Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Pak! Oh Pak Lah...

Good gosh, what planet has he been living on? Anyone can be PM in Malaysia? Not even competent to know that:

1. The constitution states that the Head of State must be Malay
2. The Rulers have in recent weeks stated their stance, clearly for Malay rights
3. UMNO stalwarts insist that Malay rights are paramount on UMNO's agenda
4. Son In Law Khairi Jamaluddin is clearly a Malay Ultra
5. The general Malay population in Malaysia are not likely to accept a non Malay leader, or even a Deputy PM who is non Malay. This is clear based on what has gone on in recent weeks in Selangor and previously to that, general statements made by Malay leaders, influential or not.

Pak Lah seems to think that he can use this to raise the hopes of the minorities in Malaysia and to buy himself some political mileage local or foreign. Wrong!

Even Marina Mahathir, a fairly enlightened person had only this to say "Say what? Not sure what Planet he is living on".

Goes to further reinforce the general sentiment about such things happening in Malaysia.

Thursday November 6, 2008
Abdullah: ‘Anyone can be PM’

PUTRAJAYA: It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

“It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said while extending his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama.

Reporters had asked him in the Parliament lobby yesterday if it were possible for a person from a minority group to become Prime Minister in Malaysia.

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