Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ahmad Ismail Bites the Dust, but calls himself a "Perjuang"

Ahmad "Pejuang Melayu" Ismail
perhaps a racist

The following video was posted on the NST today:

Ahmad Ismail, widely proclaimed to be a racist has been stripped and dishonorably discharged from his duties as an UMNO member and has also been suspended for 3 years.

This was all for his statements during the Permatang Pauh campaign that the Chinese in Malaysia are merely "squatters" or "immigrants" - referring to them as "Pendatang".

This sparked an outcry by all Chinese leaders, both from Barisan Nasional and the Opposition with demands for an apology. Some UMNO leaders also remarked that Ahmad Ismail should apologise, including the Prime Minister. However, a recalcitrant and arrogant Ahmad Ismail, though in his twilight years, remained fiery and fought against the demands for an apology. Seeming to want to renew his political career with the Malay community, he has appeared to deploy tactics using the racial card - this, more and more seems to be a common tactic for UMNO leaders to gain popularity as "Malay Ultras" seem to be respected by the grassroots.
The end result of Ahmad Ismail's comments:
1. The Prime Minister and UMNO has potentially lost more ground on both sides (the Non-Malays and the Malay Ultras residing within the party and communities around)
2. BN Youth Chief for Penang from Gerakan has resigned
3. Gerakan has threatened to pull out of the coalition
4. Ahmad Ismail throws tantrums and tells Gerakan to "Get out of BN"
5. UMNO supporters in Penang worsened the situation by tearing up a picture of Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan Chief)

An Idiot Ahmad Supporter - remember his face

All this for the sake of saving face and pursuing a personal agenda.

UMNO should sack him with no possibility of return to active politics. Ahmad Ismail should be charged with Sedition . If this were any other person other than an UMNO Malay, this person would be put under ISA immediately.

However, considering that the DPM Najib Tun Razak had once said "Bathe the kris in Chinese Blood", we suppose that since he was pardoned and not put under ISA for such a remark in the 1980s, people like Ahmad and people like him will have the freedom to antagonise other races with racial slurs.

The amazing part is that even Dr Mahathir has gotten involved. He supports that Ahmad shouldn't apologise as the other races have also been racial, and MCA, MIC and HINDRAF have never apologised.

Again, fair leaders of our dwindling nation, For the sake of all Malays, Chinese, Indians and the other races... None of what you have claimed to be racial slurs against Malays have really been racial slurs. Example:

1. Gerakan announcing it may want to leave the BN is deemed to antagonise national harmony. What? How can that be? Does this mean they cannot leave even if they are not heard and playing a role for the electorate?

2. Malaysian Taiwanese Student who developed a video using the national anthem that riddled the situation in Malaysia as he saw it. Why should the chinese parties apologise for him? He is not a member of those parties - he is a lay person

3. HINDRAF - why should MIC apologise for them? They are their own movement.

Unlike UMNO and the irresponsibility of UMNO members and leaders, these other parties had no linkage with any of those acts (deemed to be against the Malays). However, people like Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri, Najib, Ahmad Ismail - all members and leaders of UMNO, have personally made silly statements about other communities for the sake of their "Perjuangan" - Melayu. For political gain and for personal gain.

These people are pardoned, slapped on the hand perhaps and allowed to carry on. They nearly tear the fabric of our multi-racial and multi-cultural society apart, and they are not punished. But for the likes of HINDRAF leaders, just standing for their rights as Indians and economic rights, are placed under ISA, and accused of disrupting national harmony. Even if they were, people like Ahmad Ismail should be placed under ISA - what makes him so different from the HINDRAF 5?

The 3 year suspension for Ahmad Ismail is a slap on the hand, it is hardly severe enough considering the damage he has done.

And he can still have a press conference and say that he is not going to apologise and he has done nothing wrong. This was after he said that, we are where we are because Allah determined it as such. It's amazing how some people can use Allah S.A.W. as an excuse when it is convenient. Further to that, he claims himself to be a "Perjuang", Crusader for the Malays and with that comes sacrifice. It appears that he has Martyred himself for the sake of his people and sacrificed himself for the Malay struggle. Perhaps this comes from the "Jihad" mindset, and of course, to gain political ground with the grassroots. Only the kampung people will be happy enough to buy into this sort of hoax, in the form of a sandiwara.

Perhaps Ahmad Ismail should be careful from now on. People have labelled him a racist, Chinese, Indians and Malays alike. Perhaps, one day he will meet his fate with the people he has belittled. Ahmad Ismail is but one man and there are 50% of Malaysians who do not support the racial politicking, if the PKR manifesto and popularity vote is anything to go by.

Therefore, if things heat up, Ahmad Ismail could be in the hot seat, and perhaps those who have suffered losses will go in search of him. At which point, the country he is trying to protect from the "Pendatang" will cease to be his own, as he may have to flee for fear of life and limb.

God willing it doesn't come to that, but for this man's political sins, the backlash can be treacherous.

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