Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pie in Face: Penang Petty Traders Association tells UMNO not to Politicise NEP

Surprise surprise... perhaps the first bit of evidence showing that the Bumiputras either haven't benefitted from the NEP or that UMNO is only holding back Malay potential to play on a leveled playing field.

Of late the PM and all his men have been playing up the issue of the NEP being removed by the DAP and Keadilan. However, one will notice that although the new (Malay and Keadilan Party Backed) Menteri Besar of Selangor has strongly supported the move to abolish the NEP, the PM and UMNO has been playing the racial card by making statements in the media that Malays will be sidelined in Penang and there will be a backlash. Statements they may be, but statements of sowing anger into the hearts of the Malays is what it potentially does. Strangely, they avoided picking on Keadlian for the same stand, but made it all about the (Chinese) DAP's intention to abolish the NEP.

We aren't accusing UMNO of anything, but what has already been reported in the government backed newspapers of The Star and the New Straits Times. And to the layman who thinks about it for a moment, it seems like a racial card is being played by the very people who advocated not to in the not so recent past.

Take a read of an article quoted in the Star today:

Bumiputra traders back open tender policy

BUTTERWORTH: The Penang Bumiputera Petty Traders Association is appealing to state Umno leaders to not politicise the state government’s intention to practise an open tender policy for contracts and projects.

Its chairman Alif Abdul Mutalib Kader, 64, said such a policy would benefit all races, including the Malays.

“Through an open tender policy, we believe there will be equal benefits for all businessmen to have a share in the state’s economy pie.

“The state Umno leaders should think twice before demonstrating in the streets. They should give the new state government a chance to be transparent and fair in its administration,” said Alif who came to The Star’s office in Prai on Sunday to air the association’s views.


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You should get this article to be quoted by Malaysia-Today and let many others see what is happening in Penang.

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