Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tun M: "The Descrimination Must End"

Our former Prime Minister, who recently unshackled himself from the ungrateful UMNO party and members, who belittled him (only after he retired), a founding father of Malaysia, has spoken brilliantly about the NEP and Malays.

This is why Mahathir should have remained our Prime Minister, this is why Badawi and Najib do not belong where they are. Along with the likes of Minister in the PM's Department (Nazri - who has crossed swords with a man far greater than him), and UMNO Youth Deputy Chief (Khairy), these so called leaders lacking vision and care for their people and nation, should go.

See quoted extracts below:


33. The Malays must accept that this discrimination cannot be forever. If they fail to respond properly to what is being done for them, they should accept this policy would be taken away.

34. When Malay youngsters, especially boys, failed to study and qualify for university education, when they preferred to play and not study, we cannot expect the non-Malays to patiently wait and give up their opportunities until the Malays decide to become serious and study. That would not be fair.

35. That was why we introduced merit in the selection of students for the universities. Unfortunately, the implementers of Government decisions chose to interpret it differently. By requiring Bumiputeras to sit for the matriculation and the non-Bumiputeras to sit for higher school certificates, they managed to give the impression that the Bumiputeras were actually better qualified than the non-Bumiputeras. With this, the intention of the Government to make the Bumiputeras become more serious about their education failed.

36. There is a tendency among Malays to regard the discrimination in their favour as a privilege, as a recognition of their superior status. I think this is wrong. The discrimination is in order to give them a kind of headstart so that they can catch up with other races. To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete. We are not Red Indians to live on reserves. We should regard it as a temporary expedient to be done away with once we have achieved the capacity to compete on our own.

37. However, we must give time for ending the NEP and it should be done in stages. I hope that the time will not be too long. In the meantime, serious efforts by the Bumiputeras must be made to avail themselves of the opportunities. If this is obviously not being done, then, as with entrance into the universities, the discrimination must end.

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