Wednesday, July 4, 2007

UMNO's Election Strategy: Cyberspace Combatants and Debates on the Streets

...and who else better to do the job but... Dato' Azalina Othman!

The very same person who made stupid and embarassing remarks in the global media regarding Singapore's entry into hosting the Formula 1 race. She said...

"(The) region should have one F1 race. Singapore should not compete with Malaysia,"
(Really? So like the NEP, you feel it's your God Given Right? Afraid the commercial world doesn't work that way)

"I am not worried. I have no concern with Singapore hosting the F1 race," she added.
(If you're not so worried, then why remark in the first place?)

"I think Malaysia has one of the best tracks. We host the hottest race in the world. I don't think Singapore can challenge the F1 race in Malaysia,
(Are you trying to make yourself feel better now? Poor thing!)

The last statement was the most stupid one. Azalina assumes that just because she thinks that the Sepang F1 race is "Hot" that Singapore can't challenge Malaysia? Besides, who was talking about Singapore vs. Malaysia? All Singapore was doing was minding it's own business and looking at a potential commercial deal. Azalina was better off shutting her mouth and letting the market decide. Now, we look stupid and because of her stupidity and being "gung ho" about "Malaysia Boleh", you end up looking like the spoilt brat and "Malaysia Bodoh". And now, people who didn't think of comparing which is better, will think to do so, which is kind of... worse for Malaysia. Coz, we are good and building new things, but never maintaining.

And now, this Minister of Youth and Sports who has very little to show for in her success in promoting and building the Youth and Sports... unless you deem Mat Rempit's being a success (and I bet Malaysia is.. in that department)... is going to lead a cyber-war against Bloggers.

Fantastic. The Bloggers will have a field day with you and your team of proposed "writers" (to which you have no idea how to deploy).

Dato Azalina's strategy like your rattling your mouth off on the F1 Singapore, is greatly FLAWED.

Do you think that by having a team of UMNO writers battling some tenths of thousands of Blogs will be possible? Do you think it's going to change people's mindset? Words are worthless, actions from the government we voted in is what is needed. So, your writers can keep on writing, and they will be continuously bombarded. In the end, you probably didn't change hearts and minds, you probably create more resentment by those actions.

The part which is even more shocking is when she proposed that UMNO members be confrontational in coffeeshops when evesdropping on people's conversations.. ie. speaking poorly of UMNO and the government.

What kind of stupid strategy is that? It has the makings of turning into an argument, which will escalate into some racial remarks and eventually people might even trade blows. So, UMNO's strategy is to start riots to change people's mind about the government (we'll bet Khairi will be the front runner of that). WOW... this is truly mind blowing.

Also, on the part about being concerned that UMNO members might be swayed by what they read on the Blogs, look, people have minds of their own and they make their decisions and take sides based on what they see and know. If they are not taking your side, then perhaps UMNO and the component parties need to really start looking within themselves to see what is wrong and what they need to make good on.

Do you think fighting tenths of thousands of people head on is going to solve the problem? Think again.

Frankly for a Minister of Youth and Sports, she is neither wise enough to lead the youth and neither physically fit to be a model for a Sports Ministry.

We'll be looking forward to these so called writers, I'll bet the respondents on Lim Kit Siang's website and people like Marina Mahathir will gladly chew them and spit them out. Bring it on!

Umno recruiting team of writers to fight ‘cyber war’

KOTA KINABALU: Umno is set to do battle in cyberspace ahead of the anticipated general election by assembling a team of writers from every state to counter allegations about the party and its leadership on certain websites. Umno supreme council member Datuk Azalina Othman Said said she had been recently tasked by party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take charge of this “cyber war.”

“This is among our key strategies in preparation for the elections. The other is getting our members to register as voters,” she said yesterday after opening the Kota Kinabalu Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri meetings. Azalina, the Youth and Sports Minister, said all state Umno liaison committees would be asked to identify writers willing to assist the party in this cause.

However, she declined to explain how these writers would carry out their duties nor did she name the websites that had purportedly spread the allegations. Earlier, in her speech when opening the Youth, Wanita and Puteri meetings, Azalina said certain websites appeared to be stepping up their attacks against the country’s leaders. “We need to counter these blatant lies. If we remain quiet, our worry is that some of our members and civil servants will be influenced by all these nonsense,” she added.

Azalina said she was aware that many party members liked visiting certain websites and could end up believing what was posted there. On the other hand, she said, there was a tendency among opposition party members not to believe any negative report about their leaders. “We want Umno members to support and defend their leaders. If they are sitting in a coffeeshop and hear others talking badly about the party leaders they should counter those lies immediately,” Azalina added.

In a related development, she said the opposition had resorted to moving their members and supporters to seats they were confident of winning in the coming polls.

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