Friday, March 13, 2009

Khir Cries Foul - The Smearer Gets Smeared Himself

Everyone who knows about Khir Toyo, knows that he had his hand in the cookie jar on numerous occassions. Regardless of whether there is proof of it, doesn't matter. There are some politicians that people just know - are dirty.

As Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khir Toyo had approved numerous hillside developments to take place. Even when Mahathir was in power and mandated that the development should stop, after he took a helicopter ride over the Ampang area, the development stopped for a while, but resumed no more than 6 months later.

The result? Catastrophy. Numerous landslides, lives lost, homes lost and people left to deal with the mess. But Khir Toyo would appear suddenly to show sympathy for the people and make all sorts of promises. But, the work will continue eventually.

He made the people of Selangor suffer, today, Selangor is congested, there isn't any proper zoning, and there are condominiums everywhere.

But when you question Khir Toyo or the Municipal councils on this, they say, it's private property and they have no jurisdiction on the developer. So, the people are left in a lurch and have to live with it - helplessly watching their investment be devalued.

Khir Toyo has been accused of all sorts of things, striking deals with the developer is one, surely, there is a kickback somewhere in some form. Who's to know? But we can all guess it's true, because there have been so many inconsistencies with Khir Toyo, it doesn't make sense, unless he is corrupt.

Yes, there is no proof. But it doesn't mean that it isn't true either.

Khir is now getting a taste of his own medicine. Poor Elizabeth Wong was victimised, and Khir made silly statements. Perhaps that now he is being accused of all these wrongdoings, Khir Toyo should not contest as a candidate and resign from UMNO. After all, that was what he implied in the case of Elizabeth Wong. So why shouldn't it apply to Khir?

Khir Toyo talks big, and acts holier than thou. Now, he faces his own smear campaign, so let's see whether he has enough integrity to stand by his own convictions. No? Then he should be rejected.

UMNO has a host of better candidates and of a higher caliber than a failed Menteri Besar who lost Selangor to the opposition - a historical first.

People rejected Barisan and UMNO in Selangor because they were feeling the pinch and getting the short end of the stick because of the corruption that was happening in the state.

UMNO delegates should realise this and reject Khir Toyo. As Youth Chief, you can see the quality of person you are putting before young and aspiring Malays. Let not he be the example that we set for our children.

On the most recent inquisition into Khir's travels. It isn't so much about where he went (as he defends it below), though we're not sure what business he brought from Milan or Paris to Selangor. It sounds more like a lavish holiday. The bigger question is, how did could he spend the taxpayer's money in such great amounts for so few trips? But it isn't surprising that Khir Toyo would abuse state funds.

If you break down the amounts, you will see that it is impossible to rack up those amounts in travel expenses, unless he was living over and beyond the norm.

Again, this questions Khir's integrity and responsibility as a Minister. If he had abused and spent the people's money in that manner, it is quite possible that he could have been irresponsible in a variety of other ways, perhaps ways that aren't so obvious.

Khir should be investigated by the MACC, and they should nail him for every penny he has syphoned from the people of Selangor - who need more police stations, better infrastructure, better roads and so on.

Khir claims plot smearing him before Umno polls

SHAH ALAM, March 13 - Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, who is contesting the Umno Youth chief post, claims there is a secret plot aimed at tarnishing his reputation in the run up to the party polls later this month.

He said the group, masterminded by someone from within Umno, collaborated with the opposition leader to attack him during the State Legislative Assembly sitting which began on Tuesday.

Mohamad Khir said most of the allegations against him such as the issue over the purchase of real property in Mecca in 2007 and the latest, the alleged use of funds belonging to a state government subsidiary company to buy a Range Rover costing RM500,000 for use by his wife, Datin Seri Zaharah Kechik, were only raised in the Assembly sitting.He said: “If all the allegations were true, why attack me in the State Assembly? If there is any wrongdoing, report directly to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)”.

Even the total cost of his air tickets for overseas travels from the year 2000 until now had also been raised in the State Assembly sitting, he said.

The former Selangor menteri besar said although the total cost of his air tickets for the overseas trips amounted to RM360,000 for the eight-year period, the trips were made to attract foreign capital to the state amounting to between RM48 and RM50 billion during the period.

Asked on his chances in the Umno election, he said: “I still have a fair chance.” - Bernama

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