Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Johor Police Disagrees on Crime Rate in Johor - Targeting Singaporeans

Crime and Johor are synonymous. Even Malaysians will admit to that. But the Johor Police, long embattled on the state of affairs with regard to safety and security in Johor, seem to be on the defence - against the Singaporean media.

Firstly, let's disect the facts:

1. The police claim that there have only been 19 cases of robbery involving Singaporeans from Jan to Oct this year. Have they considered that many affected Singaporean victims may not file police reports? Why wouldn't they report it? Simple, because the system and beauracracy is so bad that people spend hours at a police station making a report, talking to an officer who, in most people's experience, seems to have an attitude of disconcern and helplessness. So, people don't file reports (unless they lose their IC, or something that requires an insurance claim) because they feel that more hours are wasted and only because criminals in Malaysia are hardly ever caught, go on a wanted list etc., and even if they are, the penalty is so light, they will be set free after 6 months for something like a snatch theft. So what is the point?

2. The Police claim that about 850,000 Singaporeans enter the state monthly. If you calculate this, the Police are saying that 28,333 Singaporeans enter Johor each day & 1,180 every hour. These figures do not make sense. If that is the case, the causeway and the Johor immigration will be packed, even if there are 4 people in a car, that would be 295 cars per hour.

Impossible. There are many hours in a day when there isn't any traffic on the causeway, except returning Malaysian cars.

28,000 Singaporeans enter Malaysia each day, I wonder if the economy is so good that 28,000 Singaporean workers can take the day off to visit Johor - to do their shopping at Giant or Carrefour.

Are the figures a fabrication? Maybe, or maybe not. But considering that the quality of police officers that include secondary school dropouts and people without diplomas or degrees, perhaps they have miscalculated or wrongly analysed the data.

That aside, the fact is that crime in Malaysia is high. Horrendous crimes involving rape, murder and assult is high, especially in Johor. All Johorians, especially those in Johor Baru will tell of how fearful they are and how many times each of them have been a victim. In most places, you will be a victim, perhaps once. In Johor, nobody is spared. The old and frail are targets by cruel and vicious opportunists.

If the police says that this isn't true, then they, like the rest of the government are in denial, and hope for change is pointless.

The police have the cheek to say that this year, there have only been 14 cases involving Singaporean vehicle thefts. ONLY 14 cases? It plainly shows that the police think that 1 less case is "progress".

They probably botched the numbers, and they want to believe that their prevention efforts are paying off. Gosh, I wouldn't be so quick to cheer. It's only 1 less case.

Best for people in general to stay away from Johor - until some people come to their senses.

Quoted in the Star:

Johor cops dispute Singaporean media reports on crime

JOHOR BARU: Only 1.4% of crime cases in Johor this year involved Singaporean victims, said Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff in refuting reports by the island republic’s media.

There were only 19 cases of robbery involving Singaporean victims from January to October this year, compared with 44 cases during the same period last year.

“Between 830,000 and 850,000 Singaporeans enter the state monthly, and only a handful are victims of crimes,” he said, adding that Johor police wanted to refute Singaporean newspaper reports that implied their citizens were being deliberately targeted.

DCP Mohd Mokhtar said that only 26 cases of intimidation against Singaporeans were recorded so far this year, compared with 47 last year. There were only 14 cases of vehicle thefts involving Singaporeans this year, while last year showed only 15 cases.

“Criminal cases involving Singaporean victims are on a decline this year,” he said, adding that the state’s crime prevention efforts were paying off.

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Anonymous said...

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