Sunday, March 9, 2008

Barisan Gets a Slap in the Face from the Rakyat

Tahniah Rakyat Malaysia! Your message to the national coalition has been delivered, with an even greater force than expected. So, the Silent Majority that Barisan Nasional always banked on, has deserted them. This is a sign of the people's deep dissatisfaction with what has gone on in the past 4 years.

At this very moment, some of our BN leaders who have been slayed, or colleagues of the same, are reporting to the media that they they can't say what has gone wrong and that it will require some analysis. What is there to analyse?

I believe that we can collectively answer that question... in general, the BN didn't take many things seriously:

1. The rights of the minority groups, ie. the Chinese and Indians. So far, only the Indians have protested openly, however, the Chinese, as usual won't really choose to take to the streets, but we believe spoke through their votes, whereby Chinese political representative stalwarts were replaced by an array of Indians, Chinese and Malays from Keadilan or DAP.
2. The BN's inability to address key issues around not only the marginalisation of the minority races, but the minority religious groups as well. Ie. Buddhists, Hindus and Christians. In previous articles, all based from articles published in the local newspapers and some regional press, it has been obvious that over the past decade, the propogation of any other religion but Islam was stifled. How many new temples are built? How many new churches have been built? Applications to build were not approved or sidelined, but at the same time, DBKL and state governments build mosques using public funds to sponsor the development of a more Islamic Malaysia. All good and well, we as muslims, christians, buddhists and hindus would never complain about such things, but if this is so, then it must be equal
3. Some people accuse those in BN of corruption, although there has been no clear evidence of it, considering some of the widely publicised indulgences of certain individuals in the past 2 years, have shown how widespread it is.
4. The insensitivity of certain party leader's and minister's comments about other ethnic groups; ie. Khairi Jamaluddin (UMNO youth deputy chief) and Nazri (Minister in PM's Department). These two individuals alone caused a lot of damage to UMNO by their racially charged comments, to the extent of warning the chinese not to push the Malays. This followed by Hishamuddin's (UMNO youth chief) drawing of the kris to symbolise Malay power, did not auger well with the people.

The above spiral and branch out into a variety of other issues that plague our country. Our people have been divided by these words and this thinking and the government under Badawi did little to mediate and mitigate.

While BN has been distracting the people with raising issues around HINDRAF and the promise of better security, the Iskandar Development Region and so forth, these issues were sidelined and not considered seriously, or if anything, not addressed.

So BN, this is the price you will have to pay. Sharizat made a comment in the media that the people have done this to "teach BN a lesson", and "they have to accept the consequences" (as BN has lost the 2/3 majority). Again, threats. No, we don't want to hear anymore threats. Not especially from a party stalwart who has been ousted by a young lady with hardly any experience who is half her age. Not to mention, in an urban constituancy where many educated and wealthy individuals live.

Do not threaten the people anymore. BN must accept their defeat and clean their house. Out with the old policies of favouritism, out with the arrogance of being in power for 50 years, and start working for the people, not dwell on some rhetorical rubbish and treat the public like they are stupid.

Times have changed, the new generation of Malaysians are better educated, and have a lesser tolerance for mediocrity.

Many of us were raised to support BN because we were promised peace, harmony and equality. We don't think that any of that is true. Perhaps on the surface it may seem so, but the racial divide is there, and it grows. But, typical of the Malaysian way, our leaders would wait until it blows up in their face before they decide they have a problem.

Malaysians today have taken drastic measures and great risks in bringing in a stronger opposition to hopefully quell the overly arrogant and Malay Rights "crazed" Barisan Nasional. We are all watching and hoping that this decision is the right one. If not, well, this now shows that anyone is expendable and we have discarded our loyalties for merit and performance.

Khairi said today that "we will fight back". Well, you may have that chance, only if BN reinvents itself and the Opposition DOESN'T prove itself to be able to deliver.

Everyone is expendable. Times have changed, people have changed.

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