Friday, June 22, 2007

Threats to Society, Rapists: The Faces of 3 ANIMALS

These are the 3 GODLESS BASTARDS who rammed a couple and their Proton Iswara off the road at approx. 10.30pm around Gelang Patah (near the Second Link to Singapore). They continued to chase the couple until their car broke down near Tampoi. They then abducted the couple, took them to a quiet place in Bukit Indah and brutally gang raped the girl after slashing her boyfriend's legs and forcing him to watch them rape her.

Burn these faces into your memory. You may encounter them at some point.

Only one of the above is named, on the left, , the other two remain un-named. Apparently, the police claimed that they caught 14 people involved in the rapings. The public has yet to be shown their pictures.

It has not been formally published, however, rumour has it that they have all been released on bail. If this is true, then the Police really needs a slap up their head, releasing such predators back into society. The bastards should be castrated and whipped.

Shouldn't the police show these faces to the public? Isn't it our right to know what kinds of Animals lurk out there? Shouldn't we have the right to protect ourselves? In order to do so, don't we need to know what these bastards look like? Or is it because these crimes of brutality towards women are more frequently done by a particular race and you are embarrased? Yes, perhaps you may want to slap the sedition act against us, but isn't it true? Most news reports that we read of incest are usually Malay and occassionally Indian. Is it something that is troubling the community that is causing them to go in this direction? Surely, the government and the police don't know what to do or just can't be bothered. Yes it is embarassing, maybe it's time you try to understand the root cause of the problem because it's becoming more frequent and it affects all of us.

Don't attend to this, and in a matter of years, the once peaceful and beautiful country of Malaysia, blessed with all its culture and heratage will be just another Cape Town or regress and suffer a similar fate such as Manila.

Are these the people we are putting in place to lead our country? Yes. Can we do something about it? Yes. By voting for the opposition, we create a balance of voices in Parliament. Right now, Barisan has the majority in Parliament, so there is little that the opposition can do. For example, Lim Kit Siang's attempts to table these issues on Johor in Parliament last week failed, because it was of no interest to them. See link: Rampant crime and lawlessness - I apologise to JB people that Parliament has failed them

This is why we need to restore the balance of power in government. Because this is the price we pay for not voting or succumbing to Barisan Nasional's threats that should Barisan fall, the people will suffer under an Islamic extremist opposition... blah blah. However, doutful that even if the silent majority votes for the opposition, that they will take over the governance of our country. But there will be more of them in Parliament, and believe me, they will be eager to prove that they can do the job and have public interest at heart. BN has become complacent and over-confident with characters like Nazri (Nazri acting as Super-ACA and Super-AG to declare Johari innocent of RM5.5 million corruption allegations) and Khairi (Police Arrested Participants of a Peaceful Protest... ) running around. Both have made comments towards other races basically stating their "Malay Dominance" or Ketuanan Melayu.

It's time for change...

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