Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Police Arrested Participants of a Peaceful Protest

The people of Johor Bahru, obviously dissatisfied with the rising crime rate in their towns, decided to stage a peaceful protest in front of the Menteri Besar's home in Saujana along Jalan Rahman Andak. It has been reported that about 200 people were involved in the protest.

As quoted in the NST, when tensions began to rise, the JB South Police Chief ACP Shafie Ismail asked the crowd to disperse as they did not have a permit to hold a public gathering!

Now, answer us this. When Condoleezza Rice came to Kuala Lumpur, Khairi Jamaluddin led a mob of protesters who tried to force their way into the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Their intentions were to hand a memorandum expressing the feelings of the Malaysian people (not all, maybe Muslims only). The memorandum can be summarised by what he is quoted as saying...

"The United States is abetting the violence by Israel against Lebanon and is part and parcel of what is happening to the Lebanese and Palestinian people," he said. "Rice is here at the invitation of the Malaysian Government. "It is their decision but the majority of the Malaysian people do not want her here, as the United States is not doing anything to stop the genocide in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip." (Read news article here: http://www.wholinks2me.com/videos/search/jamaluddin/)

See, above, Khairi Jamaluddin, the Deputy UMNO Youth Chief and also Son-in-law of Prime Minister Badawi, leading a mob of 2,000 protesters after friday prayers from a mosque nearby chanting anti-American and anti-Israel slogans. The demonstration lasted 3 hours until the protesters and Khairi even managed to push their way past the FRU line. They further squatted outside the convention centre for another 2 hours.

However, Khairi wasn't arrested. Neither did he seem to be rapped or reprimanded by his father in law Prime Minister or his party elders. Perhaps the Police (in this case FRU) was protecting him, because under normal circumstances, any force against the FRU is usually met with beatings, rubber bullets and water cannons. Not to mention as Khairy clearly broke the law and staged a massive protest that had the potential and makings of a violent one, he was spared the beating and even arrest! AMAZING!

Considering that Khairy, with his position and family status, potentially embarrassed our nation in the eyes of the western world, I'm amazed that he wasn't stripped of his party post. We shouldn't encourage extremists and hooligans to be leaders of our country and in his position, as a role model for the Malay Youth.

And for one small show of anger about the rising crime rate in Johor Bahru in front of a Minister's house, 2 people are arrested for refusing to leave and distributing flyers. No show of force was made, neither was anyone injured. And these protests are for a valid cause - one that affects us all and the Police arrested 2 people.

Why don't they follow the precedence they set? If a Politician can go on the streets and round up the Mat Rempits and stage an Anti-American rally in the face of world media and the US Secretary of State, then why can't the people state their demands and dissatisfaction to our government about the poor state of safety and security in Johor Bahru?

So, the role of the Police is only to protect the Politicians (or the ones who matter) and for the rest of us, we can all jolly well go to hell.

Thank you very much, this is what I get for paying for your raises and bonuses. Thank you people in government for ensuring that your interests are safeguarded and mine, well, what do we matter - we're just commoners.

For those of you who wish to state your protest, please use the link below, where members of the Malaysian Bar have provided contact numbers for you to state your protest. Numbers include that of the ASP of the Police Station in JB South, IGP and SUHAKAM.
The article by the Malaysian Bar states:
"The Federal Constitution of Malaysia and international Human Rights law enshrine freedom of assembly, the arbitrary arrests by police is clearly an abuse of power and a persecution to activists who tried to expose the slack attitude of the police force in resolving crimes. "
"The police of Johor Bahru is wasting public monies in intimidating human rights defenders instead of doing their job of busting the crimes."

The two arrested are; Nyam Kee Han (pictured above) and See Siew Min

Please state your protest against the arrest of the 2 activists via sms, faxes or phone calls. Information available via the link above.

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