Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BEWARE: Oral Sex Illegal in Malaysia, Chua Soi Lek Investigated

An old story rears its ugly head. Dr. Chua Soi Lek, former Health Minister who is liked by his constituents and is known to work hard for the people and at his portfolio was secretly videotaped while having sex with his lady friend. Upon this revelation, he resigned all his party posts and as Heath Minister. This was a great shame at the time as he is known to work hard for the people and he was deemed to be the "Best Health Minister" we ever had.

At least he had the courtesy to voluntarily resign his posts unlike some other people who have been accused of all sorts of fishy business deals and using a government position to influence (isn't that abuse of power?)

Yet, he was returned to politics with the resounding support of the people. It's obvious that many people don't really about other people's sex life. What mattered was that Dr. Chua had served and will serve the people well. That's what they voted for.

Today, Dr. Chua faces another investigation on the same video. This time for having Oral Sex. It is apparently stated in Malaysian Law that something as petty as Oral Sex, or even Anal Sex is against the order of nature and hence illegal and punishable.

Against the order of nature? At one point humans weren't supposed to fly, let alone walk on the moon, and the earth was flat. Any attempts to prove otherwise was deemed to be the work of the devil. We don't have wings (nature), so we shouldn't fly (order).

We are neither for or against oral or anal sex, but does it matter so much that the very nature of it impacts society so negatively that people need to be policed on what they choose to do in their private time? We think not.

In Dr. Chua's case, this was a private moment, how he decides to engage in sexual intercourse and how he does it and even for how long, isn't for anyone to dictate. These things usually occur in the privacy of a room and is not discussed in public. It was unfortunate that some people decided to trap him and to destroy his political career for their own reasons. Now that they have failed, they are making a second attempt at highlighting something quite petty, but law enforcers and makers alike in Malaysia are taking to it and re-investigating him. Why do this to one of the few Barisan Nasional MPs who actually work for the people?

I'm sure if we could peer into the private lives of Khairi Jamaluddin, Hishamuddin, Najib, Khir Toyo and other politicians, we may find out all sorts of things about them. Who's to say that Khairi was not involved in sex before marriage, who's to say the same of any number of politicians? How do we know that none of the above enjoy oral sex, giving or receiving? They can publically announce that they don't, but how do we know?

The law enforcers will prosecute these petty acts, but as the people, we should not pay attention to these petty things. We as the people should continue to vote in the people who will work hard for us, and not get caught up in these little moral inquisitions, and judge people.

The fact is, none of us are so clean that we cannot be faulted. Everyone has sex in different ways, and some like certain things more than others, is it any of our business?

A sexual offence in Malaysia includes oral sex, it's absurd. How many men haven't received oral sex at one point in their lives? Politicans, policemen and ordinary people? Surely there are more haves than haves not.

In which case, why don't we place cameras in everyone's bedroom, invade their privacy and then incarcerate them for it. That's essentially what the police is doing, they are going after the wrong people.

The recent events of Elizabeth Wong and Chua Soi Lek only shows that politics in Malaysia has stooped to new lows and that Malaysians are easily distracted by little dramas like this when the people should actually be angry about politicians wasting time on such matters, and politicians should be focusing on what to do in such harsh economic times.

Oral Sex against the order of nature? Then we should all be in jail.

Malaysia is fast becoming the circus of the region as many of our neighbours tell us that reading or watching the Malaysian news says it is "very entertaining", like reading the National Enquirer - a garbage celebrity rumour magazine. Malaysia Boleh.

Soi Lek faces oral sex probe
NST, 24 February 2009

PETALING JAYA: Former health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's sex video clip has come back to haunt him.

Police are investigating the MCA deputy president for allegedly engaging in oral sex. Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said investigations began recently after two copies of the video clip, showing Chua in intimate positions with a woman, were found in a mailbox of a house in Kelana Jaya.

The houseowner lodged a police report on Feb 13 and police are investigating the case for carnal intercourse against the order of nature and distribution and possession of material containing pornographic elements."We will investigate the police report which stated that the oral sex in the DVD was too explicit," Khalid said.

Dr Chua arrived at the Petaling Jaya district police station here at 11am and left an hour later after having his statement recorded.

He said there were some people out there who still wanted to tarnish his name and scare him with such tactics."I will leave it to the police to investigate and I will give my full cooperation."

When the clip first surfaced in January last year, Dr Chua resigned from all party and government posts.

He had been MCA vice-president and health minister then. Dr Chua returned to politics late last year after being elected MCA deputy president.

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