issues.

The Federal Constitution states that you can set quotas at the entry points of government services, for example, the civil service and public universities. However, this is counter-balanced by Article 136 that says all federal employees must be treated fairly regardless of race.

This means that once inside a service, everyone is to be treated equally based on merit. In such a situation, only the cream will rise to the top.

However, since the introduction of the NEP, the practice in government services has been to promote Malays mainly. This has in turn led to a drop in the number of non-Malay actors in the service of the public.

Taking my profession for example, the closeted unrealistic world of academia, I look down south and I see that 30% of the staff in the National University of Singapore Law School are Malaysians.

How come these clever fellows who are good enough to teach in a university that is among the top 20 in the world are not here in the land of their birth? Why are the blinking Singaporeans enjoying our talent? Is it because that talent is all non-Malay and they feel they have better opportunities there than here?

This is a complete waste, and in the end this loss of talent means a loss for the university, the country and the people of this country, including the Malay students who miss out on the best possible teachers.

Perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony, in which case my answer to that is this: clean up your act, live up to your promises and listen to what the people are saying.
Make yourself electable by proving that you can create good government.

That is called democracy.

Dr Azmi Sharom is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely his own.

Article #1: Engineers of poor quality

I AM a manager in a chemical manufacturing firm in Malaysia. We often have vacancies for mechanical and chemical engineers, and occasionally electrical engineers. We do take in fresh graduates to train and develop for the future of our company.

In recent years, I have noticed a marked reduction in the quality of the engineering graduates. I would like to suggest that our local universities work with professional bodies such as Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) to address the weaknesses.

Some of the courses should be tailored to suit industrial requirements. BEM and IEM would be in the right position to work with the many universities we have here. Alternatively, they could come up with modules to be included in the engineering curriculum at our local universities.

With the advent of computers and simulation packages, another new problem is that fresh engineers seem at a loss to conduct design calculations from basic principles. They are over reliant on such computer packages.

When they start work, they are at a loss to do design work because some companies may not have such computer packages. Hence, even basic engineering calculations to determine the optimum pipe sizing and pump selection are beyond them.

These are basic engineering calculations, and without the necessary skills, we are left with design works that are sub-optimal, resulting in high operating costs for the users.

Alternatively, everyone would be running to consultants to get even the most basic of engineering work done for them.

In many of the plants I have been to, there is much that could be done to improve efficiency by just going back to good basic engineering practice. And in some cases, it’s just using good common sense.

I think there is a need to teach and emphasise on such basics. We should ensure that our young engineers are provided with good foundation knowledge for the future of our country.

After all, it is upon solid foundations that skyscrapers are built.

In this aspect, I must take my hat off to University Technology Petronas (UTP), which has formed an Industry Advisory Panel (IAP), and invites professionals from the industry to review their curriculum and suggest areas for improvement. UTP is serious about this and has implemented many of the suggestions introduced by its IAP.

UTP also has an adjunct lectures series where professionals are called in to give lectures to the undergraduates. I think these are good initiatives that other universities would do well to emulate.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nazri: "Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost"

Minister in the PM's department, who was initially shocked at the losses suffered by the BN in the Election aftermath, who also said that he is lucky to have made it (win back his seat - by a much reduced margin), has found his footing after a few weeks of being in a "daze" and has quipped that UMNO did not lose and not to speak as it UMNO had lost.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”
This comes from a man who was obviously quite grateful that he kept his seat by a small margin just after the elections - as quoted in the local Star. He has a short memory, and maybe needs a knock to remind him.

Well, yes, by virtue that the BN still has a slim majority, they did win, however, don't say that you didn't lose - because YOU DID! These election results are by far the lowest of all time, and you mean to say that you can arrogantly say that you didn't lose?

Further to that, you deny that you were also responsible for some pretty hard hitting remarks at other races, and making threats of "not pushing the Malays", that cost the BN support from the other communities?

Who do you think you are Datuk Seri Nazri? You are a Civil Servant! You SERVE us, the public! You are an elected official - by the people. You are just lucky that perhaps with some postal votes you saved your skin in the 2008 elections, perhaps you and the band of other idiots wouldn't be so lucky in the next elections.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you are the cause of friends and family of mine to have lost confidence in Pak Lah's leadership, the so called multi-racial stand of the BN and all that. We all voted the opposition - any opposition just to spite people like you. Because of you, your fellow UMNO colleagues lost their seats. People like Sharizat who works hard for the people became a victim of the people's anger towards BN - because of your stupid and insensitive comments and lack of deplomacy.

Datuk Seri Nazri, you do not belong in politics. You should consider another career. You have no respect for our former PM Mahathir who is a far superior man and politician compared to the one you are backing. Mahathir has done many things for Malaysia. What has Badawi done? In our eyes, all Badawi did was lose control of his party by not controlling the loudmouths such as yourself, and this eventually cost the credibility of the BN as a whole to be reduced to nothing.

See article from The Star:
Nazri denies he's quitting, says not to blame

PARIT BUNTAR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has denied talk that he is quitting his ministerial post.

He dismissed talk that he would resign to take responsibility for hard-hitting remarks he had made in the past that could have cost Umno and the Barisan Nasional support in the recently-concluded general election.

Nazri said the losses suffered had nothing to do with anything he had said.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”

“Remember, Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost.”

However, he noted that the Barisan did lose some seats because it had stayed true to its promise on seat allocations among component parties.

“For example, we already knew that the Indian community did not support the MIC but still we kept to our promise.

“Umno did not take back the Malay-majority seats but allowed the MIC to contest although we could have won them,” he told reporters after handing out aid to 124 storm victims in his constituency here on Friday.

Friday, April 4, 2008

DPM Najib loses Tun Dr Mahathir's endorsement

Quoted from the Straits Times of Singapore - Wednesday, April 2 2008

Some quotes on Mahathir about Badawi:

"Even his own state (Penang) was captured by the opposition. Never before did we have a Prime Minister from an "enemy" state. Is he not ashamed?"

"I know the candidate list did not come from the chief ministers. They brought the list to Sultan Abdullah Shah, and the list is taken to the office next door. It is inspected there (bu the so-called Fourth Floor Advisers) before being sent back to Sultan Abdullah."

"I admit I was a reason why the BN lost. I cannot support a leader who is not good for the country and party. I couldn't support all candidates but I said they should pick good people."

Mahathir no longer supports Najib for Prime Minister

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad yesterday said he no longer supported Deputy Premier Najib Razak for prime minister.

At a raucousevent attended by more than 1,500 Umno members, he said: "Previously, I said Najib but I have changed my mind."

Tun Dr. Mahathir had called on his succesor, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, to resign and hand over power to Datuk Seri Najib the day after the ruling Barisan Nasional suffered unprecedented losses in the March 8 polls.

But the Deputy Premier himself quickly pledged loyalty to Datuk Seri Abdullah.

Last week, it is understood that the Prime Minister announced to Umno's governing council that Datuk Seri Najib would be his running mate at the UMNO election in December.

But while he withdrew his endorsement of Datuk Seri Najib, Tun Dr. Mahathir stopped short of saying which candidate he preferred.
The most credible challenge to Datuk Seri Abdullah could come from Kelantan prince Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who has said he will take on the Prime Minister in the party polls.

But observers believe that Tun Dr Mahathir has moved a step closer to Tengku Razaleigh or Umno Vice President Muhyiddin Yassin as his choice for the top job.

And his support can be influential.

Despite the baggage that the 82 year old still carries from his own years as Prime Minister, his attacks on his successor over the last two years have caused Datuk Seri Abdullah serious damage.

The former premier, who launched his attacks against Datuk Seri Abdullah two years ago, has again become one of his harshest critics.

Indeed, it was Tun Dr. Mahathir who led the charge at yesterday's boisterous event held to analyse the electoral losses.

He urged the crowd, mostly Umno grassroots members to speak up to ensure an open contest for party president, who has traditionally also been Malaysia's prime minister.

The participants subsequently turned the event into an angry tirade against Datuk Seri Abdullah and his son-in-law Khairi Jamaluddin.

In fact, the event had the air of an opposition rally - except that it was Umno members expressing their disgust with their top leadership.

Shouts of "Hidup Mahathir" punctuated the noisy event, and calls for the Prime Minister's resignation were met with cheers.

Umno governing council member Mohd Khir Toyo, who defended the leadership by saying that a change of leaders would not help if the policies remained the same, was heckled.

An Umno Youth branch leader set off cires of "traitor" when he called for the return of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to the party. He was forcibly removed from the hall by two men.

There was standing room only inside the hall, and hundreds more crowded around a big screen outside.

Such anger at the grassroots is one of the many fires that the Prime Minister is struggling to put out, and his determination to stay in power is stirring up harsh criticism.

"I call on him to resign. Anyone else would have done so already but he is shameless. We must be brave to reject leaders who bring disaster to the party," Tun Dr Mahathir said.

His son Mukhriz Mahathir also spoke at the event, sayting that it was the leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah which was dragging down UMNO. Datuk Mukhriz, an Umno Youth exco member is a newly elected MP.

Urging party leaders to shake off their fear of speaking up, he said: "I appeal to you, stand by me, for us to find a solution"

Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Starts Damage on Malaysian Tourism Industry

Former Youth and Sports Minister, known for her silly remarks on the Singapore Formula One race (quoted in an earlier article in this site), has unanimously decided to deny the State of Selangor and other opposition governed states by ceasing support of tourism development in those states.

It awfully silly to deny states like Selangor and Penang, which are among the most industrialised states in the nation, support from the Ministry of Tourism just because of a change in leadership. It only goes to show the miopic view of this particular minister, and the lack of any strategic thinking whatsoever.

What does she think the Federal Government has to gain from pulling out tourism funding in these states? Does she think that the residents of those states will feel the pinch and therefore feel fearful and thus in turn support the Barisan Nasional coalition next time? Is Azalina so naieve to think that she can teach the general population of those states a lesson by denying them further economic growth by way of tourism? We think not.

Potentially, this will just anger people further and prove to the majority opposition voters in those states that their decision was correct and that the Barisan Nasional government not only lacks the capability to lead the country to economic growth and social stability, but also that the Barisan Nasional doesn't have the strategic sense to see the long term benefits of being benevolent to those citizens who do not necessarily support them.

At this point, all Azalina has done is proven to the general public that they had made the right decision in either voting the opposition or not voting at all. And for those who voted BN, perhaps they will soon see the errors of their judgement.

When the cabinet was reshuffled Azalina was someone many expected to see removed. She proved to be useless in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, there was no greater progression for our youth, except more vice. And as for our sportsmen and women, no different from her predecessor.

So why is Azalina still there? She is hardly impressive when she speaks, she doesn't seem to be a wonderful role model for the youth, she's just an average and mediocre minister like some others in the PM's cabinet.

Now, PM Badawi has put her in a position where she can cause some economic damage, due to her inexperience and incompetence.

The people shouldn't take situations like this lightly. It basically says that our government promotes mediocrity, ie. people like Azalina, and hence, this is the end result.

Perhaps the BN needs a few more lessons by the voters to teach them to pick the right people to lead the country.

Selangor govt says move by Tourism Minister foolhardy
Thursday, April 3, 2008

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Government strongly feels that Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said’s decision to terminate all tourism memorandum of understanding with Opposition-ruled states as foolhardy.

Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment state chairman Elizabeth Wong said such a decision is reckless for the Federal Government especially to sideline Selangor, which is the gateway into the country and a premier destination.

On Wednesday, Azalina had said that the decision was due to the change in leadership in the state governments that was in line with the termination of the Tourism Action Council in the states.

Wong said Selangor is one of the top destinations in the nation’s first stop for most international tourist and to sideline other states like Penang, Perak, Kelantan and Kedah is not wise.

“Initially, we had been looking forward to working with the Tourism Ministry for the betterment of the industry and the country. Selangor accounts for some 30% of the national Gross Domestic Product and this callous move might have adverse impact on our national economy as well as the industry,” she said.

She added that one should not cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

“For us in Selangor we will persevere in supporting the tourism industry and this in fact gives us a better opportunity to work even more closely with the private sector. We are committed to improve and to develop the tourism sector in the state in several new initiatives in eco-tourism and heritage tourism,” she said.

Wong also called upon Selangorians to visit the state’s historical attractions and push forward the industry with a greater zeal in the light of this development.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Policemen Rape Chinese National in a Patrol Car

Yet another rape case in Malaysia. So much so, our country is becoming synonymous with rape. So much so, that even the very people who are supposed to be protecting the innocent and incarcerating the guilty are now taking part in this vicious act of inhumane violence.

So the big question is, what are the penalties in Malaysia for rape? What does the Malaysian government do to ensure that we deter potential rapists from indulging in these horrendous acts of violence towards women?

One word - NOTHING.

Police statistics in country show that rape cases have been on the rise year on year for the past decade and more. However, the police makes excuses saying that it's because of population growth and the introduction of foreign workers that brings about vice.

Well, now the policemen - whom many are corrupt and still continue to be corrupt (even after a change of uniform with the words "Integrity" on it), are now into brutalising and battering people. Now evidenced by this new rape case of a Chinese national.

So, what is the government doing about this? The laws haven't changed to be any more severe, the penalties are varied, some get 3 years jail, some get 20 years jail, some even get whipping.

Where is the consistency in the application of the law, where is the deterence for wannabe rapists to not partake in these violent acts?

So again, what is our government doing about this major issue? Perhaps, like all other things, it will take a daugter or a wife of some Datuk or Datuk Seri to be brutally raped and maybe even murdered before something serious is done. Only in the harshest of situations affecting individuals in government, will they wake up to the every day realities that the rest of us "lay-people" live in.

The penalties for rape among many other vices like kidnapping and murder must be amended to something significantly harsher.

As a Muslim nation, perhaps the Hudud laws will best serve such crimes. This basically means castration for rape and the chopping of limbs beginning with the hands for theft. For crimes like murder, stoning to death by the community.

Brutal as it may sound, the fact is, the laws in Malaysia today are not applicable to the exponential increase of such crimes.

In the 1960s, when kidnapping was common in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew made death the penalty for kidnapping. Virtually overnight, it stopped and the number of kidnappings reduced significantly.

So the question is, what will the Barisan Nasional government do about this? Now that their power hangs in the balance? Will they make more empty promises about reducing crime and really not doing anything about it? Or will they amend the laws to better protect its citizens?

RISING CRIME is one of the reasons why BN nearly lost the elections - is BN certain that they want to take this lightly and not give it due attention? Their own Policemen are now raping foreigners.

We'll bet that over the next few weeks there will be no closure to this case in the media and it will die a natural death - and people will soon forget it ever happened. Like all other major rape cases, there is never any clear ending and the public gets no peace of mind or closure knowing that the criminals got what they deserve.

This is the unfortunate state Malaysia is in. The winds of change are coming, and the Barisan Nasional has to work extra hard to ensure the people are completely satisfied.

Two cops held over rape
NST: 02-04-08

KUALA LUMPUR: A trip here turned into a nightmare for three women from China when one of them fell to her death while another was allegedly raped by two policemen.

The three women, from Hunan, China, had arrived here three days ago and stayed at a budget hotel in Jalan Pudu.On Tuesday night, two of them decided to go out for supper and left the third woman in the hotel room.

Their friend, however, fell to her death from the fifth floor of the hotel about midnight.When the women returned to the hotel about 3am, they were surprised to find a number of policemen in the lobby. Unaware that the victim was their friend, the women decided to wait outside the hotel for the police to complete their investigations.

While they were standing outside the hotel, a police patrol car stopped near one of the women. She was then allegedly bundled into the patrol car before it drove off.

Her friend, however, noticed the incident and together with a Malaysian friend who had a car, they tailed the patrol car. However, the patrol car managed to evade them.

The 42-year-old woman who was abducted claimed that she was taken to a secluded area by the two policemen.

She said she was molested by one of them. The other policeman ordered her to strip and raped her in the back seat of the patrol car.

The policemen then robbed her of her handphone and money before sending her back to the hotel about 4am.

The traumatised victim related her ordeal to her friend and lodged a police report about 2pm yesterday. She was later sent to Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for a medical examination.

Following police investigations, a constable in his 20s and a lance corporal in his 40s were arrested. It is learnt that both suspects are married.

City CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate as investigations were ongoing.

Police are also looking into how the other woman fell to her death.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pie in Face: Penang Petty Traders Association tells UMNO not to Politicise NEP

Surprise surprise... perhaps the first bit of evidence showing that the Bumiputras either haven't benefitted from the NEP or that UMNO is only holding back Malay potential to play on a leveled playing field.

Of late the PM and all his men have been playing up the issue of the NEP being removed by the DAP and Keadilan. However, one will notice that although the new (Malay and Keadilan Party Backed) Menteri Besar of Selangor has strongly supported the move to abolish the NEP, the PM and UMNO has been playing the racial card by making statements in the media that Malays will be sidelined in Penang and there will be a backlash. Statements they may be, but statements of sowing anger into the hearts of the Malays is what it potentially does. Strangely, they avoided picking on Keadlian for the same stand, but made it all about the (Chinese) DAP's intention to abolish the NEP.

We aren't accusing UMNO of anything, but what has already been reported in the government backed newspapers of The Star and the New Straits Times. And to the layman who thinks about it for a moment, it seems like a racial card is being played by the very people who advocated not to in the not so recent past.

Take a read of an article quoted in the Star today:

Bumiputra traders back open tender policy

BUTTERWORTH: The Penang Bumiputera Petty Traders Association is appealing to state Umno leaders to not politicise the state government’s intention to practise an open tender policy for contracts and projects.

Its chairman Alif Abdul Mutalib Kader, 64, said such a policy would benefit all races, including the Malays.

“Through an open tender policy, we believe there will be equal benefits for all businessmen to have a share in the state’s economy pie.

“The state Umno leaders should think twice before demonstrating in the streets. They should give the new state government a chance to be transparent and fair in its administration,” said Alif who came to The Star’s office in Prai on Sunday to air the association’s views.

Friday, March 14, 2008

UMNO Protesters... Oh, How the Tables Have Turned...

Khairi Jamaluddin, UMNO Deputy Youth Chief, once called the HINDRAF protesters "Monkeys" for demonstrating their discontent in the streets. Yet he was seen demonstrating with 5000 people in the heart of the city, demanding to speak to the US Secretary of State. Unscathed by the police, he emerged a hero for all Muslims as he was seen to be fighting for Palestinian rights.

Perhaps he was unscathed because he is the "Untouchable" son-in-law of the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. Perhaps it was because he is an UMNO Youth Leader. Perhaps it was because he was fighting for Muslim rights. Perhaps because of all this, he is seen as fighting for what Malaysia perceives to be right wing political topics, and so it's OK.

Whatever the case may be, these are the double standards that plague our Barisan Nasional that is representative of cronyism and the belief that Malay Rights stand paramount over any other race's rights.

Today, while the nation has nearly voted the Barisan Nasional out of power, the new state governments are adamant on delivering on their pledges that they will abolish the National Economic Policy. The DAP isn't the only party saying this, Keadilan and PAS are also keen on abolishing the policy that has long been regarded as only benefiting the UMNO Malays or those who fall within special circles that are privy to the fruits of the NEP. The youth, like Khairi are beneficiaries of this privilege - and people like him will want to safeguard this safety net that has protected over 3 generations. The Malaysian population is now dominated by Malays by a sheer 70%.

So, how then is the remark by UMNO leaders, saying that the Malays will be marginalised by the dismantling of the NEP - true or possible? For more than 3 generations, they have provided themselves with privileges such as free education, a larger quota of places in the local Universities, special privileges in business and even a special discount for purchasing property.

UMNO should explain to the Malaysian public how it is possible that for about 40 years, Malays have been enjoying this special privilege and they still need it because their equity compared to other races is still below the 30% mark?

This being the case, how much longer does this have to go on? The question they should be asking themselves, by making things easier for Malays to develop as a race, isn't it possible that they have handicapped the Malay will to want to meet challenges and work hard to overcome them?

We believe that it is more the latter that is the cause of Malays not meeting the mark, than some lame excuse that the Chinese are quick to steal opportunities from the Malays.

Throughout history and the world's social development, it is a known fact that the underprivileged are stronger than the privileged. The simple reason being that they have always had to work harder for what they want, and thus see things from a very different perspective, not to mention, the underprivileged are hungry for opportunities to rise the social ladder.

The Malay of today have a lackluster attitude, and have a perspective that they are greater than they really are - but sadly, perhaps only in Malaysia. On a global scale, many won't be able to compete because the competition out there doesn't wait or have special privileges for those crutched by racially biased beliefs that they need things a certain way in order to succeed.

In the not so distant past, Mahathir also said on many occasions that the NEP will eventually be abolished, and that the Malays are not helping themselves. Though he may sing a different tune today - to meet his political ends with the Malay people, one musn't forget that Badawi was also for levelling the playing field during and just after the 2004 elections. But neither of our Prime Ministers had the courage to do the right thing, for fear of being ousted by UMNO party members.

So, it now takes a great lesson such as this, whereby the voters, fed up with years of being marginalised - Malay, Chinese and Indian, united against UMNO and Barisan Nasional, voted them out.

This should be a wake up call for UMNO and the PM... but sadly, the mentality hasn't changed much. Today, you will hear of Badawi sowing the seeds of anger in the hearts of the Malays, making statements that they will be marginalised if the NEP were to be abolished.

One person even said (Quoted in the Straits Times, 14 March 08) that, the Malaysian Malays will be marginalised like the Singapore Malays (if the NEP were non existent). Hah! What utter rubbish! Our Singapore Malay brothers think that the Malaysian Malays are lazy and stupid, they also think that the NEP isn't helping. If UMNO wants to make comparisons like that, they better get their facts right. The Singapore Malay is playing on a level playing field, they succeed on their own merit, they are smart, hardworking and see things from a International view. One to one, they are stronger than their Malaysian brothers many times over - and they are happy and proud of their achievements.

One could say that UMNO is now interfering in the racial politics in Singapore. They best not make such comparisons and not interfere in affairs that they have no understanding of. If so, the Singaporean Malay will be packing his bags and coming to Malaysia to enjoy the NEP. Why would a man or a woman who is fully capable of standing on his/her feet want to subject themselves to a wheelchair?

So today, instead of HINDRAF or Keadilan pounding the streets and protesting, what we see are UMNO members (who once upon a time said that protesting is not the Malaysian way, and even led by Khairi), protesting in the streets.

But why doesn't the police arrest some of the protesters? They arrested HINDRAF men, women and children for a lot less. Actually, just for showing up. Therefore, what is the Ministry of Home Affairs doing about this, are they involved, have they held off the usual beatings of protesters just because these are UMNO members - fighting for "right wing" views?

Little has changed in UMNO, they are still proud and arrogant - but now, they have resorted to taking to the streets - a sign of desperation. Only time will tell whether they are truly capable and sincere in re-engineering themselves.

Group protests outside S’gor secretariat

SHAH ALAM: A small group of people marched from the state mosque to the state secretariat building here Friday to protest against DAP’s decision to abolish the New Economic Policy (NEP).
(This sounds familar...)

The participants started to gather at the roundabout near the mosque just after Friday prayers at about 2.30pm and were seen standing at the side of the road carrying banners.

The protesters stopped right in front of the line formed by the police Light Strike Force (LSF) members, about 150m from the main entrance to the building, but continued with their cries. They left peacefully about 20min later.
(They should have been beaten and shot at with tear gas and water cannons - the norm in dealing with other HINDRAF, Keadilan & Bersih protestors)

Shah Alam Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Shariff Abdul Wahid said police were aware of the planned gathering and confirmed that no permit had been issued for it.
(They should have been arrested... again the norm for dealing with people who break the law)

“The secretariat building is a protected government building so we stationed 50 men there including two units of the LSF as a precautionary measure,” he said.

He said the protesters, who belonged to a political party, had asked to meet with Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim but the police did not permit this due to security concerns.
(A political party? Can't be the opposition, can't be MCA or MIC - we don't think they care about the NEP. So it has to be UMNO members. Maybe it's because they are UMNO members that they weren't shot at, sprayed and arrested. How irresponsible of UMNO, it's OK for them to protest and hold illegal gatherings (like the example set by Khairi Jamaluddin), but any other group or party that does this will be arrested. UNFAIR!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Badawi not keen to drop the NEP

Quoted from the Straits Times of Singapore, March 11 2008:
... Flanked by BN component party leaders at a press conference yesterday, he played down the failure to obtain a two-thirds majority in Parliament. When first asked about it, he retorted:
"In what way is it so vital?", "As far as we are concerned, we are not so crazy to be wanting to get two-thirds".

Hmmm... that's strange, perhaps Badawi and his advisors are having a major blonde moment. We will all recall that BN fought tooth and nail, dragged the opposition contenders names through the mud with media blitz, not to mention the numerous quipps by BN contenders that 2/3ds majority is in hand... which later turned into... if we don't get 2/3ds majority, the people will suffer the consequences.

Furthermore, this comment by Badawi is certainly not in line with the more level headed MCA President: "We never thought the outcome would be like this. We will not blame the voters. We will take note of the strong message the voters have sent us this time and at the same time, we will deliver what we have promised the people".

Much better, it's obvious that some people have learned their lesson... but the target was really UMNO, not MCA.

But the remark by Badawi is shocking, it shows that UMNO still believes they are all powerful and unaffected by their dismal results and poor public approval ratings. So it looks like little is going to change on that front. Guess we will just have to handover the entire elections in 4 years time to the opposition, provided they perform - which there is no reason why they shouldn't.

Worst of all, Badawi indicated that, Quote: "He did indicate, however, that he would not do away with the remnants of the New Economic Policy (NEP), which many had deemed pro-Malay".

This is strange, I think we can all recall that Badawi was not long ago, for the systematic dismantling of the NEP. But today, he changes his story. Why? Best guess, Badawi is playing the racial card (like the rest of his UMNO colleagues). Now that they have lost favor with the Malays, he seems top be offering them a reason to come back, and he thinks that by singing songs of old, the NEP, that they will support him? Guess again.

Just today Badawi warned the DAP that dismantling the NEP in Penang will bring about economic strife to the Malays in Penang, and Lim Guan Eng will be fanning racial tensions because the Malays will be marginalised.

So who is sewing the seed of anger in the hearts of people?

All Guan Eng is doing is putting a stop to the NEP in terms of government tenders and ensuring that government tenders are open for all. How is this removing Malay rights? Besides, this has been a highly unpopular policy with the non-Malays, and these days Malays alike.

Besides, in spending public monies, shouldn't the tender be open to all? And not question whether you are Bumiputra or Non-Bumiputra, and whether 30% of your workforce is made up of Bumiputras. Perhaps this is why we have sub-standard build quality, town planning and so forth. Because the contractors, some Malay company knows that regardless of what they do, they are promised the contract under the NEP. How will we progress this way? How can we be world class?

Shouldn't the contract be awarded to the company presenting the best quality at the lowest price? These days, if you ever spoke to anyone having dealings with government departments, you'd come to understand that things, be it services, tangible items and so on, are purchased with taypayers money at highly inflated prices.

Just last year, the local papers covered the Auditor General's report which highlighted the purchase of numerous things at ridiculous prices. ie. Screwdriver set = RM300+ (real value RM30), 2 pcs. 3.2 megapixel digital cameras = RM8,000+ (real value RM1,500). Yet they are purchased, and someone is making a lot of money in between. That series of articles were quickly stopped after 3-4 days of reports.

Therefore, the DAP's idea of practicing open tenders in Penang is definately a good way forward for better management of government expenses and hence public funds.

So, the Prime Minister who claims that he is a "PM for All", is really just a fallacy, because his actions speak volumes of what his true intentions are - and that of UMNO.

UMNO should really stop being a spoiled sport and not fan racial sentiments and let the Opposition do what they promised the very people who voted for them. Unless, of course, UMNO is afraid that it might actually work out.

UMNO really needs to reinvent itself and offer the Malays something more without denying the poorer Malays opportunities, and the rest of the minority races as well.

Badawi Denies Khairi is a Key Factor in Barisan's Poor Performance

Quoted from The Star, 11 Mar 2008 - To a question on whether Barisan’s performance this time was hampered by son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah denied this, saying that Khairy “is not an influence in whatever I do.”

“He is not the one who says, 'Baba, please accept this. This one you must do.’ He does not do that,” he said.

Perhaps it may be true that he doesn't influence the father-in-law in the aspects of policy and business dealings. Even then, how will we ever know whether there is any truth in that statement?

Based on the evidence the people have, Khairi has business dealings in ECM Libra and Scomi to name a few. These companies have prospered in the recent years, either by way of market forces or perhaps on the sole basis that Khairi Jamaluddin is the son-in-law of the Prime Minister, who's to say the the indirect (or direct) influence of the Prime Minister didn't have something to do with it. Notwithstanding Khairi's rise in UMNO, being Deputy Youth Chief and now potentially an Minister in Parliament, certainly must have been due, at the very least - somewhat - to the matter that the Prime Minister is his father-in-law.

Further evidence such as the widely known personal agenda of Khairi Jamaluddin to become Prime Minister (seldom boasted by even sons and grandsons of former Prime Ministers) is certainly in line with his quick rise in the party. Perhaps he is as capable as some people think he is, or perhaps it's all but an illusion, formed on the basis that he has a fancy degree, has many companies, and whose father-in-law is the Prime Minister. I believe many have seen their fair share of people with fancy degrees, inherited wealth or influence and a smart mouth, with little else to offer the people but a lot of hot air.

But really, nobody is really looking at this matter from another perspective. Khairi's rise in power and in government is really due to his father-in-law's influence (not the other way around). The fact that he is part of the family is enough to deter many from challenging him, for he may and could be someone people may need to answer to some day - or be at his mercy. Therefore, politically speaking, it's not really a good idea to challenge him, either from matters of the state, party politics or even business, because if things continue as they are, Khairi has the potential to rise to a position high enough whereby he will eventually have some real influence of his own.

Think about it, during the Asean Summit in 2007, Khairi led a mob of 5000 Mat Rempit's to the KLCC Convention Centre and demanded to handover a memorandum to the US Secretary of State, and when denied the opportunity, he violently pushed his way through, fighting the police and even got as far as entering the building. There was not one scratch on him. He wasn't beaten or even jailed for breaking the law as there was no permit to hold a public gathering.

How is this possible? When Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in 1997, the police beat demonstrators for a lot less. When HINDRAF brought their women and children out to demonstrate peacefully for their rights, the police, as we understand it drew first blood with the first shot of tear gas and water cannons. Khairi went directly against the police and the law, and he was untouched.

Perhaps we should now refer to Khairi as "The Untouchable" now, after the mafia movie of the 80s.

So when the Prime Minister says that there is no influencing going on, we say it's a blatent LIE.

By virtue that Khairi is related to the Prime Minister, he shouldn't be holding any public office or even high posts in UMNO. He quickly becomes a liability to both UMNO and Prime Minister on the sole basis that he is a relative, he is rising fast and he's obviously what is referred to as a Malay Ultra with ambitions.

If Badawi were smart, he would not include Khairi in his cabinet and seek for him to step down from his UMNO post immediately. There is something called conflict of interest and that is what this is. It is usually never direct, but the mere fact that the PM condones the possibility of conflict of interest, is very dangerous for this can create a trend of certain powerful families leading the government.

Say what you like about our former PM Mahathir, but at least the man had the integrity and perhaps wisdom not to allow for any such accusation to befall him and his sons. Mukhriz Mahathir was not an MP until this election, and Mahathir had always deterred his children from taking public office for reasons that he is PM.

The integrity of UMNO and the PM is clearly at stake, it would be mighty foolish of Badawi not to recognise the danger of his son-in-law destabilising the party, the PM's position and potentially the country with his radicalism and ambition.

UMNO, it's time we clean our house. The public must believe that our intentions are sincere and that we will be effective, with effective people leading the party and country. Conflict of interest, will undermine the public view of UMNO.

Do the right thing... or get pushed out sooner or later - which will effectively be an even more tragic end with greater consequences. So let's see how responsible Badawi is going to be.