Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brutal Gang Rapes in Johor Targeting Chinese Community

The recent robberies cum gang rapes in Johor has enraged the public, bringing a bout of criticism and outrage against the Police for their slow response in fighting crime. Here is the summary of what has transpired in the last month:

1. First robbery and rape happened at Tampoi where 3 men carjacked a pregnant woman and her son from a petrol station while her husband was taking a nature break. They subsequently took the woman to a secluded area and brutally gang raped her in her son's presence.

2. On May 22nd, another gang rape took place in Pantai Lido where a couple were driving along the Pasir Gudang Highway, when their car was rammed from behind, in an attempt by the predators to have them stop. Sensing something amiss, the victim driver attempted to escape but was forced to stop when the car broke down. This was when the rapists abducted the woman and stole the car and eventually raped her

3. The last occurance was a brutal gang raping of a 19 year old girl, on 11 June, in a similar situation where they were forced to stop due to the predators ramming their car in Johor. In this case, the girl and her boyfriend were abducted. When the boyfriend attempted to escape, the rapists slashed his legs, preventing his escape and forced him to witness the raping of his girlfriend.

It was identified that the cuprits and animals of these horrific crimes are by the Sagol Gang. A Malay gang based in a town near Johor Bahru. They have seemed to target Chinese victims, though the papers have not published any such information until now, when mention has been made of the public in Johor Bahru sending SMSes in a campaign to rally public support to highlight the matter to the police and to make them aware that they are not doing their jobs, even after they have received salary increases that have benefitted them.

At this assembly, MCA representatives were present and the OCPD was asked to speak before the public. However, he only sent his deputy, DSP Leow Kian Heung, also the head of the State Crime Prevention Unit. He was apparently booed and jeered and had to cut his speech short and leave.

In the meantime, the Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Gahni Othman who is also the Johor Security and Safety Committee Chairman, said that they will beef up police manpower, patrol vehicles and equipment quickly.

Well, I can personally tell you that there is no need for them to beef up police men and vehicles. In the recent year, the government publicised that they have thousands of cadets graduation from their police academy and they will be deployed all over the country. The government has also spent billions on new Proton Wajas and Perdanas meant to serve the public by way of more police patrols. But what are all these resources really doing? Well, just go into any police station and you will see why. Many are just sitting behind their counters having chats and catch up sessions. All the police station needs is a Mamak stall attached, and it will be no different from a Mamak stall where everyone just sits arounds to talk about the weather.

From my observation of the main police station in the Larkin district, I can tell you that I see many police cars parked in the compound. All the bays are mostly full. So, this is what the government spent our taxes on, vehicles for the police in a whitewash to show to the public..."Yes, we know you need security, see now, we have spent 2 billion ringgit on Protons (possibly those that couldn't be sold) and now you can sleep easy". Right. They are just sitting there rusting away.

So what is the problem here? Here are two possible options:

1. The police are using these cars to ferry themselves to the mamak stall or to locations where they can make "duit kopi" to spend at the mamak stalls... or..

2. The Polis Diraja Malaysia as a whole has absolutely no plan or idea of how to deploy these patrol cars and how to organise their people in shifts to ensure that there are always cops on the road monitoring traffic and keeping neighborhoods safe. Mind you, even if they did, the cops have no initiative to really keep their eyes on the surroundings that they are supposed to be monitoring, because on many occassions, I have noticed that the car that occassionally patrols my neighborhood is not moving at a slow enough pace for them to really take a look and see whether anything is amiss. Most times, the car has 2-4 people and they are chatting, and not watching.

So... the police use the 2 billion ringgit spent on cars to "makan angin" la. How nice. But in the meantime, some women are being brutally raped by some sex deprived animals called the Sagol Gang. They should just call themselves the Rogol Gang. Fucking Retards.

So now that the 14 members of this gang has been apprehended, the MCA State Chief Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, is urging the public to remain calm and not let racial sentiment get in the way. For God's sake man, why are you protecting the Malays? Do you really think that this is not a racial matter? IT IS! The chinese are being targeted by these Malay gangs and this is the best you can say? How would you feel if it was your wife, daughter, sister or family member who was brutally raped in front of you? And they slashed your legs to keep you from escaping? Don't patronise your people man. You want to win the next election or not?

The people need a better explanation for this and not some bullshit rhetoric. And the people have the right to demand for an explanation and to see RESULTS and ACTION being taken.

We are all paying for our government's inability to govern the nation and keep the people safe. The police are far too laid back to really be relied upon. My personal experience in calling in a sighting of robbers attempting to enter my home; approximately 30-40 minutes, when the police station is only 5-10 minutes away. NO EXCUSES!

In the US, the police has the ability to respond within 5-10 minutes. Most of the calls are picked up and attended to by PATROLLING CARS.

But I suppose in our society, when the Police are happily lining their stomaches ... or their pockets, it will take them a little while longer to really attend to those who really need them.

You, as a citizen and non citizens included can act now... an online petition has been formed by the Johor Bahru Tiong-Hua Federation chaired by Alex Lua. You may sign the petition or view it at this site:

Make your unhappiness known, and make it a big thing. I think that we have been keeping too quiet about this for too long. It's time to make your opinion known and strong measures should be taken.

Even our former Police Chief Tun Hanif Omar has said that "Assurances alone that police action will be taken are not enough. The public wants to see results" (Quoted Article: Throw Out Bad Apples in the NST, 17 June 2007; Views F33). He also said "It is obvious that these bad apples (recalcitrant and lazy police officers) are not at all inspired by their recent pay rise. They must be weeded out".

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Yes, the Polis are useless. They need a wake up call and the government needs their ass kicked so that they can kick some stupid polis chief's ass. Lazy Bastards